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Report Users and Profile About Page

Hey guys,

it's time for another small update.

We have finally managed to squeeze in the "Report User" feature. So if you stumble upon a contribution, comment or private message that is violating our terms (like personal insults, harassment, spam, inappropriate content, etc.) please use the little settings icon found next to the message to inform us.

Another small addition which was requested a lot by you guys is an About page in your user profile. You can choose who will be able to see your about info, so you can decide yourself if you want to make it very personal for friends only or public for everyone to see.

Next update very soon! Thank you for all your suggestions and feedback!

See you on Anook,

PlanetSide 2 Gaming Identity, Featured Nooks, Tags and more

Hello everyone,

oh boy, this took us so much longer than expected..., so I'm very happy to announce, that our new update is finally here! You can now add your PlanetSide 2 characters to your Anook profile! We are working with the official API from Sony, which is still in beta, so there may be more features (and the character's gender) added later on.

We also want to introduce a new tagging system for games, which is allowing game moderators, streamers and nook admins to help you find the content you are interested in. In the next days all major games will be extended by an array of tags, which can then be added to nooks and live streams. We also have plans to use those tags for blog posts, pictures and more upcoming features in the future.

Furthermore we have spent a lot of time improving our fame system. If you check your fame tab on the home screen, you'll notice that we don't give out fame points for single contributions anymore, but rather accumulate your daily fame gain depending on your contributions, live streams and the communities' feedback. Your previous fame rating may have changed a bit, don't worry, we removed some small calculation bugs so everyone is on the same page now.

Also we added a ton of bugfixes and other small improvements. A big Thank You to everyone who submitted reports and posted suggestions on the development forum. We didn't get everything in, but the next update is on the horizon already!

I also want to take the time to thank everyone who helped spreading the word in the last weeks! Thank you so much for your support. Without you this website would not exist!

If you too want to help Anook grow, check out our Get Involved page!

See you on Anook,


League of Legends, Twitter and much more

Hey everyone,

we have just released a major update for Anook which introduces a ton of new features and improvements. We also recently upgraded our server infrastructure which should further improve page loading times. Here are the most important changes:

League of Legends

After waiting for an official League of Legends API for months and a recent conversation with Riot (in which they basically told us to not wait for it), we have decided to use an API provided by to finally allow you to add your League of Legends gaming identity to your Anook profile. We are quite happy with the result, but unfortunately the API had some minor issues in the last couple of days (right now US accounts are not available for example...), so we hope those problems will be fixed soon.

Please add your League of Legends summoner or check out existing identities.


You are now able to link your Twitter account with your Anook profile! Once you added your Twitter account on your linked accounts page you can choose to automatically post your contributions to Twitter. This works with status messages, pictures and blog posts. If your message exceeds the 140 characters, Anook will add a link to your contribution. If you delete content on Anook, that was shared on Twitter, the related tweet will be automatically deleted as well. This makes it easy to post gaming related stuff to Anook without losing your Twitter reach.

Real-time feed/notifications

From now on you won't have to refresh Anook to see if someone interacted with your content, sent you a private message or posted something new. Anook will automatically add new content to your feed and notify you about new messages and notifications. If you are not actively browsing Anook, new notifications will be announced with an unobtrusive sound. This can be deactivated in the notification settings.

Other changes

  • You can now add a related game to a contribution after you posted it
  • You can now link your Skype username, which will only be visible to friends
  • World of Warcraft progress now includes patch 5.2
  • StarCraft II profile pictures now include HotS pictures
  • Small improvements to events, blog posts and private messages
  • Plus: Bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes

We still have a long road ahead and many features we want to include before we are ready to drop the "Beta". But Anook grows faster every day now and 2013 has been amazing so far! We have so much more lined up for the next months... Thank you for sticking around and thank you very much for your support and feedback!

See you on Anook,


Heroes of Newerth Gaming Identity

Hey everyone,

we have just uploaded a new update for Anook and I'm very happy to announce the release of a new gaming identity. You can now add your Heroes of Newerth identity to Anook and show off your awesome smack downs and kill streaks on your profile!

Check out the HoN profiles here:

And we obviously added a ton of small improvements, such as...

  • Sharing limitations
  • Improved love/hate system
  • Feed usability improvements
  • Delete comments on own contributions
  • More fame for very popular content
  • Fixed missing supporter badges
  • Diablo III Paragon level
  • Notifications on mention
  • and a lot of bug fixes...

