Sorry for the lack of updates in the last couple of weeks, we had so much stuff going on, I didn't find the time to sit down and write about all the exiting things happening on the site. I try to make up for it and wrap up everything that changed since my last post.

We have implemented our first two showcase game integrations. Now users can add Starcraft II ingame stats to their profile and show off their World of Warcraft characters on Anook. Nooks can display additional ingame guild information.

We've removed the bottom bar to make space for the new and awesome quick navigation on top. It contains a new quick search, improved messaging, the new notification system and an account interface.

Nooks received a big upgrade aswell, introducing a full feature forum and an easy-to-use permission system. Furthermore we deployed new designs to games and nooks, let us know what you think!

  • Improved Facebook integration
  • New Notification system
  • New World of Warcraft integration
  • New Stacraft II integration
  • New Quick Search
  • Improved Messaging
  • New Nook Permission system
  • Improved games and nooks listing
  • Updated nook membership
  • Improved forums now including boards and permission sets
  • ... and as always tons of small visual updates and bugfixes

Thank you all for your feedback and support!