Our Cross Realm Rebellion Ark Survival Evolved Servers are Recruiting!

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We are recruiting more people to join us in our Ark Survival Evolved!

We have our Own Community Owned and Supported Ark Survival Evolved PVE & PVP Servers that are currently recruiting New and Experienced Ark Players!

Our servers currently 14, 10 , and 22 slots due to the fact we have 4 servers for our Ark Gaming Group members and value quality over quantity.

* Our ISLAND PVE Modded Server Connect can be found [ here ( please be aware it is password protected so you have to apply here:here

* Our CENTER Test Server aka the Frankenstien Mod Testing Server info is :
( please be aware it is password protected so you have to apply here:here

* Our Center PVE Modded Server info can be found here : https://www.anook.com/topic/6981 ( please be aware it is password protected so you have to apply here: here

* Our PVP PUBLIC Modded server Owned by @foerender info can be found here : https://www.anook.com/topic/6989


You can follow us on TWITTERr@CRRGamingGroup

You can follow us on FACEBOOK here

We use TEAM SPEAK for our podcast recording and the Discord App for our 24/ Chat Text Chat and Gaming Group communication. https://www.anook.com/topic/6049
Rated Ark Podcast Invite Info Requirements are found here
Invitations to be on the Rated Ark Podcast are sent out each week from Anook to you via the contact info you provided to ANOOK. So if you wish to join, check there each week!


Our Gaming Group Vibe & Focus:

  • Team Work, Friendship, and Adventure!
  • We enjoy achieving in game goals together or individually depending on play style.
  • We are a new server but we have played together previously on other servers that have vanished over night 5 or more times and know what it is like to have to rebuild over and over! We did not want to have to worry about worry about that happening again so we decided to purchase our own server so that we know that will never happen.
  • We are a community of many ages and work schedules and lifestyles that values coming together to enjoy a game we love.
  • We do not allow toxic behavior or language in our public chat/voice channels.
  • We will be holding fun events in game with rewards!
  • We enjoy working as a team and making community areas on the island that all can use and benefit from.