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Balance Changes

All the previous changes, that is the ones rolled back during the 5/28 patch, have been readded.

New Changes
( This changes new to this PBE cycle and are relative to live server numbers )

Maw of Malmortius
Attack Damage increased to 60 from 55.
Magic Resist increased to 40 from 36
Unique passive changed to +1 attack damage ever 2% missing health up to 35 AD max from +1 AD for every 2.5% missing HP.

IronStylus on Queen Sejuani

If you remember when Sejunai's relaunch first hit the PBE, there was an additional "Queen Sejuani" skin uncovered.

Here is what IronStylus had to say about the as of now scrapped skin:
"This was a potential skin for the old Sejuani and is therefore adapted to the old rig. The concept of this skin however inspired us to overhaul her and informed some of the new components of her VU.
As has been said though, the wolf looks a little... eh... yeah. Kevin Tuggle's in his newest iteration however was designed to not just be a straight up pig, but have the structure of something a little more ubiquitous so that we could reskin him into a variety of animals without too much added derp.

I do very much like this skin, but we've cannibalized a lot of it for her rework. However! Doesn't mean we can't make a badass wolf riding Sejuani in the future "


A super small PBE update just went out, containing what seems like last minute polish and a slight changes to Bloodstone Lissandra's slash. Hopefully these "empty" PBE patches are a sign that the patch is almost ready to be pushed to live.

At any rate, continue reading for a full shot of the updated splash and a comparison between the new and old.

Here is the updated splash:

In comparison to her old splash, her hand is much more bright red and she seems to be brighter overall.

Urgot QoL Change

ricklessabandon has implemented a small Urgot change this PBE patch.
"i made a change that i hope will improve urgot's quality of life a little bit. urgot will now see a range indicator when near an enemy marked by noxian corrosive charge. the indicator shows the max range at which he can acquire a missile lock with acid hunter.
anyway, this change is live on the pbe right now and i'd love to hear any feedback (bugs or feel/usability) you have after playing with it. i'm particularly interested to hear feedback regarding its accuracy, 'noise' levels, and/or responsiveness.

thanks in advance! ♥"

LCS Super Week Schedule Changes

Riot have decided to shift the EU schedule around for the coming week:

This was a very good call. Previously the buffer between the EU Super Week Friday and the four NA games that are set to take place after was very small. The EU LCS has quite often run a little behind schedule and with twelve games in one day there was a real possibility of significant delays to the start of the NA LCS. Further, it also meant that for those who wanted to watch the whole show that they would have had to spend 16+ hours straight glued to their monitors. This change means that twelve games is the most that will get shown on one day (twelve for NA, starting later today, and then eight EU + four NA on Friday).

We’re all pretty excited for Super Week over here at NoL, you can check out Riot’s hype video below.