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Champion & skin sale: Pentapress conference -April 5 and April 8

tap Is this thing on? Hey, wait… who are these people? Uh… ladies and gentlemen of the press, I'm here to read a statement:
Over the course of the last few months we've received a record number of complaints from parents, politicians and most world leaders. Apparently mainstream media outlets are claiming Pentakill is "single-handedly responsible for the moral decline of Runeterra" and "contributing to the delinquency of today's youth."

I'm here to assure you we're going to stop using words like: #$&*, %&$^, @#$, %&^, #%&$#%$^&, mother#$%^@&, #$%clown, #$%@^!&, %$^#face, $%#^lips, %$^#head, !%@^$&#, @&#&$@, %^$&^$%&, $%#^head, @#$%wad, ^%&, #%^!slapper, $^%&-in-a-box, horse$%#^ or !@#$%^&*^#&@%^!%^@$#%$^#@%!^$^.


They also asked us to apologize to a few people in particular:

  • Ahri, we're sorry you got thrown out of the after party with that crowd of groupies. I mean, if we had known you were actually a soul-sucking fox-demon, we'd never have done something like that. Call me. 487 RP

  • Rumble, we regret that our rabid fans ripped your war machine apart after it shorted out on that exposed wiring backstage. Even though it was pretty %&*^ of you not to take responsibility. The resulting electrical fire did some serious damage to our set, and probably killed a few roadies. 440 RP

  • I apologize for throwing you off the stage into the crowd, Kassadin. I mean, I figured you'd be fine. They always catch me when I stage dive, and there's no way I could have known your Rift Walk was on cooldown. 395 RP

  • We're also sorry that we kicked you out when you showed up backstage as Pre-Void Kassadin. We have standards, and you just aren't metal enough without the mask. 487 RP

  • We know we shouldn't have fired you from our security force, Karate Kennen, but the martial arts thing you've got going on doesn't seem to intimidate people in light of your… abridged stature. Besides, you were always building up static electricity and interfering with the electronics. 260 RP

  • We're sorry we decided to build our new recording studio in the Ionian mountains, Traditional Lee Sin. In retrospect, recording a death metal album right outside of a monastery was probably inconsiderate. We were just looking for some more organic reverb. 260 RP

^%ing $#^@! What the @#$% did I just read? Who the !@%& wrote this %&$*ing speech? I mean, apologizing? We don't $^%&ing apologize. For @#^$'s sake, do they !@%#ing think we're Death Cab for Corki or something? This is metal – how the hell am I even supposed to write lyrics if I can't say “@%#^?” That doesn't make any #%$#ing sense!

Hey, $&%$ you, Olaf! Allegedly! Allegedly murdered! That investigation's still ongoing, and I'm confident that new evidence will surface to exonerate me. Otherwise I overpaid that forensics consultant.

Oh $#^%! Are all of you still here? Look uh… these skins and champions are only on sale between April 5 and April 8, so be sure to buy them before they go back to full price. I have to go fire another publicist.

Darius Got Dunked on, FINALLY LET'S DANCE

Champion Changes



  • Noxian Guillotine ( R ) can be recast for 12 seconds after killing an opponent instead of resetting
  • Noxian Guillotine ( R ) cooldown increased from 100/90/80 to 120/100/80

    Why did they do this? WHO CARES NO MORE GETTING DUNKED ON :D

Master Yi

  • Alpha Strike ( Q ) no longer scales with AD


  • Base Damage increased from 48 to 57
  • Gemcraft ( Passive ) bonus magic damage decreased from 4% to 2% of max mana
  • Shatter ( W ) aura increased from 10% to 15% of Taric’s armor


Bilgewater Cutlass

Unique Active cooldown increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds

Blade of the Ruined King

Total Cost is again 2850
Now grants 15% Life Steal
Unique Passive no longer heals for 30% of AD on hit.