Tuesday - Imperial City Night with Whitestar: Adventures in the Imperial City with my guild. Exploration of the Sewers, battle in the City Districts, Tel Var Stone farming, challenging the new Dungeons... you name it! This show will be replaced by Orsinium (and any new DLC) once released.

Wednesday - PS4 Night: Adventures on PS4 with my new characters my Khajiit Sorcerer and Altmer Nightblade. Most likely a lot of leveling and lowby Dungeons!

Thursday - Adventure Night with Whitestar: This will be the surprise stream of the week. Could be anything from Dungeons to PVP, or questing.

Stream Baguette Once a month, I'll organize a stream - event 100% in french. The game will be set up in french, comments will be in french and the players with whom I'll be playing will speak french too. Of course anyone is welcome to watch the stream. This might even be the occasion to learn a different language! (Is Rich Lambert lurking?)
I'll alternate PC and PS4 to get involved in both communities.