I'm more a ONE game girl than someone who enjoy jumping from one game to another. Same in Love actually. However, sometimes you do not find the right shoes for you feet, and you find yourself caught in a sort of wandering, a quest, to find this hidden jewel. And you jump from one game to another. Or from one guy to another. Even if it's not your style, nor what you really want to do.

I'm lucky to have ended my wandering four years ago in World of Warcraft. Today, I'm very happy and fullfilled.
... I'm speaking about Love, here. Not games.
'cause, games is another story. As I said earlier I'm more a ONE game girl. However, since my broke-up with World of Warcraft, I never managed to settle down. I tried with Tera, but it ended painfully three months later. Same with The Secret World, too intelectual and gloomy to make me feel really good. I was then surpised by Guild Wars 2. It's a game that I really grew attached to, but somehow it could not satisfy me fully. I felt too unskilled. It's not very nice to constantly realise how much you are...not good enough. Now there is ESO and Wildstar. My two new pretendants. Even not starting to speak about Landmark, cause that's really a story on the side.

So ESO and Wildstar attract me for two different reasons that I explain in this Rantosaurus video.

I know that I'll want to play them both. I know that I'll want to be good and well established in both. I know I'll want to speak, write and edit videos about both. But I'm affraid to not have the time, the energy and the space to dedicate myself fully to both games. I know I'll have to make a sacrifice and I know it will break my heart.
Most of people would just wait and see, and they are right. But for me, playing a game is not just "playing the game". It's to get involved in the community, to prepare myself and my guild to the release, to have an idea of how to organise myself to have an attractive stream or to imagine a nice video-serie concept. It take lots of time to do this already for only one game. Especially if you are a slow poke like I'm. Heh! Even if I only had to level my character and had nothing else on the side to distract me, I'd be slow. So...will I be able to commit to two games? Will I be able to be well versed and skilled?
I'm worried. I worry that I'll just end by going no where. That I'll disperse my energy and that I'll fail.

If it was only me, I could just pick up one game now, and decide "You are my CHOOSEN one". But my dear boyfriend, the ONE love, I finally found after so many years of wandering is a lot more difficult than me. He is picky when it comes to games. And girls. Maybe...
I'm really hoping to play one of those two games together with him, and I've no way to know if he will be interested enough to pass the first month of subscription. Since I left World of Warcraft, no game ever interested him enough to keep him playing with me.

God! I really do not want to lose him to Warlord of Draenor!