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Linked Accounts Privacy, Optional Gender and more Ways to Find Friends

Hello community,

We have just uploaded another Anook update. This time we have reworked the linked account section to allow you to attach external accounts without displaying them on your profile. This is useful for publishing YouTube videos, cross posting to Twitter or simply finding friends through different services on Anook without showing your actual account handle. Head over to your linked accounts to adjust the privacy of each account.

We have also reintroduced the option to leave your gender empty, if you are not comfortable with showing your gender or choosing between female and male. Click here to edit your profile.

And last but not least you can now also find people you follow on YouTube and your friends from on Anook.

Additionally we have fixed a lot of small things you guys brought to our attention. As always thank you very much for your support!

Also, don't forget to tell your friends about Anook, to help us grow! ;)

See you on Anook,



Hey guys,

We have just uploaded another update, which brings mostly bug fixes (that nasty following bug should be gone now!) and minor improvements, but also introduces some community requested features such as forum topic previews and notifications when friends from other social networks join the site.

(You will receive those notifications only if you haven't already found that person on Anook and you can always disable it in your notification preferences.)

As always, thank you for your bug reports, feedback and support!

See you on Anook,


Introducing the Anook Developer API

Hey everybody,

We are very happy to announce the release of the first preview version of our upcoming Anook Developer API. This is the first small but important step to bring our awesome Anook community to other platforms, websites and mobile apps.

This first release allows developers to access public game, nook and user information via The Anook Developer API is RESTful and returns all data in valid JSON. Furthermore it's completely self explanatory via OPTION requests, but we put together a small Introduction to help you jump right into development. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

For questions and suggestions, please visit our new API forum.

See you on Anook,


More Gaming Identities, Ignore Feature, Improved Private Messaging, and so much more...

Hey gamers,

After months of hard work we have finally released our next major content update. First of all, we have spent a lot of time revamping the front end functionality, so notifications, posting, loading content, etc. should all be faster now. We have also added a lot of features, improvements and bugfixes suggested by the community.

Too much to list all, so here is are the most important changes:

You can now ignore users!

This was on our list for way too long and it took a lot of work, but we finally have implemented a cool way of hiding content from people you just don't like. Ignoring a user removes all his content from your feed, your private messages, game pages and nooks – without ever notifying the ignored user. You also won't see notifications, downvotes or comments. Of course you can remove someone from your Ignore list anytime.

New SMITE and World of Tanks Identities

We did not only update all existing identities, we have added two new ones! Make sure to add your SMITE and World of Tanks gaming identities right away!

Improved Private Messages

We know you use it all the time, so we have spent some time further improving the private messaging system. You will now see all your messages in one list and you can move old ones to your archive to have a more organized inbox. friends

With the World of Tanks identity we also introduce a new linked account: Add your Wargaming account to find your gaming buddies here on Anook.

There is a lot more to discover, so click around and be sure to report any bugs in our forum. We have also added a lot of new games and created a new nook which helps you keeping track of the new additions.

Thank you all very much for all your suggestions, we are so grateful to have such a great community! If you want to help out, please spread the word on Twitter and Facebook about our new features, especially the new gaming identities!

See you on Anook,


Updated Gaming Identities

Hey everyone,

as you might have already noticed the League of Legends gaming identities should all be fixed now, Riot's API issues have been resolved and even OCE summoners should work again.

We have also updated the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive identity to feature the latest Community Season "Operation Breakout".

More new stuff coming soon. As always, thank you for all your support!

See you on Anook,


CS:GO Identity, Steam friends, Video Highlights and more

Hey gamers,

New update rolled out today with some standard bug fixes and a couple new features:

Gaming Identity Updates

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive now has a gaming identity, so if you're playing, make sure to add your profile
  • StarcCraft 2 has been updated to an official API, which means it should be more accurate and less buggy.
  • League of Legends has also released their official API so there should be less 'cannot find summoner' issues though this API does not support all regions yet.

Steam Friends List

This is just like the Twitter Friends List that went out a month or so back. Just drop by the Users Section to find the Anook profile of any of your friends from Steam. You will have to have your profile and friend list set to public in order for this feature to work.

