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[Story] Letter from Elloa to Savian, current leader of Whitestar

This letter is adressed to @Savian, and placed on his desk in the Lunarfall Garnison. But anyone can read it.

Lunarfall, Draenor

Dear Savian,

We have not known each other for long, even for your human standart, but we have shared enough I believe to allow me to call for your help. I know, that despise your young age you will have the wisdom neccessary to understand my pain, and the service I'm going to ask you. I'm gratefull of the time you will take to read my letter and consider what I'm asking from you.

When Vindicator Maraad gathered forces to pass through the portal and save Draenor, I could not refuse. I could not refuse him, and I could not refuse you. As you may know, Vindicator Maraad and I stand together during the sack of Shattrah many years ago. We fought together, we failed together, we saw our people being massacred together. We flewd together and we crashed on Azeroth together. I though I'd find enough strenght within myself to face my past and overcome my guilt. But the little years spent on Azeroth, the discoveries I made, the new friendships that blossomed, the new role I embrassed in the human city, and the battles I succeeded in Highland, Uldum and Pandaria were not enough to prepare me for this hardship.
You need to understand. Once I passed the portal, and once the first skirmishes were over, once I walked on the pure soil of Shadowmoon valley, untainted and vibrant ; when I saw my commune, the poeple I've cared about for centuries, with whom I shared a happy life every day that passed on Draenor, earth of our exile ; when I saw them living, and smiling "again", hopeful for a better future, my heart shattered in thousand pieces. I've seen them died once already. I've failed them. I though that this expedition through the portal was my chance of redemption. But the pain that invaded me was unspeakable. And once Marraad fall, the little of strenght I had left completely desepeared. Do not worry, I've been through thougher time already. I've lost my connection with the light, I belived myself to be Broken, but I managed to stand up again. I followed Nabundo teaching, lessons that served me well on Azeroth and allowed me to help the Earthen Ring. I know I'll be able to gather my wits again, recover, and be strong. But for now, I'm shattered. I'm devastated.

Please, forgive my weakness. For someone of my age, it may seems absurd. But I suppose that us, Draenei, need more time. I've always been admirative of how, you, humans, recover so fast from your traumas. I will not join you in your assault of the Hellfire Citadelle. I'll stay behind, making myself useful in the garnisson. Taking care of the wounded. Something simple. Something that allow me to avoid to meet those I knew from my past life and see them die again. It feel a Nightmare that loop again and again in my head and that I can't escape.

I've another favour to ask from you. This may be more difficult. But I beg you to do your best to accomplish it. Please, Savian, you know that I would never insist if it wasn't important.

Find my youngerself. She should be teaching the art of Well being and Relaxation classes in Karabor. Unless she joined some forces to defend the cities and villages. She should still be the happy, hopeful anchorite I was back then. You will find a better version of myself to help you in your task. And you will give me the opportunity of changing her fate. I wish for my youngerself to not have to face what I had to endure. There is a human said "What doesn't kill you make you stronger". It's right to some extend. I've learnt many things from the hardship endured by my people. But sometimes, the price of a lesson is simply too high.

Thank you, And sorry...

Your devoted friend Elloa.

Memories - Elloa, a Draenei fate PART 2

While Googleing "Elloa", for fun, I discovered several very old stories and I though I should save them before it's too late.
Memories is a gathering of old stories and texts I've written in the past before they got lost somewhere on Internet.
I hope you will enjoy them!

