I've been dreaming of becoming a Youtuber and a Streamer long time before to have a proper computer. One day, I dared to start and to follow the steps of the famous Youtubers I was admiring. I made my way, slowly...very slowly and started to build a little community of followers. I'll skip the part where I explains my streaming history and the reasons that lead me to the announce of today. The past is the past. Let's begin!

After 1 month of serious streaming on Youtubegaming, I've decided to do something different than what I have done so far. Something that would allow me to be as creative than in my videos, while keeping the interaction of a livestream. I've decided to leave TwichTV, and focus entirely on developing my YoutubeGaming channel, and stream exclusively there. However, I'll not stream the same way than I used to stream on TwichTV. I want to go one step further, and offer a proper show that will be both entertaining to watch live, or to watch after directly on my channel.

Elloa The Rantosaurus Live, a weekly show with some extra!

The show will be divided in three part

  • The Rant: That will be the part where I'll be chatting with you guys, and introducing you the show of the day; I may aswell discuss of a subject of importance, or the latest news regarding the game.
  • The Adventure: Alone or with a group of selected guildies, I'll be doing some adventures. Could be anything from questing to Dungeons or PVP. I'll show you the game during the time of the event, and give you as much informations as possible. I'll be introducing you my teammates, speaking about their classe and build, and the content we are going to do.
  • The After Party: I'll finish the show with a Giveaway. Can be gold, a very precious item, everything I've find during the event....It will be different every time! Obviously this will be restricted to the servers and platforms I'm active on (sorry for the other viewers)

This will also be the most interactive part of the show. The one where you can ask me questions, and I'll take the time to answer you properly. Maybe showing you off something you do not understand in game. You can also give me simple challenge or discuss about what you would like to see in a next episode.

This is only the begining! I've more ideas but I'll see how this turn out before to go further. All in all, i'll do less streams, but I'll put more effort and preparation into it, and I really hope that the result will be fun and entertaining to watch!

To communicate with you, I'll be using both Twitter, as easy way to communicate and notify you about my progress, ideas and when I go live. But also this Nook, that you can consider as a "FanPage". Feel free to post comments on my wall, interact with me, and ask questions!


My Youtube LIVE

This will be the style of the show