Video Highlights

Videos using the YouTube integration are now able to be highlighted! These will be the only videos highlighted in most circumstances. This means YouTube creators can have their place at the top of the game page alongside blogs, screenshots, and regular posts. If you don't know how to use the YouTube Integration, go by the Anook Community Help Nook and ask.

As always, if you find any bugs, want to provide feedback, or give suggestions, please make a post on the Development forums!

Chocy Integration, Sticky Posts and More

Hey everyone,

I'm happy to announce that we have just uploaded the first update of 2014.
Here is what's new: Integration

You may have already heard of the new gaming streaming service It's obviously not as big as, but we like the service and think more competition is good for both streamers and viewers. That's why we have integrated it into Anook! You can now add your channel in your account settings and your followers will see your stream status here on Anook. Plus you gain game fame for streaming, just like you would on Twitch.

Sticky Nook Posts

One of our favorite all time user requests: You can now add sticky posts on your nook's homepage! Whether it's a blog post, picture or just a welcoming status update.

Twitter Friends

Like our Facebook Friend List this new feature helps you to find people on Anook you already follow on Twitter. Oh, and if your don't find some of your friends, make sure to invite them over!

That's it for now, more to come soon! As always thank you very much for your support. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and help us spread the word!

See you on Anook,


Introducing Anook's YouTube Integration

Hello everyone,

we have some amazing news to share with you. After weeks of crazy work hours, today we have uploaded the biggest update to Anook yet. It changes and improves a million little things, but more important it introduces our awesome YouTube integration.

We have spent a lot of time working out the best way for content creators to reach their audience and how consumers can find the best gaming content faster. Starting today YouTubers can publish their video channel on Anook and the community can search for videos by game and game related tags. Sharing the videos on Anook is made as fast as possible and - similar to live streams - video views are rewarded with precious game fame. So in a few weeks from now, video content creators should see their fame rank rise to the ranks of streamers or avid contributors on Anook.

We'll post a more in-depth guide about the video integration soon.

At this point a reminder that Anook is still in beta and big changes like the one today can introduce unforeseen problems too. If you find any bugs please let us now in the Development forum.

Keep spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter and your favorite gaming websites! Thank you for all your support!

See you on Anook,


Interface Improvements and New Signup Setup

Hi everyone,

as most of you probably already have noticed, there have been quite a few subtle changes to Anook's interface in the last weeks. We have spent a lot of time fixing bugs and adding nice little features, which should improve the usability of the website quite a bit.

For example: Anook now allows you to get more information about games, nooks and users by simply hovering over the name (try it here @Chocy). So you can directly follow people you find in your feed without leaving the current page.

We have also worked a lot on improving the first user experience. After the initial registration, new users will now be guided through a selection of games and related users and nooks before they actually join Anook.

This is not only beneficial for new users but for avid contributors as well: New users will now be much more likely to stumble upon your content and follow you. Our recent stats already show a huge overall increase of new user's engagement.

You can try out the new signup routine with your active account here.

We have a lot more on the list for the weeks and months to come! As always a huge thank you to everyone who is making this community so awesome. Especially the development team, the moderators, and all the people who create and share so much interesting content everyday!

If you haven't already, please consider inviting your friends to Anook and help us spread the word on Facebook or Twitter!

See you on Anook,


Performance Improvements and Picture Albums

Hi everyone,

with the latest sky rocking community growth rates (League of Legends now has more than 10k followers on Anook) we had to take a short break from adding new features to focus on improving the overall performance of the website for the months to come.

We spent a lot of time improving the backend, database and frontend and if we didn't screw up none of that should really be visible (other than slightly faster loading times). But as we have changed a lot of stuff, there may be a few display bugs etc. So if something doesn't look right, please let us know.

We didn't want to take the site down without introducing anything new, so we managed to squeeze in a feature which was requested by our community for a long time: Picture Albums! You can now organize your pictures in albums and choose to make these public so other people can contribute too. There are still some things we need to add, like editing the caption of a picture and changing albums of already existing uploads – those will be added in a few days.

Although we still have some more performance/scalability stuff to do, we now have more time to focus on adding cool features again, so expect the next update very soon!

Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports, feature requests and ideas!

See you on Anook,