The beginning of the month snuck past me, so it was a week or so before I downloaded the free Xbox Games With Gold stuff for August. I wasn't too thrilled to be getting them anyway, but free is free, so there's no harm in giving them a try. First I played Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. I'm always saying, in this blog, that I don't know what I'm doing. Yeah, well, this game… here's a sentence from the Wikipedia entry on the plot of the game:

"The coalition capture an amnesiac mighty warrior, Shuten Dōji, who is later revealed to be an offshoot of Orochi who was born at the same time as Hydra; in reality, he is the world's will of Orochi's power, as well as Da Ji herself, who reluctantly joins after the coalition have her friend, Himiko as an unwitting hostage. "

You see what I mean? But nevermind that: I played it, I mashed buttons for fifteen minutes, and I racked up achievements: "All Together Now," "Dancing Across the Sky," and "Experience Rush." How did I earn them? I have no freaking idea.

Then I played Spelunky, although that one only held my attention for about five minutes, which was about four minutes more than I needed to earn the "So It Begins" achievement.

But wait, there's more! Rather than write a whole blog post about Guild of Dungeoneers, I'll just tell you that, based on Scott Johnson's good word, I paid the 4 bucks, downloaded it to my tablet, and started playing. I'm not very good at it, but already, I've earned "Demands a Nicer Room," "Pacifist," "NOOOOOooooo," "Can't Block This," "Oi, You What?!" "Tough Fight," "Flawless Victory," I Ain't Sayin' You're a Gravedigger," "Cat Puns Are Clawsome," "Quicker Than Thee," "Trophy Life," and "A Chump Will Do."

Oh, and should I tell you about the achievements my goblin hunter in WoW has racked up on the grind? Suffice it to say: they give these things away, these gosh-danged drug dealers, don't they.