Anook is growing, a lot of super interesting people joined in the last months and are sharing their content on the site. This is a great thing and we love how Anook evolves. But not all content is super informative and not always everyone could relate to what someone else posted to a game.

We have received quite a lot feedback on this, so we have changed the way content is shared and distributed on Anook.

Posting to Profile

When you don't tag a game in a contribution, nothing will change, all your followers will get your content pushed into their home feed immediately. It can still be shared by other users or to nooks. (We are also working on a way to add games later on...)

Posting to a Game

From now on, when you contribute to a game, only your followers who also follow the related game will receive your contribution right away. But every user, who "loves" your posting will automatically spread it to his followers (who are again also following the related game). Your contribution can still be shared and posted to nooks, it also can become a game highlight which will be shared automatically to all users following the related game.

So for post good quality content not much will change, but spammy messages will only be shared to those following the author. If you receive a message in your feed you don't like,you can simply unfollow the poster/the one who shared the message.

We have also vastly increased the fame gain for messages, so we make love count even more. :)

I hope you will like the changes, thank you very much for all your suggestions. We will continue to improve the feed and sharing content on Anook.

See you on Anook,