Hey everyone,

today we have uploaded a new beta version, which brings a new very cool feature to Anook.


You can now add events to nooks, which can be used to organize your clan trainings or guild raids, to promote your tournaments, barcrafts, or to create other events. Events can be tagged with a game and will be listed in the game's calendar, so you will never miss another important event of your favorite game. You can create public events where everyone is welcome to attend or private events just for your friends. To get an overview what's going on, you can check your personal calendar.

Of course it will be quite empty now, that's why we need you to help spread the word to everyone who is organizing gaming or eSport events. Our vision is to have the events of all your favorite games in one spot, let's make it happen!!!

We have also updated our homepage, static pages like our terms and the now Mist of Pandaria enabled World of Warcraft profiles!

Thank you all for your support.

See you on Anook,