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Introducing Anjel, My Latest Waste of Time

The pre-Legion patch, as I mentioned in my last post, allows for all kinds of transmoggin', via a new tab in collections menu. Instead of holding onto gear, you can transmog into anything you've collected, and thus you don't have to keep it. So, as i said, I've been going through old content, getting those tabs filled up, whee!

And when I get a piece of BoE gear that doesn't fit my main's armor class, I send it off to an alt that can wear it. Because it's not enough to collect. One must meta-connect. My main's a warlock, so he keeps the cloth. Plate goes to my Death Knight. Leather to my Rogue. Mail to my Mage.

Wait, what?

I have a shaman and a hunter to wear mail… but they're the wrong faction. Consternation! So, screw it, I started a new hunter. A female goblin hunter named Anjel.

That was two days ago- on day one I rushed up to level 30. The next day, level 40. Today, I've been busy with work and life and tedious distractions like that, so I'm only up to 45.

The key is heirlooms, of course, and the dungeon finder tool. Give me a few decent days, and I think I can make 100, easy. And then she can just sit there, checking her mail every few days, and "collecting" armor pieces.

Did I say "whee" already?

Gotta Wear 'Em All

I was never one much for the whole transmog thing. It's a shade to close to role-playing, not to mention the serious hit on bag space it takes. But this new pre-Legion patch, with it's new transmog collection system, has me now slogging through old raids and trying on new outfits.

It's the collector in me, is what it is. Did I ever tell you about the time I collected over 300 rubber ducks? Yeah, those were dark days. At least in WoW I don't need bins stacked up in my garage, potential creeping the ever-loving heck out of anyone who happens upon them.

I have always kind of liked walking through old raids and dungeons, though, so maybe its a slog, but it can be a fun slog. I've recently poked my head into places I'd never been before, just to see what pinks drop from the raid bosses (I call them "pinks" because when a new piece is added to your collection, you're notified in pink text in the chat window).

And when I get a BoE piece that doesn't fit my class? Off it goes to an alt. And I bet I'm not the only one. Blizzard's timing on this is excellent. They know they're going to get a huge uptick in users when Legion goes live, and this pre-patch is pulling many of those returning players in ahead of time. That should smooth out the curve a bit, I think.

A nice side effect of all this, for me, is I'm seeing things I didn't know were there, like this Time-Walking thing, which I only just realized yields pretty nice gear rewards. So I've been doing that, too.

And here I thought that with my 500th mage win in Hearthstone, I'd be sitting in front of my computer less. Sheesh.