I feel it's years now I'm longing to finaly find a new home where to settle, a game to keep my entiere attention, and entiere dedication, a game that I could share with my friends, and my boyfriend, a game that I could explore entierly, that I'd well know, and that would hold no secrets from me. A game where I can show my skill as gamer and where I can see my community flourish!

I've been playing World of Warcraft for 6 years full time, and despite my entiere devotion, I have the feeling I only started to explore the "real game" in Wrath of the Lych King. It's the only expansion where I had the feeling to know what I was doing, to do it well and to lead my community to success. It's also at that time I made some of my actual best friends, and met the love of my life!

After World of Warcraft, I really tried to settle down, to find the WOW-replacant, and to build a strong community. I played Rift, Star Wars The Old Republic, Tera, The Secret World... It never worked for more than a couple of months. Games comes and go, and my friends, guildies and boyfriend were losing interest quickly and jumping from one game to the next one with a ease that I never understood.

I managed to rest for a year in Guild Wars 2, thanks for the game flexibility and the awesome community I build there. It was, after my World of Warcraft years of success, the first time I had the feeling to build something that would last and survive my own interest of the game.

Three years, almost, of feeling nomad between games (not counting my GW2 period). Three years of having the impression to work on the foundation of projects that never kick off. Could seem that I wasted my time all along!

Sometimes relationships, friendship and game interest can start fast, like straw caught fire. Those fires consume everything faster than it starts. In the end, all that's left are ashes... In the end I'm left alone with as many little pack of ashes on the ground than projects I attempted but failed to build... Seem like a sad story, isn't it? It's not! Ashes feed the soil and make it fertile. And from all ashes gathered those last years, the Phoenix reborn once more!

I'm happy to see the friends I met all along those years, in various games and social media, hearing the call, and gathering under the same banner. Today, together, we are building and rising a garden of thousand flowers, a little piece of paradise to settle down, and finaly rest, freed from the anguish of being lost in this quest of the "new" game, fred from the pain of having to leave behind dear friends. We are building our home, here on Anook, and it doesn't matter so much what games we play, and how long we will be playing them. Because our home stand beyond games, and what we are building do not depend of their success, but only of our work and our will to stay together, no matter what!

To Whitestar and all Whitestarians old and news, with my love and gratitude!