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My first journey through Nuia - An ArcheAge tale

My first journey through Nuia

Yesterday night, Vizann and I went on a trading expedition. We went to Hellswamp, a humid tropical are infested by mosquitoes where Vizann has build his house, and we cooked some specialty of the Area, a meal of spiced meat with bananas.
We planned to sell them in Crescent Thrones as those specialties would be well appreciated there and worth enough gold to compensate our efforts: Cause indeed, we had to cross the whole continent to reach the nuian harbor. Hopefuly the territories we had to cross was at peace, and we would normally not encounter the smallest problem. And so started our journey through Nuia. And as we advanced on the road, Vizann were sharing his knowledge of the areas we crossed. The battles that occurred often in the fields, the merchants that were crossing the sea by boats, what carriage we had to take...
The night slowly left place to the day, and the towers of Mariapole appeared in the morning fog. The smell of the wet grass filled my lungs, I felt alive as I walked on the muddy road. We didn't halted in the sleeping city. Only our steps were breaking the silence. We only sat at the carriage stop, as we were waiting, we saw the first rays of light embrassing the rooftops of the city.
We still had a long journey ahead through the desert, the mountains and the fields. Vizann asked me to play a song to give us courage. I humored him by taking my Lute, and I played all along.
When we arrived to our destination, we were happily surprised by our transaction: The Spiced Meat from Hellswamp was sold for ten gold each. But I didn't cared so much about the money. On the road, I had discovered a treasure far greater than riches!
We left the harbor on Vizann's boat. I enjoyed the caress of the sun, the vivid sea air, and the fresh breeze playing with my hair. And I knew at this instant, that I'd love this life.

We started our Journey though the dark and muddy Hellswamp

It felt good to rest our feets and enjoying the scenery, traveling by carriage

The towers of Mariapole in the morning fog

Nothing is better for morale than playing music while travelling

"Travels form youth" they said. I agree.

A pinch of salt... and romance

This journey I made yesterday night with my boyfriend is actually what sold me on the game. While I was considering to subscribe but unsure that I'd really enjoy the game, those two hours of traveling by foot through the whole Continent of Nuia convinced me that ArcheAge was a great concept and probably one of the most immersive experience I had the chance to know in a video game.
So what sold me in the game? Well... exactly what I describe above with this little story. We didn't roleplayed: we just crafted some goodies and transported them to the newbie zone for some gold. But that's not how I lived the experience. The game triggered my imagination. I was enjoying my story as I was playing the game. it was an inspiring experience. There is even many things I'm not describing in this story. Like two players with weird faces and looks climbing in the same carriage than us, and spitting a " You have nice tits" before to leave the carriage with their gliders. It felt like a bad encounter a gentle girl would meet on the road in a anime, but she wouldn't be afraid because of the silent but loyal and protective man accompanying her.
I can not explain better than this: the way ArcheAge is played make you live your own adventure, and if you have a vivid imagination like I, it take another dimension...

Me, my boyfriend, and my gaming life

How to organize a gaming life, a schedule, preferences, in a gaming world with so many good games released? How to choose between titles? Where to settle down? Which friends to follow? How to manage to have enough time to spare between all those games?
It can seems ridiculous for some. A World First Problem, really! But for me, since I left World of Warcraft in Cataclysm, it has always been a struggle. Before, it was easy. I was playing WOW, and only WOW. I had my guild, my community to take care of, and I was investing myself 100% into it. And even, with so much effort and time dedicated to a single game (and generally only one character), I still felt like I was only acquainted with the top of the iceberg.

Today, my gaming life is difficult. I feel shared, shattered in pieces and I try to gather all the pieces in a same place.
I'm a slow player. I take time to learn, I like to invest myself, immerse into a game, get involved into the community, so I feel like I know what I'm doing. I also prefer to settle somewhere and be entirely dedicated to one single game, and one single community. In a ideal world, I'd find the game I enjoy and I'm good at, I'd have my guild, my friends and my boyfriend playing with me and being as passionate than I, and to top everything I'd make my videos, stream and events and would be a well known personality in that game community.
Unfortunately this will not happen. After have tried to achieve that during four years, I finally accepted it would not be possible. It's hard enough to keep a community in a game, grow a stable guild, to become a good player and a successful Youtuber, blogger, streamer, but its almost impossible to get my boyfriend hooked for a game more than one month. There is always a different good reason for him not staying interested. Sometimes it comes from the game: boring, uninteresting, grindy, no progression possible. But sometimes the reason is that because of me, he can not progress as fast and as far as he would want, and being separated by our difference of skill or interest, one of us end by giving up.

So I decided to have my game. I found it: its the Elder Scrolls Online. I've fall in love with the game. It fit my personality perfectly. I'm responsible of the Whitestar guild in that game, I can take care of it and grow it: I can invest myself. I've played the beta so long that I'm not totally clueless about the game. I keep myself uptodate, I read forums, articles and news. I managed to interest enough viewers with my videos and streams, this is also something I can grow, progress and work on. So ESO is my main game and it will stay that way for a long while. Because I can fulfill my ambition as gamer in that game.
As expected, my boyfriend who have another temper, taste and ambitions, didn't managed to get interested into ESO. We hoped that WildStar would be OUR game to share. To put a maximum chances on our side, I decided to try to play at his speed: I followed him at the best of my abilities in the leveling process. I cut my nights to have more time to play with him, sometimes I was a real zombie! But I did it! I'm sure I slowed him down a lot, but we managed to level quite fast and to share great moments together. After however, the difference between his skills and mine was to big to keep him interested. Once he hit 50 he could have immediately join Veteran Dungeons farming and a good raiding guild, while I had to get some gear, train my skills, and become good enough. That was the end of our experience together. I continued to play WildStar, hoping that if I trained enough, if I could get him in a good group of players that would not wipe the whole night, he would be interested again. But it never happened and so I was playing WildStar without him.

As it's at least the 7th time the same outcome happen, and this really hurt me every time. I'm still not over it, and I still have not give up the dream on finding that one game we could play together. I've met my boyfriend in World of Warcraft, we fall in love in Azeroth. What we had back then was so wonderful and amazing that since then I'm seeking for a similar experience. I miss my boyfriend so much as gaming partner that it consumes me and sometimes depress me deeply. Its four years I'm seeking for the solution, and its only now that I realized it would not come from a game but from an attitude.
So I toke a decision. In addition to my main game, I'd keep my second MMO free to play with him. No matter what game he wants to play, no matter how long he will play it. It can change every month, I could feel clueless and unskilled, I could feel like I'm not settling down, I'd still follow him and not be frustrated, because I'd have my one game, my guild, my videos, my place where to shine, where to explore myself and being ambitious as a gamer. Then I'd be capable of following him. It semt to me the only solution to stop to beat that dead horse, and maybe move on to something better. Another balance.

This is the only reason why I've stopped my subscription for WildStar. This is the reason why I've not bought ArcheAge for myself, as I'm not sure he will keep playing it. I'll test the game and play it with him as a free to play player. No money wasted for nothing.
And we both preordered Warlords of Draenor, and a subscription of three months because this time we will not do the same mistake than we did when Mist of Pandaria released: miss the start. Maybe... maybe after all its the game we need to go back to to find back what we lost.