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It's that time of year - the Snowdown is right around the corner and Riot has put up a reminder on what content we can expect this year, including "Snow Day Singed, Snowstorm Sivir, and Winter Wonder Lulu", the return of 20 previously released holiday skins, a new "Showdown"featured game mode for the HA, a new ward skin, and more!

Snow Bunny Nidalee
Workshop Nunu
Happy Elf Teemo
Earnest Elf Tristana
Old Saint Zilean
Re-Gifted Amumu
Santa Gragas
Reindeer Kog’Maw
Candy Cane Miss Fortune
Ragdoll Poppy
Silent Night Sona
Festive Maokai
Bad Santa Veigar
Mistletoe LeBlanc
Snow Day Ziggs
Dark Candy Fiddlesticks
Toy Soldier Gangplank
Slay Belle Katarina


Between October 29th and November 1st, you'll be able to pick up.

Steel Legion Garen for 675 RP.

Primal Udyr for 487 RP.

Spectral Fiddlesticks for 260 RP.

Zac for 487 RP.

Rumble for 440 RP.

Nidalee for 395 RP.


Between October 18th and October 21st, you'll be able to pick up Wicked Lulu for 487 RP
Arctic Warfare Caitlyn for 375 RP Buccaneer Tristana for 260 RP
Fiora for 487 RP Malzahar for 440 RP
Rammus for 395 RP


A new champion and skin sale starts tomorrow! Between August 23rd and August 26th, you'll be able to pick up Pentakill Olaf for 487 RP Imperial Xin Zhao for 260 RP
Dragon Slayer Jarvan IV for 375 RP
Ziggs for 475 RP
Vladimir for 440 RP
Urgot for 395 RP


A new champion and skin sale starts tomorrow! Between July 2nd and July 5th, you'll be able to pick up Uncle Ryze for 260 RP,

Statue of Karthus for 260 RP,

Minuteman Gangplank for 260 RP,

Thresh for 487 RP, Nocturne for 440 RP, Xin Zhao for 395 RP


A new champion and skin sale starts tomorrow! Between 6/25 and 6/28, you can pick up Bloodstone Taric for 487 RP, Blast Zone Heimerdinger for 260 RP, Sanguine Garen for 260 RP, Shyvana for 487 RP, Trundle for 440 RP, and Talon for 440 RP.


Riot has extended the time that the limited TPA bundle will be available in the shop by three days!

Here is RiotWenceslaus with the good news!
"The TPA commemorative skin sale has been extended! Players around the world requested an extension, so we're keeping the TPA skins and bundle available in the store for a little longer. TPA Shen, TPA Orianna, TPA Ezreal, TPA Nunu, TPA Mundo and the 25% off TPA Team Bundle will remain in the store until 11:59 PM PST on June 4. After June 4, these five skins and their bundle will be retired to the legacy vault."


Ahoy summoners! Are ye ready for yet another champion and skin sale? Starting May 14th till May 17th you'll be able to pick up Darkrider Sejuani for 487 RP, Freljord Ashe for 260 RP, Warrior Princess Sivir for 260 RP as well as Katarina for 395 RP, Dr. Mundo for 292 RP and Hecarim for 487 RP.

Champion and skin sale: A view askew - May 3 to May 6

Mortality is weakness; curse this form and this hunger that drives us into the field to seek sustenance. We cannot see above the stalks of grain nor discern what lies within the rows of growing wheat. Then again, the pang of starvation fuels our true vision.


