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Anook Beta 1.6 online

Hello everyone,

we have just updated Anook to introduce a bunch of new stuff to the site (see below). And there is even more to come! We have decided to split this update into two parts, so the stuff that didn't made it live today will probably be added in 10 days or so.

New text editor

We removed the full text editor in forums and blogs and replaced it with a more lightweight editor. Some of you may need some time to get used to it, others will know the new formatting system called Markdown from other websites such as Reddit. Why did we do that? The old editor was slow and buggy, it also made it kinda complicated to format text to fit to our style. The new one is super fast, Markdown is really intuitive and you will still be able to use simple HTML tags if you like.

Diablo III gaming identity

Everyone loves our gaming identities, and we promised to add more! So here it is, you can now add your Diablo III heroes to your Anook profile. We hope you like our hero profile as much as we do. Click here to add yours heroes and show off your shiny items! And there are more gaming identities already on our mind...

Edit: Diablo III gems will be added later too. ;)

We have also added a lot of user requests such as to possibility to move topics to other boards, spoiler tags in forums/blogs or multiline comments in the feed.

In part two we will add a new signup routine to improve the new users experience and will highlight new nooks which you should follow.

Thank you very much for your support and feedback.

See you on Anook,


New Profile Links

Good news everyone,

we are very happy to announce that we are now providing short user profile urls (don't worry the old ones still work as well). My profile link now is - it's just a small change, but it helps communicating Anook a lot. We have also improved our sign up system, so there is no more need for ugly CAPTCHAs that no one can read. Hooray for more new users! ;)

Stay tuned for more stuff coming soon!

See you on Anook,


Gaming Companies on Anook

Hey guys,

we have spent some time adding nooks for gaming companies we like. Developers and publishers like Blizzard, Riot Games or Valve and gaming related companies like Razer or SteelSeries. We want to introduce Anook to them to get cool stuff for you guys. Give aways, exclusive content, and so on...

So take a minute to check out our list of companies and follow if you like, so they know this is the place where their customers hang out. ;)

The full list of company nooks here:…

We are also in the process of updating the games and are already working on the next updates.

See you on Anook,