Greetings everyone,

@Deltia, @Sigtric and myself are very happy and proud to present you our newborn project: TimeOut from Tamriel.

The concept is to offer you a short, condensed and dynamic weekly talk show that focus on a single hot topic concerning The Elder Scrolls Online. At the end of the episode, we will propose you two subjects to choose from, and it's the most popular subject that will be our next week discussion.
Deltia, Sigtric and I are three fans of The Elder Scrolls Online, and we have very different gamestyle and personalities. We though we woudl form an interesting team as our opinions, would more or less represent the diversity of the ESO community.

Enjoy our pilot episode, and give us your feedback! Do not forget to vote your favourite subject in the Youtube comments (we will only count those ones)

How we created TimeOut Tamriel

It's a long time than Sigtric wanted to create a podcast. He worked on several podcast in the past and wanted to go back to his passion, but until today, he didn't had the time to delve into such a project.
Recently, Sigtric contacted me and Deltia for a possible collaboration. We both were very enthusiastic about it, and we both had lot of ideas of what we wanted to do. When we gathered the first time to speak about the project, Deltia and I realized that we actually had the same ideas and wishes! We wanted to create something different, that would not "compete" with established and popular podcast like The Elder Scrolls Off The Record, Tales of Tamriel or Tamriel Nation. We wanted to start with a video serie, and not a stream. We wanted something short and dynamic. We wanted something interactive that would answer the concerns of the community.
No discussion had been easier than this one!

From a technical point of view, we were not sure about the route to take. Sigtric was used to do audio podcast, not video ones. We wanted to add something interesting to watch for the viewers while we were chatting.The problem was solved by Deltia recording himself playing with skype open, and sent me the video so I could work on making everything pretty. He also imagined the title of the show!

We hope that "The Pro, the Dreamer and the Altholic" will continue to entertain you for many more episodes in future, focusing on the hottest topic for The Elder Scrolls Online.