Peering into the vast, formless ether, we sense the great unrest and feel the swirl of uncertainty in the fabric of reality. We are Shadow Prince Malzahar, and time is short. 260 R

Oblivion awaits, mortals. In one vision, Infernal Alistar burns with the fury of the forsaken. His shackles broken and his rage unfettered, the mighty steer snorts warnings that evaporate like the steam from his maw. But you would do well to heed them. 487 RP

Beyond the doors of perception, a pearlescent reptile glares fiery daggers into the starless night. In my vision, Galactic Renekton cleaves countless foes in a panorama of violence. His guttural utterances echo in the darkness, his power unbound. 260 RP

A storm surges. My vision clouds before erupting in an explosion of electric majesty. The portents herald the coming of Xerath. Crackling with the limitless ferocity of lightning, the ascended mage cackles stern admonitions. But we are timeless, and we demand sacrifice. 487 RP

The fallen Morgana whispers to us, hinting at secrets and the end of this vision. A breathy rasp hisses a plea against witnessing the end. But of whom, she remains silent. Wait! At the edge of my sight, an amorphous haze. The vision is ending. 292 RP

A piercing cry tears us from the void; the sound of a thousand screeching crows fills the air above the field. It can only be Fiddlesticks. Stricken by unnatural fear, we will not tarry—though we know not where we flee. We cannot see him, only feel his presence. Where could… oh. 292 RP

As was foreseen, we have erred walking into this field. For all the knowledge we possess, we cannot seem to find a way out. We'll wander, inevitably, from May 3 to May 6. What then? Ah, mortal—do not challenge fate's will.

Champion and skin sale: Void club

From the summit of Mount Targon, the petty squabbles of Valoran’s fiercest warriors are just that – petty squabbles. I am Iron Solari Leona and, at times, champions request my aid to adjudicate their disputes. Apparently many find my conflict resolution skills positively… stunning.

Pool Party Ziggs strode into the Solari’s hallowed halls complaining of terribly noisy neighbors. I guess when I said that I’d help solve petty squabbles, I really meant it. 487 RP

AstroNautilus followed quickly behind, muttering about “opening airlocks on those fools.” When I pressed the question, he told me that a new nightclub opened down the street and the patrons spilling out onto the sidewalk were less than polite. 487 RP

With a loud commotion, Arcade Sona mashed her keyboard in disgust. Apparently she can’t practice with all the noise. 487 RP

Having materialized from a purplish portal, Malzahar stated his case. His new establishment, Void Bar, attracts a violent and boisterous crowd, but he assured me that he’s followed local ordinances. 440 RP

With a sudden guttural exclamation and a flurry of spikes, Kha’Zix leapt into the room screaming, “THEY ARE THE NOISY ONES WEABLAAEEBLALEBLAHBLEHLABLH WE ARE NOT AT FAAAAAAULT!” It all became entirely too bizarre. 487 RP

As if the whole debacle couldn’t get more absurd, Kog’Maw excitedly hopped through the portal, spewed ooze all over my floors and coughed up Void phlegm on the tapestries. Then he left. Seriously? 440 RP

You know what? No more petty squabbles. Come back for the Solari’s aid when you have real troubles to worry about, not some noise violations. I’ll wait from April 19 to April 22 before hearing from more champions.

Ugh. I hope they all get sunburnt.


( Filing this one under leaks until we get some additional information on the NA or EU side. As with any LEAK post, consider this unconfirmed and speculative. )

The Taiwanese Garena servers put up an interesting announcement about a new set of five skins commemorating The Taipei Assassin's victory in last year's Season Two World Championship.

Here is a translation, by a S@20 fan, of what the TW server announcement says:
"Whether we succeed or fail, using the limited resources that we have to work with players' interests is a must. Even with many setbacks, Garena will keep summoner's thoughts at first priority, because what summoners care about, Garena cares about.

Azubu Taipei Assassins winning League of Legends Season 2 is still fresh in our memories, so to preserve their hard-won glory, we have sent Riot designs for Azubu TPA commemoration skins, for champions Shen, Mundo, Orianna, Nunu, and Ezreal. After half a year of designing and discussing, these skins are not far from being released.

Let the memory of the Taiwanese winners appear on the computers of summoners around the world in the most recognizable way, and let their emotions go through the hearts of all those game-loving summoners. This is what Garena has done for Taiwan, and we also need the support of the Taiwanese summoners! On the road of gaming is you and me, so let us challenge for the world champion spot together!"

