Hello community,

We have just uploaded another Anook update. This time we have reworked the linked account section to allow you to attach external accounts without displaying them on your profile. This is useful for publishing YouTube videos, cross posting to Twitter or simply finding friends through different services on Anook without showing your actual account handle. Head over to your linked accounts to adjust the privacy of each account.

We have also reintroduced the option to leave your gender empty, if you are not comfortable with showing your gender or choosing between female and male. Click here to edit your profile.

And last but not least you can now also find people you follow on YouTube and your friends from Wargaming.net on Anook.

Additionally we have fixed a lot of small things you guys brought to our attention. As always thank you very much for your support!

Also, don't forget to tell your friends about Anook, to help us grow! ;)

See you on Anook,