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Welcome back home

Returning home from holidays is never really fun. Especially not as I'm dreaming to move in that very country I spent 10 wonderful days enjoying the good weather, the sea, the mountains, the gorgeous nature, my boyfriend's lovely family and some of my best real life friends. I've never rejoiced to come back in Belgium from holidays - I only carry a mild affection for my country - but this is particuliary true when I leave Norway behind me.

However this time at least, I had the prospect of 5 more days off, without kids, without work, without any kind of obligations, to play games and work on various projects for both my guild and my YouTube channel. I'd record videos, stream and play non stop for 5 days. The first time I'd enjoy free time for just myself since I started to play MMOs. An extraordinary event that would comfort my sorrow!

When you come back home after ten days missing, there is always a good surprise. A plant that died of thirst, some food forgotten in the fridge covered of hair, a pile of unpaid bills... For me, the surprise was my computer not starting and then the discovery that my main hard drive died of sadness during my time away. On this hardrive was stored ten years of pictures, old tales and stories or Dungeons and Dragons scenarios I've written, several years of images editing, logos, banners, stream overlays, thumbnails, at least thousands screenshots, files of chosen music and much much more.
Basically I came back home to discover my house burned. This is how it felt...I had lost everything!

If only that was all...The bad surprises didn't stopped there. For some reasons my computer is also not working properly. My boyfriend spent the night trying to repair it, installing and uninstalling drivers and others windows updates. At the time I'm writing this, I'm waiting for a last update to be installed. It failed a first time, but I still do hope it could works and give me back the use of my computer.

So as you see, this was not a very happy return! I know there is much harder problems in life than a computer to format, a hardrive to replace and some files lost...but you know how passionate I'm! My computer is my only luxury, my main activity when my duties are done, my hope to evolve and flourish in this activity that I love...I had so many plans for this week and at the moment it seems I'll spent all my precious free time to repair what I've lost...

Ah bah....the updates failed again, I guess I'll just have to wait my boyfriend awake.... I guess I should get some sleep aswell...

DPS stress

Since I play seriously MMO, I've always been healer. I started with a doc in Anarchy Online. Then, few years later, I created my priest in Vanilla WoW, the character that initiated me to raiding. Continued my healing experiment with a Holy paladin and a resto shaman. Every MMO since then, I've mostly be healer. Chanter in Aion, Cleric in Rift, Jedi Sage in SWTOR, Mystic in Tera, Whitemage in FFXIV, Templar in ESO, Esper in Wildstar, and I'm only speaking of my main characters. I can hardly say what I prefer in that role. Is it the fact I' m usefull for my group, taking care of them and keeping them alive? Is it because I feel needed and important? Is it because it feel more challenging, and because healers are easily praised by others? Or is it because of the interface comfort?

While most poeple prefer Dps, I've always found that role not rewarding from a group play point of view, and difficult to play correctly. In World of Warcraft for example, I had difficulties to be efficient due to the tab targetting system. Can seems ironic for some, but for me it was a real problem. Used to rely on my group interface, I was losing precious time while changing target. I also do not like the rotations gameplay. Steadily perform a pattern of spells seems to me uninteresting and very stressfull. I honnestly can not keep up with that. It' s like my brain refuse to execute the sequence or my fingers to perform the dance without misssteps.

Healers are always needed, always wished...Except in my guild in Wildstar. For some reasons, that I'll not take the time to explain, we have a majority of healers in Whitestar, followed closely by tanks. When we set up a group, three members have to sacrifice and play DPS. So I decided to damage once in a while, despite the fact that I feel incompetent and unsecure about my skills. It's only more faire for all other healer in my guild that also would like to play their main role.

I need to learn something new. It's s bit excitting as Wildstar is a new game. I could even find it fun and pride myself to be a good damage dealer. To get into the job, I browsed the forums, looking for guides. I had to start from the beggining. Rotations, numbers, itemisation. All of this creep me out! I do not think I'm stupid, but numbers and I are not very friend. I Jud do not remember them. It's a mesuré that do not talk to me. I hate maths, even simple ones. I'm a creative person, not some who understand logic easily. When I play, I play with my guts. For healing, it always worked well. But I'm afraid it will not be enough to be a good damage dealer. I do not see myself performing a rotation of spells with exactitude and persistance. I do not imagine being able to recognise the combination of spells that will be the most efficient. I'm afraid I'll only be a mediocre player.

I suppose most readers will not understand my worries as DPS is supposed to be the easiest role. I find it very difficult. I want to be a decent player, not a mediocre one that do not understand how his class is working. I feel that I'll not have the past experience from other gamed to help me. Healing as always been my speciality...

I only have two solutions. The first one being to train a lot and hoping the practice will make me good.
The second, recruiting atleast five DPS that fit our cosy community.

I think I'll go for both. And once we have enough DPS to allow all healers in my guild to heal, I'll focus on my true calling.

After my Hollidays...

So I'm going in hollidays for 10 days, in my boyfriend's family in Norway. My chance to relax far away from the every day life and worries, in a gorgeous landscape, with people I love. No more work, no more chores to bother me. But also no more gaming.

