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Streaming on HITBOX

Hello everyone,

I want to write a little message to share that I'm now streaming on HITBOX. I've tested it several days and I'm very enthousiastic about it so far! This are the reasons why I like Hitbox:

  • Clean and user friendly interface
  • Every feature that Twich have, but made better
  • Better connection to the servers, wich allow me to stream without lag most of the time despise my unstable connection
  • No delay, so better interaction between me and my viewers
  • Fun functionality in a single dashboard: polls, giveaway, promotion to social media, changing title, chat and preview the stream
  • Super cute smileys
  • Possibility to edit and save past recording in a clean board and uplaod them to Youtube.

Check out my Page! I'm pretty about the result, I tried to make it informative, original, classy and clean: here
If you want to see the video of my past broadcast, please, have a look at my video page here

My plan is to test Hitbox for about a month before to take the decision to establish myself definitively or not. The big downside for me is that Hitbox is not very well known yet, and the whole ESO community, my main game, is streaming or watching stream on TwichTV. As I'm not very well known yet, I'm taking a risk here to stay without any followers for a long while...which isn't very fun. But I'm also someone that enjoy to be a pioneer. When I believe in a product, I want to stand for it, and help to make it known. Like I did for Anook! So...if I enjoy Hitbox as much as I enjoyed Anook when I joined, I'll be right behind them, support them as much as I can, and spread the word!

So, please, if you enjoy what I'm doing consider to have a look on my channel once I go live. Come say hello, even if it's five minuts! It will make me very happy! You will be warned if I go live on Anook, Twitter or Hitbox directly!

New Year rant...

I ended the year by being pretty depressed for various reasons, both related to my real life and my gaming life. One of those reasons is the fact that I'm still not fully embracing my passion with pride and contentement, I still feel that I'm sitting between two chairs, a very uncomfortable position.

Then I watched a stream event organised by dedicated members of the ESO community. I was quite disapointed to not be part of it, but my internet connection, my family situation and I don't know how much ridiculous excuses I hide behind didn't allowed me to be part of it. Another occasion I missed by not "daring". But what hitted me most during this stream was how the streamer, Deltia was embracing what he was doing with pride. He was not going out, not having parties with friends, not working anymore, but simply embracing his gaming life and dedicating all his energy to his passion. And he was happy, and proud! Which make it something vibrant. How can you say that its "bad", that he should do "something more serious", when this man is living fully his passion, and sharing it with others, spreading good vibes through the world!

This made me realise that even if I had gone a long way in the acceptance of who I'm this past year, by not hidding myself anymore, and by "daring" more than before, I still have a long way to go to fully embrace my passion.
I love gaming, but more than that, I love being an active member of the community and help to build it! I've always done this half time, cribbled with guilt ("I'm an addict. I'm 35 year old. I'm a mother. I should enjoy cooking instead"), and going back and forth, dancing on a feet and another, and never really taking a stance once for good.
This year, I want to be capable to embrace fully my passion! I hate cooking, I hate housework, it doesn't interest to be part of our "society" I don't like it and I do not agree with it. But via internet, via gaming, I can meet some people from everywhere in the world and I can build communities. I can have my own tribe, my own village, I can influence it with ideas and structures that I find more fair, more fitting for a human society. Of course all of this is fake in the virtual world, but our real world is fake as much. Just the consequences of our mistakes are more costly.

I've not made any concrete plans of what I'm going to do. But I will from now treat my passion as a passion, and not anymore as a hobbie. I'll treat it as something important that deserve my investissement, my energy, my creativity and my time. Something I can be proud off. Something I have no reasons to be ashamed of! Doing things half way are pointeless. There is no negociation. We live only once..this life atleast, and I believe that letting myself guided by my passion will help me to become a better person, more positive, courageous and enthousiastic, and by this I'll help to make the world a better place aswell!