I guess I should feel flattered to be plagiarized, but this is something that annoys me greatly. Intellectual property is important.
We are a lot on Youtube and internet to write articles and make videos about the same subject, about the same news. So obviously, it's not always easy to stay original and lot of similar content will be produced. But it's something to see two different authors speaking about the same subject and producing something similar, and see your creation being seriously copied, almost word by words!

Well, this happened to me today! Some time ago I recorded and edited a video for new ESO players called "My TIPS for New players". If you follow me, you probably have seen it. Seeing the success of this video, I decided to make a french version. This was my first attempt to produce a frenchspeaking video and it got more views than I anticipated and positive comments.
This video, translated as "Mes conseils pour nouveaux joueurs" explains, exactly like the english version my Tips for new players in several points: 1. Addons, 2. Choice of Race and Class 3.Crafting 4.Inventory Management 5.Guilds and 6.Take the game as a new experience.

Today, The Elder Scrolls Online french Twitter have shared this article written by a young french author on a french websites, here. And I've been very surprised to see all the points I made in my videos taken in that article. Placed in different order, and summarized sometimes. And of course, as I had a particular stance on addons, that particular part is written a bit differently. But otherwise, he even let some sentences exactly phrased like mines!
"Eh oui, vous pouvez aussi bien jouer un sorcier tank, qu’un templier furtif, ou un lame noire healer et lanceur de sort ! " (Yes you can play a Sorcerer tank, a sneaky Templar or a Nightblade healer and caster)
Another Tip, that clearly come from my video is the suggestion I gave to players regarding guilds "join a Trading guild, a Guild for PVE/PVP, and keep a slot for your friends". This is also a point he exactly put there in his article.

I just writing this because I'm annoyed and I need to vent it. I will not do anything against that guy, even not a sarcastic comments, because that would serve nothing. Its not like his article is harming me in any way. I'm not really introduced in the french community, I'd probably be more pissed off if it was a english Youtuber or writer. Still feel very awkward to discover your work used by someone else.