The last weeks have been amazing, thanks to everyone who is helping Anook grow! We have a lot of awesome stuff lined up for the next updates.

Thank you for all your feedback and suggestions!

See you on Anook,


EDIT: Big thanks to Alex from HONDMG.COM for helping us out with that quirky HoN API :)

EDIT 2: We are back on Twitter!
Follow @AnookDotCom for the latest updates!!!

Introducing Moderators

Hey guys,

we have just uploaded the latest update for Anook. It has been quite some time since our last major release so there is a ton of new stuff to talk about. We originally had planed to release this update in January, but as some of you know, one of our servers crashed which cost us quite some time...

One of the problems with Anook growing quite fast now is, that sometimes really good contributions weren't discovered by a lot of users and really interesting users joined without getting a lot of attention. To change this, we are introducing Game Moderators.

Moderators will be able to highlight a game related contribution and spread it to all followers of that game. This way your daily feed should be updated with more interesting stuff and contributors will have the chance to reach a broader audience.

Moderators will also be able to feature interesting users on Anook and this way provide exposure for people who deserve more followers. You will see these featured users on game pages and in the user overview soon. (To learn more about Moderators, check the new Moderator Nook)

We have also spent a lot of time working on improved lists for things like games, nooks or live streams, removed (sad), updated the look of menus and further improved the site performance. We also fixed a lot of bugs reported by the community, like...

  • Multiple notification emails for people who can't decide whether to follow or not
  • Continuing nook invitations after declining
  • Correct username tagging of usernames with special characters
  • Team Fortress 2 profile error on empty stats
  • Jump to last reply on forum

And finally we have added a gallery of Anook logos and buttons for you awesome guys who want to support us and spread the word. Check our new and improved Get Involved page. There is a lot more to come, we are already started working on the next update.

Thank you for all your support.

See you on Anook,


Welcome to our Backup Server

Hello everyone,

if you read this blog post, you have made it to our backup web server. Yayy!!! So what happened? Shortly after a minor, successful Anook update on Sunday night, 23h59 GMT, apparently one of the web server's hard drives crashed - probably for good. So after one hour of downtime we are now up on our backup system.

We may have lost the last 10 minutes of data before the server went down. I guess this is one of the reasons why we are still in beta...

We are very sorry about the downtime.
Thank you very much for your patience and support!

See you on Anook,

Chocy and the awesome server crew! (Thx guys!!!!!)

Sharing Content on Anook

Anook is growing, a lot of super interesting people joined in the last months and are sharing their content on the site. This is a great thing and we love how Anook evolves. But not all content is super informative and not always everyone could relate to what someone else posted to a game.

We have received quite a lot feedback on this, so we have changed the way content is shared and distributed on Anook.

Posting to Profile

When you don't tag a game in a contribution, nothing will change, all your followers will get your content pushed into their home feed immediately. It can still be shared by other users or to nooks. (We are also working on a way to add games later on...)

Posting to a Game

From now on, when you contribute to a game, only your followers who also follow the related game will receive your contribution right away. But every user, who "loves" your posting will automatically spread it to his followers (who are again also following the related game). Your contribution can still be shared and posted to nooks, it also can become a game highlight which will be shared automatically to all users following the related game.

So for post good quality content not much will change, but spammy messages will only be shared to those following the author. If you receive a message in your feed you don't like,you can simply unfollow the poster/the one who shared the message.

We have also vastly increased the fame gain for messages, so we make love count even more. :)

I hope you will like the changes, thank you very much for all your suggestions. We will continue to improve the feed and sharing content on Anook.

See you on Anook,


Introducing Events

Hey everyone,

today we have uploaded a new beta version, which brings a new very cool feature to Anook.


You can now add events to nooks, which can be used to organize your clan trainings or guild raids, to promote your tournaments, barcrafts, or to create other events. Events can be tagged with a game and will be listed in the game's calendar, so you will never miss another important event of your favorite game. You can create public events where everyone is welcome to attend or private events just for your friends. To get an overview what's going on, you can check your personal calendar.

Of course it will be quite empty now, that's why we need you to help spread the word to everyone who is organizing gaming or eSport events. Our vision is to have the events of all your favorite games in one spot, let's make it happen!!!

We have also updated our homepage, static pages like our terms and the now Mist of Pandaria enabled World of Warcraft profiles!

Thank you all for your support.

