The next big update is here! Introducing nooks and bringing a ton of improvements to the website. You can now create your own public or private space to share your stories (and pictures) with friends or followers. In this release we focused on improving the (still very limited) options of sharing content, so the access management system is still missing a few key features. In the next update we'll go heavy on more content features as forums are coming back to the nooks. 

Right now we plan to introduce the final and most important aspect of the website with 0.6 - more on that in the next weeks. Here is the update log:

  • Nooks
  • Membership updates (invite)
  • Stream updates
  • Access control (public, private and hidden)
  • Pictures
  • Upload and caption edit
  • Gallery on nooks and profiles
  • Publish working on profile and nooks
  • Major updates to Post. Now only available in nooks, but added publishing
  • CLEditor integration (WYSIWYG wins against Markdown)