When people are leaving their home, the are often worried about what dramatic events could happen while they are gone. Have I forgot something in the fridge that will turn bad? Will the plants die of thirst? That kind of thing...
But for me I do not mind so much...I'm not worried about my house. I'm a lot more worried about what will happen in my community, and in Whitestar while I'm gone. Will everyone continue to play happilly together? Will events still be organised regularly? Will my Youtube viewers belief I've stopped to play my games and unsuscribe? Ooh the worries!

So guys, and girls! I'm just gone for 10 days! During those hollidays, I'll try to keep myself away from the computer as to take some distance from my internet addiction. You might see me saying hello once in a while, but I'll mostly be doing something else. Focusing on life and the real world for once. Taking a deep breath of fresh air, and enjoying the wonderful nature of the North.

Once I'll be back, however, I've plenty of projects and I'm extremely motivated. The two games I'll focus on are The Elder Scrolls Online and Wildstar. I've decided I'll continue to play them both, and invest myself in both. I'm Guild Master of Whitestar ESO guild and Officer in Whitestar WildStar guild, and as such I've responsabilities that I fully embrace.

For The Elder Scrolls Online, I'll use the last days of July to prepare our guild as we ending our summer break. I'll establish a plan with our actual players @SabreWulf @Chakra @Gonamur @Ylfing @sg17a8000 @Zorless to grow our guild and organise fun activities to do together. Our purpose will be to head for Craglorn and the Adventure zones in September. We will see with the Veteran changes Zenimax will announce the 17 july how it will be possible.
We will also have really fun decisions to make about the guild once the Update3 will be released. We will have to choose our tabard and colors. This is something I'm very excitted about.
I'm also planning to continue my series or videos focusing on "ESO News", "Elloa's Diary" and "Dungeon Story". I'm officially abandoning my Sorcerer Tank to fully focus on my Templar healer/caster.

For WildStar, my first focus will be to help the guild to train and grow slowly towards our first objectif: Veteran Dungeon that will be considered as our first "raiding activity". We need to get some routine, and an orgnisation that will slowly get us used to raiding shedule and raiding discipline.Be prepared, knowing the tactics, arriving in time, having the right consumable. This is also something very excitting as by doing all those preparations, we will feel that we are aiming towards a goal as a guild. Between our "raiding" events we will need to organise guild run to gear up, and guild run to train our team work. I'll personaly not organise any social events, as I will have to limit myself, and I prefer to take in charge the more serious part of the guild. I'll be encouraging our members to be creative and organise their own events though! @Neny is an excellent example on that matter! She is not shying away and is always creating fun activities for the guild!We will for sure dearly miss her enthousiasm while she will be moving!
One of my project for WildStar is to focus on the Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden, my favourite Dungeon so far. I'll organise regularly training run, where every level 50 in the guild will have the occasion to learn the tactics of all bosses. I personaly need to train on the jumping part as I'm terrible at it! Once I'll consider we have enough experience as individual and as guild, I'll start to organise Veteran Run on "raid evening".
Concerning video content, I'm planning to continue my "Elloa'sDiary" serie and some other gameplay video. But ESO is my main game to create content, so I'm not very sure of how I'll do yet.

My plan is also to get back on my Stream schedule, and to Stream both ESO and Wildstar twice a week.

Other than that I really want to work on a video that will introduce Whitestar to the public. Not the classical recruitment video you could think of, but something that will describe our project with clarity and enthousiasm. We have three guilds that we are seriously working on and organising, and we will want to get more people to join us. The particuliarity of Whitestar is that we focus on players relationships and the atmosphere of our guild. So using a classical recruitment method is not possible. What we need to do is letting know to the gaming community that our project exist, that we are motivated, that we are currently building it, and that our doors are open to anyone that would feel our home the right place for them. We have no need to fish people. We need to show up and wait for the right persons to join us. It's a slow method, but will assure us much more success to get the right new members.

That was a long rant! Remind me when I was teenager and I was making my plans for the new shool year during the summer. I guess that hollidays are great to take a new departure, get your energy back and your motivation! I'm certainly filled with enthousiasm and hopes!

See you soon everyone! Take care, and do not forget me while I'm gone in the North!! I'll be back soon, with plenty of energy and project as you can see!

End Game idea for Wildstar! THE COLONISATION

The point of this video, and the following article you are about to read is not to criticize the choice of Carbine to focus their endgame scenario on a good old manichean fight. The Strain patch is another prove of the twisted mind of the Californian Studio: it's fun, it's crazy, it's original in its own way. Doesn't matter how good this content is, I was expecting something different and I felt disapointed to face another scenario that would gather the players in a heroic strike against the Evil, its corrupted lands and its minions to save the world from its grasp.
I'm a bit tired of this. Even when it's well made.

It would have been much more excitting to have for the first time in a MMO (at my knowledge) the possibility to awake the Colon sleeping within me and explore totally new endgame activities that allow me to build a new world rather than destroying an ancient evil. So as Carbine is not offering me (yet, one can still dream) I wanted to share my ideas about what content I'd have loved to have instead of the Strain and the Entity battle!

