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League of Legends, Twitter and much more

Hey everyone,

we have just released a major update for Anook which introduces a ton of new features and improvements. We also recently upgraded our server infrastructure which should further improve page loading times. Here are the most important changes:

League of Legends

After waiting for an official League of Legends API for months and a recent conversation with Riot (in which they basically told us to not wait for it), we have decided to use an API provided by to finally allow you to add your League of Legends gaming identity to your Anook profile. We are quite happy with the result, but unfortunately the API had some minor issues in the last couple of days (right now US accounts are not available for example...), so we hope those problems will be fixed soon.

Please add your League of Legends summoner or check out existing identities.


You are now able to link your Twitter account with your Anook profile! Once you added your Twitter account on your linked accounts page you can choose to automatically post your contributions to Twitter. This works with status messages, pictures and blog posts. If your message exceeds the 140 characters, Anook will add a link to your contribution. If you delete content on Anook, that was shared on Twitter, the related tweet will be automatically deleted as well. This makes it easy to post gaming related stuff to Anook without losing your Twitter reach.

Real-time feed/notifications

From now on you won't have to refresh Anook to see if someone interacted with your content, sent you a private message or posted something new. Anook will automatically add new content to your feed and notify you about new messages and notifications. If you are not actively browsing Anook, new notifications will be announced with an unobtrusive sound. This can be deactivated in the notification settings.

Other changes

  • You can now add a related game to a contribution after you posted it
  • You can now link your Skype username, which will only be visible to friends
  • World of Warcraft progress now includes patch 5.2
  • StarCraft II profile pictures now include HotS pictures
  • Small improvements to events, blog posts and private messages
  • Plus: Bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes

We still have a long road ahead and many features we want to include before we are ready to drop the "Beta". But Anook grows faster every day now and 2013 has been amazing so far! We have so much more lined up for the next months... Thank you for sticking around and thank you very much for your support and feedback!

See you on Anook,


Heroes of Newerth Gaming Identity

Hey everyone,

we have just uploaded a new update for Anook and I'm very happy to announce the release of a new gaming identity. You can now add your Heroes of Newerth identity to Anook and show off your awesome smack downs and kill streaks on your profile!

Check out the HoN profiles here:

And we obviously added a ton of small improvements, such as...

  • Sharing limitations
  • Improved love/hate system
  • Feed usability improvements
  • Delete comments on own contributions
  • More fame for very popular content
  • Fixed missing supporter badges
  • Diablo III Paragon level
  • Notifications on mention
  • and a lot of bug fixes...

The last weeks have been amazing, thanks to everyone who is helping Anook grow! We have a lot of awesome stuff lined up for the next updates.

Thank you for all your feedback and suggestions!

See you on Anook,


EDIT: Big thanks to Alex from HONDMG.COM for helping us out with that quirky HoN API :)

EDIT 2: We are back on Twitter!
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