A new start.
Letter send by Elloa to Valini, Exodar
Written in June 2010

Dear friend, I’ve taken my decision to leave Exodar. It had not been an easy decision, but after have discussed with Nabundo, who have saved me when I was lost and broken, and who always had been there when I needed enlightenment or a good advice, it seemed to me the best option for my personal evolution.
I’ve devoted myself since the crash occurred to help the unfortunates to be healed, cured, and raised up again as I had been healed, cured, and raised up myself. I’ve focused my time and my energy to help our kind as much as I could, by improving the few villages we have on thoses Islands and our ship, becoming our new City. You know that I honestly did my best. Nabundo told me that it was maybe time for me to experiment my connection with the Elements. To take the chance, having fallen on this world, to be really initiated and understand the connections the Elements have with the Light, the Whole and the Source… And I’ve find, once more, his words expressing the most obvious truth. I’ve been lost enough, in complex thoughs, elaborate feelings, shared between my desire to bring peace and justice to our people, shared between love and anger. I need to offer myself a moment of rest, a retreat, a period to let my mind and my soul being refreshed. I need to be connected to something concrete. Find my way among the nature’s force. Learn from the expression of the elements. And then, I’ll find the Light again. This world seem peaceful enough to offer me this opportunity. Another thing which helped me to take my decision without feeling guilty to give up so many people in need for my personal and selfish evolution, is Sidori.
I’ve make Sidori’s acquaintance when I was healing her. She was among the most injured survivor of the crash. She stayed between life and death during several months, in a state similar to our artificial sleep. Even the most powerful spell could barely keep her alive. Only patience, attentive care and devotion saved her.
Though I’m sure, the reason she stand so deeply in this coma, was the lose of her family or connections. No one that I met seemed to know her. She seemed to be so lonely! It’s only suppositions of my own, of course, but I think the will of living was gone, and it’s only by feeling a friendly presence watch over her, which make her desire of living strong enough to get her out of this state.
I don’t know why, but I feel strangely and irremediably connected to her. I want to protect her, to take care of her, to give her the opportunity of feeling happiness and hope again. When she woke up, she had lost completely her memory. Her health is weak, she often faint or have black out. I think that experimenting a new world, smelling the different perfumes of the oceans, the mountains or the plains, seeing the sky, the dawn and the sunset, meeting new people…all of this could help her to build a new universe if nothing else.
I will take her along my journey. Before to leave, I wanted to thank you for the moments we shared together. You had been a precious friend, and even, if our time together had been short, I’ll not forget you.
I wish you to be happy, and to continue your own path with determination, courage, joy and wisdom.
We will certainly meet again, and waiting that day, I want to send you all my affection. May the Light be with you, and the Naaru keep you safe. Elloa

Memories - Elloa, a Draenei fate PART 1

While Googleing "Elloa", for fun, I discovered several very old stories and I though I should save them before it's too late.
Memories is a gathering of old stories and texts I've written in the past before they got lost somewhere on Internet.
I hope you will enjoy them!

Elloa, a Draenei fate
Written in June 2010

In my lonely time, I’m opening my book once more and writing another letter that you will not receive. My eyes are lost on this undefined horizon. A purple sky, almost starless, some shadow pine lost in an ethereal fog, and the sea bringing to me its salty perfume on the wings of the breeze…A new earth…a new beginning… I’ve always wondered why I had survived, why I had been chosen, why I was destined to see the ones I do care disappear the one after the others. It’s only recently that I started to understand, that I had not been chosen for a holy mission, that I didn’t had a particular fate. I’m alive and others are death because of the law of chaos and order which rules the universes. And every time I have survived, it’s a new life offered to me, a new lesson, a new chance to rise and remember the origin, and finally come back to the Source.
I’ve finally accepted that you were gone, and that I was not here to save you. What purpose has life? Nothing else…than living. And it’s wonderful as it is.
Living, experiment life, explore, meet other beings, understand, and feed the world with love as it nurture me with love. Even in the darkest years, even in the heart of the Pain and Sorrow, there is still a light shining…a light of Hope and Love, and it’s then you understand that all of this is simply a comedy, a step among thousand others steps, before the reunion with the whole. Nothing matter, because everything is good finally…and everything will end and start in the most wonderful way possible. A new life is awaiting me. I’m accepting it with gratitude. And I’ll take the chance, I hope, to learn the lesson that had been prepared for me on this world, before I leave it…for another travel, another life, another lesson…

Short biography of Elloa

Born on Argus, Elloa lose her dear brother, only two thousand years older, which had been corrupted by the Burning Legion. Affected deeply by this lost, when she followed the Prophete Vellen, and the draenei, she made the vow to find the way to rescue her brother and freed him from his evil shackle. Highly inspired by the Naaru, she became anchorite, and walked slowly on the path of Light.
Centuries after centuries, world after world, she suffered from the lost of her people dying, disappearing, being corrupted. The first millennium, she had felt revolted, filled with anger, living with this only purpose: avenge her kind, rescue the one she did care. She could only accept the fact she was surviving in imagining she had a holy mission to achieve.
But when the dramatics events on Draenor occurred, when she loses partially her connection with the Light, something changed in her.

The first days, she find herself awaken, losing her ability to call upon the power of Light, she felt it as a punishment of some kind, a failure of her guilt. She was ashamed and lose completely her self esteem. She was experimenting the Dark Night. And when she was the deepest in her despair, devoured by fear and sorrow, she suddenly understood that the tainted Draenei were called Broken, not because of their power lost, but because they felt broken inside them, losing faith and hope, losing the love of them. Then, she saw a light…a light of Hope in the person of Nabundo. She raised the head, with courage and trust, she came to him, to listen to his words filled with wisdom. Following the path of Element, she didn’t lose herself in despair. And she understood better the meaning of the whole universe.It was so simple, so easy. She finaly became acceptance. And then, at this right moment, a shining symbol appeared on her forhead, as a seal of trust between her and the Naaru. She was saved !

Elloa followed the Prophete when the time to fleed came, and she crashed on Azeroth, surviving once more. This was no more a curse, but a blessing that she accepted gratefully, ready to follow her path through this world and learn more about herself, more about the universe.