Rudrem hit level 9 yesterday. I’m not sure how. But in the process I took down Bane, so I got that going for me. Add the backbreaker to the list along with Scarecrow, and I guess you could say I’m a pretty big deal.


I DID get invited to some kinda hero group (My character, not me). Maybe they saw me practicing my moves, liked my work ethic. Jokes on them: I was trying to figure out the controls. You have to tap and and hold and then hold and tap and I there’s timing to it I just don’t understand. So there’s my little guy, shadowboxing in the middle of the street while Bane minions run amok and citizens run scared. Such larks!

On the one hand, this game is, as I mentioned before, less immersive than WoW. But that’s only so far- we’re comparing a game I’ve been playing for ten years to one I’ve played for 10 days. And I’m leveling much less quickly-- don’t know if the game “starts” at max level, or any higher than I am.

Back in the day I played that Star Wars MMO (the first one, not the good one) and what I ended up enjoying most was finding celebrities and posing with them for selfies. I’m leaning towards that with DCUO also. So far I’ve met Bat Girl and Nightwing. I’ll post an album of screen shots when I have a bunch. For now, here’s Rudrem posing for no good reason.