Hey gamers,

After months of hard work we have finally released our next major content update. First of all, we have spent a lot of time revamping the front end functionality, so notifications, posting, loading content, etc. should all be faster now. We have also added a lot of features, improvements and bugfixes suggested by the community.

Too much to list all, so here is are the most important changes:

You can now ignore users!

This was on our list for way too long and it took a lot of work, but we finally have implemented a cool way of hiding content from people you just don't like. Ignoring a user removes all his content from your feed, your private messages, game pages and nooks – without ever notifying the ignored user. You also won't see notifications, downvotes or comments. Of course you can remove someone from your Ignore list anytime.

New SMITE and World of Tanks Identities

We did not only update all existing identities, we have added two new ones! Make sure to add your SMITE and World of Tanks gaming identities right away!

Improved Private Messages

We know you use it all the time, so we have spent some time further improving the private messaging system. You will now see all your messages in one list and you can move old ones to your archive to have a more organized inbox.

Wargaming.net friends

With the World of Tanks identity we also introduce a new linked account: Add your Wargaming account to find your gaming buddies here on Anook.

There is a lot more to discover, so click around and be sure to report any bugs in our forum. We have also added a lot of new games and created a new nook which helps you keeping track of the new additions.

Thank you all very much for all your suggestions, we are so grateful to have such a great community! If you want to help out, please spread the word on Twitter and Facebook about our new features, especially the new gaming identities!

See you on Anook,