Build Objective
-To create a magicka-based battlemage/bruiser with strong survivability and damage.Your first action bar will be your main damage dealing bar, with your second bar being for ranged damage or kiting.

Altmer - Being a magicka-based build, the Altmer's increase to base magicka and magicka recovery is very appealing. Destruction and Elemental Talent help with your destruction staff damage as well as any spells you'll be using.
Breton - An increase in light armor leveling speed will help you gain your passives quickly. Increased magicka and spell resistance is also important. Magicka Mastery, reducing spell magicka costs is also good.
Other options: Nord, Imperial, Orc - provide tanky racials which will help you focus your skills from one area to another.

Ability Points

0magicka/49health/0stam - Bruiser build means you're going to need some health. Might be possible to change it up a bit though, if desired.

Mundus Stone
The Lady - Increases Armor
The Atronach - Increases magicka regeneration
The Lord - Increases max health
The Mage - Increases maximum magicka
The Lover - reduces spell damage taken

Weapons and Armor
Two Handed Sword - The "Heavy Weapons" passive from the 2h tree gives swords +3% damage
Frost Destruction Staff - Provides distance damage and AOE damage
7/7 Light Armor - good spell resistance that comes with Light Armor, skills and abilities will give you a significant amount of armor to compete with.

Action Bar 1
1. Bound Armor -> Bound Armaments - Gives armor and damage bonus/turns your light armor into heavy armor. One time activate and permanent buff
2. Lightning Form -> Thundering Presence - Gives temporary armor and spell resistance bonuses and deals damage to nearby enemies.
3. Bolt Escape -> Streak - This is for those crazy times when you bit off more than you can chew. Streak gives you the ability to get out of dangerous situations fast.
4.Crystal Shard -> Crystal Blast - Strong damage-dealing spell that provides AOE damage when morphed.
5.Mages' Fury -> Endless Fury - Execute spell that restores magicka, when morphed, if the enemy is killed with the spell.
6.Greater Storm Atronach - Summons a greater elemental that will stun enemies upon impact and do strong damage to enemies. In my experiences, it has acted like a tank, as mobs focused the atronach instead of me. This ultimate is used for melee instead of for the destruction staff because you'll be in melee range with this bar, and mobs and people most likely won't be running away.

Action Bar 2
1. Crystal Shard -> Crystal Blast - Strong damage dealer with AOE damage
2. Weakness to Elements ->Elemental Drain - Reduces enemy spell resistance and has a chance to restore magicka 3. Wall of Elements -> Elemental Blockade - Large AOE damage dealer that works amazingly well with the frost staff's snare
3. Impulse -> Pulsar - Strong AOE spell that provides debuffs on the enemy
4. Lightning Splash -> Lightning Flood - Lightning AOE that also works well with frost staff snare. Allies can activate Conduit to deal additional damage
5. *Not entirely sure what to put for the fifth spell. I'm thinking of putting Bound Armor -> Bound Aegis simply because this bar is not only for ranged damage dealing but in case you need to kite away to survive. Bound Aegis will give you increased armor and magic resistance to survive if you're in trouble and are running away.
6.Negate Magic - Suppression Field provides a useful stun + silence as well as bonus spell resistance for allies. Overload - Energy Overload provides basic and heavy attack damage bonuses as well as magicka restoration. Storm Atronach is not so appealing for this bar simply because it can be ran away from if you're not in melee range to control your opponent.

-Power Stone from Daedric Summoning
-All Dark Magic Passives

-Entire Storm Calling Passives
-All Destruction Staff Passives -Entire Light Armor Passives
-Entire 2h weapons Passives