Hi everyone,

with the latest sky rocking community growth rates (League of Legends now has more than 10k followers on Anook) we had to take a short break from adding new features to focus on improving the overall performance of the website for the months to come.

We spent a lot of time improving the backend, database and frontend and if we didn't screw up none of that should really be visible (other than slightly faster loading times). But as we have changed a lot of stuff, there may be a few display bugs etc. So if something doesn't look right, please let us know.

We didn't want to take the site down without introducing anything new, so we managed to squeeze in a feature which was requested by our community for a long time: Picture Albums! You can now organize your pictures in albums and choose to make these public so other people can contribute too. There are still some things we need to add, like editing the caption of a picture and changing albums of already existing uploads – those will be added in a few days.

Although we still have some more performance/scalability stuff to do, we now have more time to focus on adding cool features again, so expect the next update very soon!

Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports, feature requests and ideas!

See you on Anook,