Let's imagine a small continent, or a big island, filled with ressources, wild animals,and maybe tribes to ally with. A paradise on Nexus, with jungles, coves and vaste plains to hunt or cultivate exotic food, and montains filled with precious minerals. Obviously, both faction want to claim it as their own territory. It's the Rush towards this Exotic Golden West of some sort.

This content would be aimed for max level players, while including some activities for all other level players. It would be a Server and Faction effort in several steps, in the lines of the Ahn'qiraj chain quest event in World of Warcraft 2006. Each of those phases would last one or several months depending of the dedication of the players and would unlock new cool stuff in a very exiting scenario whose ultimate goal is to see a Faction gaining the control of the Montain at the center of the map.

To achieve this ultimate goal the players would have to help their faction to colonise the island by doing dailies and other activities and providing ressources. By doing those dailies, players will unlock new quest hubs or maybe an adventures or a Dungeon entrance. They would earn reputation that give them access to special items, and possibility of unique cosmetic decors and costumes.

Each faction arrive on the island with one General (or whatever responsible) by Races. They have come with only the basic stuff, and establish an early camp on the beach, each faction settle on the opposite side of the map.

The players will have to do a chain quest that would introduce them with this new island, and with the project of each Races. Indeed each General have a precise idea and project of how they want to settle on this island. Once the player has finished his chain quest, he unlock the daily quest hub, and can start his reputation farming that will help his server and his faction to progress in the Island colonisation. Every day the player can choose one Race set of dailies. Everytime a player will help a Race, this race will see his project progressing. At the end of the first Phase, only two races project will be selected (the two set of dailies that had been finsihed most of the time by the players) and been build.

For example, The Aurin want to build a Village in the forest, the Granok want to prevent the possible attack of the Dominion by securing a perimeter, the Mordesh want to experiment the new flora and fauna and build a Research Laboratory, and the Exiles want to build farms and lumber camps. Every day players can select the project they want to help. They can take the same project every day, or changing every day. The two most succesfull projects would be build in the end of the first phase, and would unlock different bonuses for the Faction, and a new branche of scenario.

Let's imagine than on Server X, The Aurin finalise their Village, and the Granok have build their security perimeter. The Village would allow bonuses (like Setller bonuses) for the whole faction, and unlock a new set of dailies to bound relationship with one of the native tribes present on the island, while the Granok security perimeter protect the village against PVP players, and prevent the destruction of the village by wild animals or dominion NPC groups, it also unlock a new set of dailies to build a Scout Camp deeper in the forest.
On sever Y, the Exiles and the Mordesh have been more succesful and the players have build farms and lumbercamp, which provide a huge bonus in ressource, and a research laboratory allowing them to discover the mysterious proprieties of some plants and animals. This would unlock a set of dailies to build bridges and roads and advance farther in the forest, while the Mordesh unlock a serie of dailies to create a potent poison to use against one of the native tribes to steal their camps.

Each server woudl have their own progression, and from one server to another it could be very different.

Activities that would be included

  • A Story chain quest that would start each Phase
  • A large variety of daily quest that have a direct impact on your Faction and Server progression
  • World bosses
  • Some Path related daily quest
  • Adventure or Dungeons unlocked
  • Of course challenges
  • Rewards: unique cosmetics items, decors, costume etc...

Claiming the Island and unlocking the final raid (a 10man raid maybe?) The faction that unlock the raid would beneficiate from a direct portal between their Capital and the Raid entrance, while he other faction would have to travel by mount from their closest Camp build.
And of course the Fame and Glory to have achieved such a feat with unique cosmetic items, title, and maybe epic reward.

It would be fun to let lower level players participate to this whole content. They would have access to a serie of daily quest within the secured perimeter. Those would be lowbies task such as gathering apples, or maintaining the eletrical fences. But atleast they could participate to the Server effort, gain reputation and cosmetic rewards aswell.

On PVP server the whole area could be the theater of PVP fight obviously. But both type of servers would include a set of dailies that are more aggressive and aimed to destroy the advancement of the other faction. I'd imagine Granok dailies versus Mechari dailies. Both would build defences to protect their camps, and sent parties to destroy the defence of the other camp. If a Faction have not choosen to build defence, some of their building would be destructible (like farms and village) and could be damaged by the other faction, which would requiere players to repair it and would delay their advancement.

I really loved the whole concept of the Ahn'qiraj chain quest event. It was very excitting and motivating to participate to a server effort, and see the progress of your server in comparison to other servers.
I think this concept would fit WildStar perfectly and would be very excitting for the whole community. It would help to create bond and relationships between players and guilds.It would also encourage competitivity between factions, even on PVE server that are used to not fight each others.
This would also be another sort of endgame content that would last several months. Players would actively participating to unlock their endgame. Their choices would matter. Their dedication would matter. This would be wonderful incentive for guilds and circle.
There is also so many possibilities to be sure that every sort of players would enjoy to participate, may it be PVPers, lowbies, hardcore, casual...everyone would have the possibility to participate and contribute to their Faction and Server Glory!