It's a very long time I've this crazy concept in mind. I wanted to do a Softly Spoken Stream, to welcome my viewers in a relaxed space, where they could feel comfortable, appeased, serene. I've attemted something similar when I was livestreaming on Youtube. I ended the livestream with 20 min of relaxation. People semt to enjoy it, but I wanted to do something more than a guided meditation. I want to offer a place where the lonely would find company, the depressed would find comfort, the anxious would find relief, the insomniac would find the help to fall asleep. Bring livestreaming to another experience, centred on humans interactions and well being, and using gaming as an excuse.

The best medium for relaxation, and ASMR content is obviously a well edited video. However, when I saw how addicted I was to Bob Ross livestream, how I was just enjoying to have his postume company on the second monitor, I though there was something to explore.

So here we go. I've no idea if that concept has potential. No idea if it could even work. But after too many hesitations, I think it's time to try. And see if it's something the internet needs, or another of my weird idea that looks nice on paper and doesn't work at all in reality.

I'll start tonight, with Minecraft Creative, as I think it's a nice relaxing game, that can serve as support for what I really want to do. In addition, it might be fun for viewers to follow a progression stream after stream.

Hope to see a lot of you on the Whitestar Stream tonight, after my ESO stream, arround 23h (Paris time)