Could these be the five "very cool" 750 skins, to be released before the end of June, Hippalus was talking about a few days ago?

Either way, we don't know much about the skins availability or anything else like that at the moment. I'll edit this as more information becomes available.

Champion & skin sale: Pentapress conference -April 5 and April 8

tap Is this thing on? Hey, wait… who are these people? Uh… ladies and gentlemen of the press, I'm here to read a statement:
Over the course of the last few months we've received a record number of complaints from parents, politicians and most world leaders. Apparently mainstream media outlets are claiming Pentakill is "single-handedly responsible for the moral decline of Runeterra" and "contributing to the delinquency of today's youth."

I'm here to assure you we're going to stop using words like: #$&*, %&$^, @#$, %&^, #%&$#%$^&, mother#$%^@&, #$%clown, #$%@^!&, %$^#face, $%#^lips, %$^#head, !%@^$&#, @&#&$@, %^$&^$%&, $%#^head, @#$%wad, ^%&, #%^!slapper, $^%&-in-a-box, horse$%#^ or !@#$%^&*^#&@%^!%^@$#%$^#@%!^$^.


They also asked us to apologize to a few people in particular:

  • Ahri, we're sorry you got thrown out of the after party with that crowd of groupies. I mean, if we had known you were actually a soul-sucking fox-demon, we'd never have done something like that. Call me. 487 RP

  • Rumble, we regret that our rabid fans ripped your war machine apart after it shorted out on that exposed wiring backstage. Even though it was pretty %&*^ of you not to take responsibility. The resulting electrical fire did some serious damage to our set, and probably killed a few roadies. 440 RP

  • I apologize for throwing you off the stage into the crowd, Kassadin. I mean, I figured you'd be fine. They always catch me when I stage dive, and there's no way I could have known your Rift Walk was on cooldown. 395 RP

  • We're also sorry that we kicked you out when you showed up backstage as Pre-Void Kassadin. We have standards, and you just aren't metal enough without the mask. 487 RP

  • We know we shouldn't have fired you from our security force, Karate Kennen, but the martial arts thing you've got going on doesn't seem to intimidate people in light of your… abridged stature. Besides, you were always building up static electricity and interfering with the electronics. 260 RP

  • We're sorry we decided to build our new recording studio in the Ionian mountains, Traditional Lee Sin. In retrospect, recording a death metal album right outside of a monastery was probably inconsiderate. We were just looking for some more organic reverb. 260 RP

^%ing $#^@! What the @#$% did I just read? Who the !@%& wrote this %&$*ing speech? I mean, apologizing? We don't $^%&ing apologize. For @#^$'s sake, do they !@%#ing think we're Death Cab for Corki or something? This is metal – how the hell am I even supposed to write lyrics if I can't say “@%#^?” That doesn't make any #%$#ing sense!

Hey, $&%$ you, Olaf! Allegedly! Allegedly murdered! That investigation's still ongoing, and I'm confident that new evidence will surface to exonerate me. Otherwise I overpaid that forensics consultant.

Oh $#^%! Are all of you still here? Look uh… these skins and champions are only on sale between April 5 and April 8, so be sure to buy them before they go back to full price. I have to go fire another publicist.


( Generic Leaks Disclaimer: Stuff here is largely unconfirmed, tentative, and potentially fake. Leaks are only posted if the staff feels they appear legit or come from a credible source. Don't get your hopes too high. You have been warned. )

A new Anivia skin as surfaced, first on a Chinese website then spreading quickly to reddit.

Our only confirmation, of sorts, comes from Morello who responded to a thread about it, saying:
"Not Battlecast - something different.
This is still an early version. There's more surprises"
Unless I'm flat out understanding Morello wrong, I'm excited to see the Anivia skin he mentioned a few days ago!