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Anook Version 0.3 online!

May 16, 2011

Today we've released version 0.3 which brings only small upgrades to the frontend, but changes a lot on the backend. We are now ready for Nooks (0.4), a simple Karma system is now tracking user relationships and with Posts you can start to share and publish content.

The frontpage is still not done. What you see here is actually the Stream of the first nook created (called Development).

  • Network (NYI)
  • Membership (Actions: join, request, confirm, delete)
  • Stream
  • Post
  • Comments (updated to work with all content types)
  • Rating (completely rewritten, see below)
  • Publish (only basic functions)
  • Share
  • Rating (formerly Flags) now change the Karma between users and networks
  • Updated friendship actions
  • Changes to Wall and Feed controllers
  • Markdown integration
  • Updated backend structure
Anook Version 0.2 online!

March 30, 2011

The first implementation of Anook's post/spread/publish content delivery system is now online. It's simple short messaging, but it establishes a solid basis for our further development. You can "tag" friends twitter-like by adding their username with an @ or post a message directly to their profile, add comments or like/hate content of others. Important: This is by no means the final design - it's not even close! The site now runs on the just released Yii Framework version 1.1.7.

  • Feed Module
  • Status messages
  • Friendship logs
  • Profile Wall
  • User Feed (experimental)
  • Comment Module
  • Flat Comments (one level nested planed)
  • Flags (Love/Hate)
  • Replaced dozens of DAO queries with relational active records
  • Added behaviors such as SpamBehavior and PurifierBehavior
  • CuteTime (Jquery) implementation
Update Version 0.1.1

March 7, 2011

Not a key feature, but the first step to get communication on the site going. The message module is now online. Its missing username autocomplete and other AJAX improvements, BBCode and simple HTML support as well as delete functions.

It's not really integrated in the site yet either. Oh, and you can not opt out of email notifications at the moment. Sorry.

  • Message Module
  • Threaded private messaging system
  • Multiple recipient support
  • Widget based site-wide display support (not implemented yet)
  • Email notifications
  • Updated Swift Mailer implementation
  • Several small bug fixes. Thanks for your help!
Bugfixes 03/04/11
  • Facebook Connect should now be working with options like "gender" hidden
  • Login with Facebook now behaves like "remember me"
  • Logout is now working with "remember me" option
  • It should now be possible to change password
  • Logout flash message is now working
  • Invite friends email syntax is now more forgiving
  • Birthdate dropdown fixed
  • Google tracking added
Yii Anook 0.1 online!

March 3, 2011

Anook is based on the awesome Yii Framework as of today. Nothing is really tested at this moment. The database schema is not done, you might see some full data wipes in the next weeks. But I have released the User Module as it needs some serious stress testing from you guys. So sign up or check out the Facebook Connect feature and try to break stuff! Try to spoof email addresses, reset your password, upload a profile picture, add friends - and remove them again.

Almost all "signed in" pages are not designed yet. Watch out for the next updates!

  • Anook is now based on Yii -- YAY!!
  • Rewrite of all html templates
  • JQuery v1.5.1 support
  • User Module / Account Controller
  • Signup
  • Login and Login with Facebook / Logout
  • Recover Password
  • Reset Password
  • Account Details
  • Change Password
  • Change Email
  • Upload Picture
  • User Module / Friends Controller
  • Friend-, Request- and Suggestion- List and Search
  • Add, Confirm, Decline and Remove Friends
  • Invite Friends via Email
  • Components
  • DbHttpSession (Updated Session Management)
  • UserIdentity
  • WebUser
  • Html (Updated CHtml class based on Anook Design)
  • LinkPager
  • UploadedFile
  • Extensions
  • ActiveDateList
  • Facebook Api
  • SwiftMailer wrapper
  • PHPThumb wrapper
  • Recaptcha widget
  • SlugBehavior and SlugValidator