Hi guys,
Just a quick update.

Massive ty to everyone involved in the event, everyone who shared, turned up to the casts and donated. We have managed to raise over $1,000 towards my friends medical costs.

As a result I had some great news that now instead of paying the full amount at the end of February we have been given abit more time and need to get the first $6,000 paid by the end of February and a further two months to pay the remaining $2,000. This is a big deal because although getting 6k by the end of February is still a big task, its made alittle easier than having to pay the full 8k by February. This has only been made possible with your efforts and I can't thank you enough!

There is still a massive hill to climb but with continued sharing and events etc through February I'm sure we can get there! Anyone willing to help please just let me know; continued support is massively appreciated and the only way that my friends treatment can get paid.

Thanks so much and continue being awesome this month!