See you on Anook,


New Profile Links

Good news everyone,

we are very happy to announce that we are now providing short user profile urls (don't worry the old ones still work as well). My profile link now is - it's just a small change, but it helps communicating Anook a lot. We have also improved our sign up system, so there is no more need for ugly CAPTCHAs that no one can read. Hooray for more new users! ;)

Stay tuned for more stuff coming soon!

See you on Anook,


Gaming Companies on Anook

Hey guys,

we have spent some time adding nooks for gaming companies we like. Developers and publishers like Blizzard, Riot Games or Valve and gaming related companies like Razer or SteelSeries. We want to introduce Anook to them to get cool stuff for you guys. Give aways, exclusive content, and so on...

So take a minute to check out our list of companies and follow if you like, so they know this is the place where their customers hang out. ;)

The full list of company nooks here:…

We are also in the process of updating the games and are already working on the next updates.

See you on Anook,


Anook Beta 1.5 online

Hey guys,

we have just uploaded the next update for Anook, bringing as a new resource for live streams and introducing some other cool stuff! 

You can now show external links on your nook's sidebar with the new "About" widget and add any live stream on Anook to your nook to create your own playlist for your tournament or your favorite streams.

We have also fixes several small issues and improved the overall site performance a little bit. Thank you for your feedback, we hope you enjoy the new features! There is more coming... ;)

See you on Anook,


Anook Beta 1.4 online!

Hey everybody,

we have uploaded a new update for Anook this morning! The majority of our development time was needed to further improve our infrastructure to handle the increased traffic and new sign ups, but there are still some really cool additions to the site.

We have worked a lot on the feed, which now loads new content as you scroll down, aggregates similar stories like "new followers", can be sorted by ratings in games and loads comments and attached links way faster. Large screenshots can now be expanded to view in full detail.

We also spent some time overhauling our email templates, so why not send some messages, follow new people or invites friends to check out the new design -- Oh and inviting your friends will now also give you a little Anook supporter batch next to your name on your profile, which you can see here: @Koilie, @YOUNGBAE or @GosuNudge.

Thank you for all your suggestions, we tried to get as much done as possible. Please don't be discourage if your feature idea is not in yet - it may already be ready in the next weeks ;)

If you encounter any bugs, please tell us in the forums or via private message!

See you on Anook,


Anook Beta Version 1.3.2 online!

Hey guys,

we have just updated the website with some bug fixes and visual improvements. Nothing big this time, but I still wanted to take the time to thank everyone for your feedback and suggestions. I think Anook is coming along great and that's because of you beeing a part of this community!

From now on we will keep track of sign up referrals from email invites and badges - we are not really sure what to do with it yet, but we want to give credit where credit is due and will come up with something cool. So go ahead invite everyone you know to join Anook and make this site even better.

See you on Anook,


Anook Beta Version 1.3.1 online!

Hey guys,

we have just uploaded another small update for Anook.

You can now change your email notification settings in your account and we introduce our new and shiny profile badges, which you can add to external websites and forums! We want to add more customization options for the badges in the future, but for now you can choose between three different layouts:

The basic version:

Basic Version

The small game fame version:

Badge Version 1

And ofc my favorite, the big game fame version:

Badge Version 2

You can find all embed codes here.

We are very happy about every badge you share with the world and would love to see some case studies... so add your badge to your Twitch profile or guild forum and share the link in the comments!!

As always, thanks for your support!!!

Anook Beta Version 1.3 online!

Hey everyone,

the new beta update for Anook is now live. This version introduces the base implementation of our fame ranking, a new gaming identity for Team Fortress 2, nook improvements as well as tons of small updates.

Creating game relevant content on Anook now generates fame for the contributor. The amount of fame you gain is depending on your contribution's reach and impact. You can check out other authors' game fame on their picture in the feed or have a look at the fame log for any game. Fame decreases over time, so you have to be an active member of the community to stay on top.

We also started working on further nook improvements. Admins can now upload their own banner and customize the nooks sidebar widgets and remove unused apps like forum, wall or blog. The new app system allows us to add new features super fast in the future, so you are going to see a lot of new stuff coming to your nooks soon.

Blog posts can now be tagged and there is a cool blog post widget for your nook's sidebar. 

And don't forget to add your Team Fortress 2 gaming indetity.

We will continue to improve this build with small updates in the following days, but we couldn't wait any longer to give you guys a first look of update 1.3. We already have plans for really cool fame badges to show off your swag on other websites.

Thank you all for your support!