Greetings everyone,

I've discovered DISCORD recently through Anook, and I've been immediately seduced by this new social media that compile Skype and a Voice chat at once. It's clean, easy to use, easy to set-up, its very convenient, modern, and adapted to our evolving gaming community needs.

I've decided to try this new thing more seriously, and to set up my own server. While i'm discovering all aspect of Discord, this will allow me to have a space where to interact directly with my friends, buddies and followers. This will even allow me some interaction during my livestream. I envision Discord already like a very welcome tool for what I'm doing.

For now, I've set up a few text channels, as I'm planning to use mostly the text chat.

  • ChitChat - a chat open to everyone
  • Bavardages - a chat open to everyone, in french
  • ESO - A chat for my followers to ask ESO related questions
  • TESO fr - A chat for my followers to ask ESO related question in french
  • Whitestar - private chat for my community
  • Team Baguette - private chat for Team Baguette

The Voice Chat will only be used for particular events.

I've set up three different roles:

  • Mods - Will help me to keep the place clean and cozy
  • Whitestar - for my community
  • TeamBaguette - for Team Baguette

It's very easy! Simply follow this >>LINK<<
DISCORD will ask you to cretae your profile. You just have to create it if you do not have one already! Easy!!