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My new video serie!

Greetings everyone!

I'm very happy to announce you the release of the first episode of my new video serie: Elloa the rantosaurus. The principle is very simple, every week I'll be talking about a random subject that inspire me during three minutes, no more than that.

I hope this serie to be refreshing, fun and divertising for you guys. And that it will be the start of a long story of Youtube contributions. It's a long time I'm hoping to make up something with my channel, and I never did anything as videos making are very very time (and disk space) consuming. But now that I've the idea and the thema, I think I can keep a shedule and be regular.

So what do you think of the concept? Do you think you would enjoy it?

For this first episode, I originally though about a completely different subject: But then, we had this huge announcement about The Elder Scrolls Online preorder. So of course I had to buy my game! I hesitate a bit concerning the edition I'd buy, and ended by not buying the Imperial Edition.

Why a Rantosaurus?

Weird name for a blog maybe?

When I was searching for a nice, original title for my blog, that would fit my personality and any sort of subject that I'd want to speak about, I immediatly came up with that name: "Elloa, the Rantosaurus". Because that's what I am!

Every couple have nice and sweet secret little names for their other half: honey, baby, teddybear, whatnot... Well, my boyfriend is a bit more original and less cheezy than that! Rantosaurus is one of the affectuous name he is giving me when I start to speak about MMORPG. Of course MMORPG is my passion and I'm a chatty person. Especially when I've spent a great night in game, it's time to go to bed, but I'm really not sleepy. At that very particuliar moment, I'll start to boil with ideas and enthousiasm. Like a kid that try to win as much time as he can to not go to bed, I start to ramble and speak and speak...

I guess it really fit this blog... and the Surprise I'm currently working on!

Stay tuned dear followers! You will know soon enough ;)

I think it's 10 years or so I've not attempted to draw. But I wanted to make my own logo myself. I had actually a lot of fun this afternoon with my boyfriend. We both sit down at the kitchen table and started to draw some of those little creatures.

Memories - Elloa, a Draenei fate PART 1

While Googleing "Elloa", for fun, I discovered several very old stories and I though I should save them before it's too late.
Memories is a gathering of old stories and texts I've written in the past before they got lost somewhere on Internet.
I hope you will enjoy them!

Elloa, a Draenei fate
Written in June 2010

In my lonely time, I’m opening my book once more and writing another letter that you will not receive. My eyes are lost on this undefined horizon. A purple sky, almost starless, some shadow pine lost in an ethereal fog, and the sea bringing to me its salty perfume on the wings of the breeze…A new earth…a new beginning… I’ve always wondered why I had survived, why I had been chosen, why I was destined to see the ones I do care disappear the one after the others. It’s only recently that I started to understand, that I had not been chosen for a holy mission, that I didn’t had a particular fate. I’m alive and others are death because of the law of chaos and order which rules the universes. And every time I have survived, it’s a new life offered to me, a new lesson, a new chance to rise and remember the origin, and finally come back to the Source.
I’ve finally accepted that you were gone, and that I was not here to save you. What purpose has life? Nothing else…than living. And it’s wonderful as it is.
Living, experiment life, explore, meet other beings, understand, and feed the world with love as it nurture me with love. Even in the darkest years, even in the heart of the Pain and Sorrow, there is still a light shining…a light of Hope and Love, and it’s then you understand that all of this is simply a comedy, a step among thousand others steps, before the reunion with the whole. Nothing matter, because everything is good finally…and everything will end and start in the most wonderful way possible. A new life is awaiting me. I’m accepting it with gratitude. And I’ll take the chance, I hope, to learn the lesson that had been prepared for me on this world, before I leave it…for another travel, another life, another lesson…

Short biography of Elloa

Born on Argus, Elloa lose her dear brother, only two thousand years older, which had been corrupted by the Burning Legion. Affected deeply by this lost, when she followed the Prophete Vellen, and the draenei, she made the vow to find the way to rescue her brother and freed him from his evil shackle. Highly inspired by the Naaru, she became anchorite, and walked slowly on the path of Light.
Centuries after centuries, world after world, she suffered from the lost of her people dying, disappearing, being corrupted. The first millennium, she had felt revolted, filled with anger, living with this only purpose: avenge her kind, rescue the one she did care. She could only accept the fact she was surviving in imagining she had a holy mission to achieve.
But when the dramatics events on Draenor occurred, when she loses partially her connection with the Light, something changed in her.

