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Our CRR Gaming Group Center PVE Server Details

We are the Home of the @ratedArk Podcast found at !

Our Gaming Group Vibe & Focus:

  • Team Work, Friendship, and Adventure!
  • We enjoy achieving in game goals together or individually depending on play style.
  • We are a new server but we have played together previously on other servers that have vanished over night 5 or more times and know what it is like to have to rebuild over and over! We did not want to have to worry about worry about that happening again so we decided to purchase our own server so that we know that will never happen.
  • We are a community of many ages and work schedules and lifestyles that values coming together to enjoy a game we love.
  • We do not allow toxic behavior or language in our public chat/voice channels.
  • We will be holding fun events in game with rewards!
  • We enjoy working as a team and making community areas on the island that all can use and benefit from.

If you would like to APPLY to join us in our Sandbox Dino Loving Adventure Head here :

Our Ark Survival Evolved Server Rules and Expectations:

The goal of our PVE servers is to cultivate a community that concentrates on working together when we can, creating and sharing areas on the Island for all to use, hold community events with great prizes, etc. We value Quality over Quantity.

  • Toxic language and behavior is to be kept out of all public chat channels.
  • No Offensive names allowed.
  • Teamspeak3 Rules can be found here
  • Stealing form one another is not allowed.
  • Griefing one another is not allowed. There is a big difference between having fun and taking things too far. If you are hindering someones ability to play their game you are griefing and will be subject to possible server ban.
  • Do not take other peoples Dinos , boats, or belongings unless specifically told that you can or if they are in an area specified for community use.. Your fellow Islanders time is very valuable.
  • If you are caught purposely kiting wild dinosaurs through other players bases you will be banned from the server
  • Tribe Drama is Tribe Drama. It will not be handled by the admins of the server and is not to be carried out in an public channels.
  • The Server Admins are not in charge of replacing Dinos that are lost or killed. This is a survival game. Part of surviving is making good choices and decisions. You need to know that you and your tames can and will die a lot to other Dinos etc. That is the name of the game. If one Dino is replaced, then where does one draw the line? Dinos can be gifted from time to time out of courtesy by anyone in game, but never due to it being an expectation.
  • This game is not fully optimized so it is normal for rubber banding and lag to take place. It is normal for you to log in and fall from the sky. It is normal for you to log out in your fort then log in and be somewhere else. Wild card is updating the game several times through the week.
  • If you have any suggestions or concerns about the server please share them here
  • NO Ridiculous pipe spamming into other peoples bases or across long stretches of land.
  • Toxic behavior and language is not tolerated. There are servers for you somewhere, this isn't one.
Join our CRR Public PvP Battle for the Redwoods 30x all

Posted on Behalf of Server Owner and CRR Member @foerender

Hey everyone The CRR Public PvP Server is up and running .

server info
Name - CRR Public PvP Battle for the Redwoods 30x all (best way to find the server right now )
IP- ( this takes you too the link that you can connect from my server info page )

server mod list

Fatty Stacks - to help carry and organize all the stuff you pick up with the 30x gather rates

Big rafts - well cause who doesn't want to build a mega cool boat base or dino barge

metal glass - Something different rather than seeing metal boxes all over the map , also looks very cool !

cute hair - play ark in style ! this mod offers many cool wigs and helmets to personalize your survivor .

Better Beacons - this makes getting those beacons really worth it ! ascendant gear in the red drops !

Auto Torch - Let there be light ! these torches do not need a fuel source

Perfect Hair forever _more great hair and beards

dirty weapons , machine guns , snipers and mayhem OH MY !!

Mr, RadToolInc . lotsof col furniture for your base awesome defensive walls and Gauss weaponry yeah I said it !!

server setting
30x everything - so no need to get super hurt over losing things in pvp , get those dinos out there ripping stuff up !

These are here to keep it fun and friendly .
RULE #1 and most important rule , smack talk is ok , but putting people down making fun of there race , religion , or sexual orientation is not and will not be tolerated . We want a fun place to battle dinos , insults out of spite or just to be mean will not be welcome here .

When your raiding no need to blow up there whole building destroy what is necessary to loot there stuff .

Mercy rule - if at anytime you are being raided you can call Mercy in global chat , at this point you unlock all your doors boxes , safes , crafting stations . The raiding tribe has 30 min to loot whatever they can and leave with no further damage .

Final rule if a tribe is raided and loses most of there stuff , no need to kick a dog when there down , give them a day or two to rebuild . remember forcing people off the server just lessens the fun in the long run no one wants an empty server .

as far as admin replacing anything , the multipliers are super high so only in extreme instances will things get replaced .

Admins do not actively raid , but if you attack them or raid there bases move in on there land than expect them to fight back !!


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