Hey there WoW players of anook! It is once again contest time! This month's theme: Pet Battles!

Participants may submit one screenshot each of their characters engaged in heated pet battles! Winners will be selected by you - the community! The screenshot with the most upvotes wins (don't forget, you don't have to participate in the contest to upvote - remember to tell your friends :D)! The winner will receive one $10 item (or 10 euro, please tell me if you're on a Europe server or a US server so that I can send you the item without any confusion!) from Blizzard's digital shop for in-game items! You have from now (the 4th) until Thursday (the 11th) to submit screenshots - upvoting will continue until September 12th! Winners will be announced on Saturday the 13th of September!

Just a couple quick rules before you get started:

- No Photoshoping or filters allowed
- You're welcome to caption your photos, just make sure any caption you make follows the Anook site rules!
- Entries must be submitted to the "Contest Submissions" album in the photos sections of this page, which is located here: anook.com/album/1010
- have fun making your entry!

Alrighty WoW players, you're all set. Don't forget to share this on your social networking sites, and especially don't forget to share this to WoW related nooks!

On your mark, get set, screencap!!