The first days, she find herself awaken, losing her ability to call upon the power of Light, she felt it as a punishment of some kind, a failure of her guilt. She was ashamed and lose completely her self esteem. She was experimenting the Dark Night. And when she was the deepest in her despair, devoured by fear and sorrow, she suddenly understood that the tainted Draenei were called Broken, not because of their power lost, but because they felt broken inside them, losing faith and hope, losing the love of them. Then, she saw a light…a light of Hope in the person of Nabundo. She raised the head, with courage and trust, she came to him, to listen to his words filled with wisdom. Following the path of Element, she didn’t lose herself in despair. And she understood better the meaning of the whole universe.It was so simple, so easy. She finaly became acceptance. And then, at this right moment, a shining symbol appeared on her forhead, as a seal of trust between her and the Naaru. She was saved !

Elloa followed the Prophete when the time to fleed came, and she crashed on Azeroth, surviving once more. This was no more a curse, but a blessing that she accepted gratefully, ready to follow her path through this world and learn more about herself, more about the universe.

Open letter to my guild UMBRA

This text is best to be read with this music composed by Peter Mien: Initiation

Hello everyone!

This is ...CREAM PUFF time!
As for this new year to come, I wanted to share with you my enthousiasm, and my hapiness to be partof UMBRA. It's already six month I'm in the family, and I've the feeling I've just freshly joined. This is a very good sign. It mean that I'm not bored, I'm continuisly surprised, I've yet lot to learn and I see so many possibilities of improving and growing myself in this guild.
I thank all of you to be part of this, because you are filling my life with joy, even without noticing it, or doing anything for it. You are part of what make life beautiful and exiting and I thank you for this!

I also would like to thank you guys, to teach me another way of being. This can seems weird, but it's true nonetheless. The lesson I'm learning is something I may have missed my whole life. It's this little sparkle, this little light that can keep someone walking even through the darkness of discouragement. The will of going further. To keep trying. To best yourself in all circumstances. "You can do it!" I've always been without ambitions, due to modesty, laziness or pessimism. You inspire me. Even if the aspect of life that I'm focusing on for now is just... gaming related, it's a way for me to express myself, and to discover myself differently. This will have eventually an effect of who I'm in the real world aswell.

In short, thank to you guys. I feel that 2014 will be a great year. Not only for gaming. I smell something dynamic, hopeful, and passionating about it! We will have great time together, and the best of that we will be the ones building our own amusement! Let's make this year memorable. Because everything that happen here, in the virtual world, has effect on what we are, we can make the real world a better place by taking care of the virtual ones.

I wish you JOY and LOVE for this new year 2014. May your path be enlighted and may you find the best of yourself on the way.


New year message

This a post I've written on Facebook some months ago. I find it fitting for s New Year post and I wanted to share it on my blog. The best way to start the year.

We are some sort of big community on internet. We don't really know each others. Most of us would not speak to each other in real life. Some might even feel hostile.
But here, in this weird dimension that internet is, we somehow feel connected more than anywhere else. Because it's easy and convenient. But also because, we like the same game, or the same music..or whatever, it doesn't really matter. All of this is an excuse to get connected. Because that's what our real being aspire the most : to be connected again with everyone else. And in the real world, it's more difficult to forget about our differences and remember that only our essence, our soul, matter. Everything else is a video game character, an avatar.
Our culture, social ladder, spirituality, political views, sexual orientation, education, our tastes..all of those things that separate us, or make us feel close, all those opinions that seems important, all those things that make us fight for, doesn't matter. At all. It's a disguisement. A role. It need to be remembered as such. Otherwise, it become boring, painful, useless, it make you feel better than others, or worst than others or different. It make you suffer and you will make other suffer.
Forget about it. We are all the same. Sparkle of stars, childrens of God - no matter how you want to name it-. We are all beings that aspire the same thing deep inside us: being happy, and being loved. That's all!

So my dear brothers and sisters on Earth, to all of you that I'm crossing through the internet, and to all of you that I do not know - Cause yes, the fact that I know you or not doesn't make you deserve my affection more or less - to all of you that read those lines, I wish you from the deepest of my hearth, to be happy. May you find hapiness. May you feel loved. May you feel blessed. We are all together here, in the same boat. We need to take care of each others. Be nice to each others. Be sure that everyone will feel good. Be sure that everyone will be succesful. My hapiness is dependent on yours, and so your happiness is dependent on mine. I make you happy, I make myself happy. You are succesful, I assure my success. You are loved, I'll be loved ! Let's spread good energies, good vibrations arround us. Let's spread the Love. For everyone.
No matter what you look like, no matter what are your opinions, your religions, your habits, your education, if you have take your shower or not, if you like fat meat or brocolis, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if you agree with me or not, if you like this thread or not, if you think I'm FREAKING CAREBEAR HIPPY or not. I'll sent you all my Love. Because it's free. Because I can. And because Love can only make the world a little bit better.

May your day and all others after this one be blessed!