Each week on our podcast, we will share the Honor Points you have turned in!

What are Honor Points you ask?

Well they are the random or planned acts of kindness and general good will in gaming you have witnessed, created, participated in AND out of your Blizzard game!

You can share a positive story or event you have come across in the community.
You can give a shout out to someone you feel deserves the praise and share what you love about them and their role in the community. It can be from the community, about a community, something in game, in social media, basically any awesome and honorable behavior you find and feel it should be spotlighted on our show for all of our listeners to hear and be inspired by.

You can share your pay it forward ideas and stories too!

Pretty much anything uplifting and positive that grants honor to the giver and the receiver :)

Each week we will re post this post to allow for your honor point turn ins!

Comment on this Blog Post below to turn in your Honor !

When turning in an Honorable Place or Event Spotlight please Include: * The Name or Gamer Tag you want us to use when sharing your post. *The Honorable Person, behavior, and/or event you would like to share on the show.

When turning in an idea or and act of paying it forward :
Please include : * The Name or Gamer Tag you want us to use when sharing your post. * The idea or the act to want to share

Or you can use the hashtag #HPTurnin to turn in your honor points on Twitter! We will check the hashtag before we record each show and then share the results!