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General - Updates

In Season 3, we made a few changes that made turrets feel less like a safe haven for defenders – especially in the early parts of the game. Specifically, with turrets attacking minions in a set order and some champions itemizing for health earlier on, it’s become easier for teams to push aggressively and even dive turrets with low risk. These changes should give defending players more of a fighting chance when under their own turret.

Turrets now deal 105% damage to champions for the first attack, increased from 94.5%
Turrets now deal 25% additional damage for consecutive attacks on the same champion (max 225%), increased from 20% (max 210%)
Siege Minions
Siege Minions now take 70% damage from Turrets, increased from 50% damage
Siege Minions now deal 150% damage to Turrets, reduced from 200% damage
Super Minions
Super Minions now take 70% damage from Turrets, increased from 50% damage
We are fixing a bug with Teleport where its visual effect would disappear if cast on an expiring temporary unit. Teleport should always be visible to opponents who have vision of the area, much like how casting it on a non-revealed ward still displays a visual effect.

Fixed a bug where Teleport’s “incoming” visual effect on the target unit would disappear if cast on an expiring temporary unit, such as Jarvan’s Standard or Thresh’s Lantern
Fixed a bug where new players could not be invited to Matchmaking lobbies after teammates miss a ready check
Smart casting with charge-up abilities should be more responsive now

Champion Select AFK Detection
  • When any player in a match-made game fails to select a champion before their timer expires, the game is terminated.

  • A player who fails to select a champion is given a queue dodge penalty. The dodge penalty functions exactly the same as if the player closed their client.

  • Solo players who succeed in selecting a champion are returned to the front of the matchmaking queue.

  • Arranged teams whose members all succeed in selecting a champion are returned to the front of the matchmaking queue.

  • Arranged teams with one or more members who fail to select a champion are returned to the arranged team lobby.

  • Draft mode is handled on a pick-by-pick basis. If a player fails to pick a champion during their turn, the game is terminated immediately. Players later in the draft order, who did not have an opportunity to pick a champion, are given the benefit of the doubt and not assigned a dodge penalty.

  • This feature currently only applies to match made games. Custom games still assign a random champion if one is not selected.

Karma Is Re-Enabled!

After being disabled for the full day, Karma is finally up and ready to be played!

03/29 02:00 PDT - Karma has been re-enabled. Thank you for your patience and enjoy her rework!

Get Two Rune Pages for the Price of One

Here at Riot Games we know the value of a good book especially if that book happens to be loaded with powerful arcane runes. So to help you get the most out of your seals, marks, glyphs, and quintessences, were holding a sale on Rune Pages.

Between March 29th and April 5th youll receive two rune pages for the price of one on purchases made with either RP or IP.

Youll find Rune Pages in the Other tab of the League of Legends store, so dont miss this chance to bolster your book while theyre on sal


The new Gladiator Draven skin is now available for purchase! With his beastly new look and animations, it's going to set you back with just 975 RP . A worthy price tag for a mighty skin as this one, if you ask me!

Continue reading for a more in-depth look at this fabulous new Draaaaaven skin.

Gladiator Draven
975 RP

Screenshots and artwork just not enough for you? Here's a video showing off all this skin has to offer:

Video here

Free Champion Rotation

This weeks free champion rotation has been posted. These champions will become free to play starting tomorrow 3/26

Champion and Skin Sale: Punch Out

The musky arena before you bristles with champions and fans, reporters and relatives. An excited hum of chatter floats about the place. In the center of the arena, a small ring stands ready and waiting for the evening's entertainment. A loud click, and the arena's lights dim, plunging the place into near darkness and sending the gathered crowds into rapture. Moments pass before a lone spotlight breaks through the smoky haze and illuminates the ring once again, revealing the colossal form of Gentleman Cho'Gath waiting in its center, microphone in claw.

LADIES AND DELECTABLES! You have come tonight to feast your eyes on the very finest prize fighters in the land! Pound for pound, no one comes close to matching the sheer power of these punchy pugilists, and now, coming to you live and via pay-per-chew, we bring you... the main event! LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEE!

  • Refereeing tonight's bout is a true champion of justice. With her sharpshooting eyes and a penchant for an entirely different kind of headshot, this yummy little morsel will certainly keep the low-blows away. From the scrumptious lands of Piltover... SHERIFF CAITLYN! 260 RP

  • Innnn the red corner, weighing in at "Err." and wearing blue shorts and gloves larger than his opponent, with an unbeaten record of 3-0-1, tonight, he's challenging for the title! From the Zaun College of Techmaturgy, introducing the grab guru, the overdrive overlord, the prince of punch, the great steam golem... BOOM BOOM BLITZCRANK!! 487 RP

  • In his corner is one of the greatest trainers the sport has ever known. With a hearty constitution that upsets even my mighty stomach, this chap is literally unkillable... at least for a few seconds. Give him a warm welcome before he sets out on his next raid... it's VIKING TRYNDAMERE! 487 RP

  • Innnnn the blue corner, with a record of 5-1-0 and weighing in at 8,140 lbs, she's here tonight to defend her LoL Punkweight belt. Wearing what appear to be highly illegal gloves, she's the Piltover piledriver, the first lady of force, the assault artiste, here comes... VI! 487 RP

  • In Vi's corner is a seasoned pro with plenty of bark to match his considerable bite. This Twisted Treant has promised to get his contender as many belts as he has rings. Please put your hands, paws and claws together for the one and only... MAOKAI! 395 RP

  • Sadly, our last doctor had a slight run in with my mouth, but fight fans are a hardy people and make do when we must. So, with the switch of a hat, and with a slightly mangled stethoscope, tonight's medical supervisor is... CAITLYN! 395 RP

Ladies and munchables, this bout will last from March 26 to March 29 . Let's face it - no one likes a draw, so if our two chaps are still fighting after three days I'll have to step in and snack on an arm or two... for the benefit of the sport, of course. Now – FIGHT!


Continue reading to check out an interesting set of changes for Udyr, more tweaks to Zac

( Remember! PBE content is tentative and subject to change. The PBE is a TESTING server and just because something is being TESTED on the PBE doesn't mean it will make it to live. )

Balance Changes
Udyr got some pretty heavy changes in this patch. Server is still down but here is the info from the tool tips.


  • Monkey's Agility ( Passive ) now grants 5 movement speed per stack instead of 4% armor and magic resist.

  • Tiger Stance ( Q ) first attack bonus damage is now physical damage instead of magical damage.

  • Tiger Stance ( Q ) mana cost reduced to 50/46/42/38/34 from 55/50/45/40/35.

  • Turtle Stance (W ) mana cost reduced to 50/46/42/38/34 from 55/50/45/40/35.

  • Turtle Stance ( W ) shield value increased to 60/100/140/180/220 from 60/95/130/165/200.

  • Turtle Stance ( W) no longer restores mana and now only restores HP.

  • Turtle Stance ( W ) no longer says that it cannot crit ( meaning it can likely now deal critical strikes ).

  • Bear Stance ( E ) movement speed bonus increased to 15/20/25/30/35 from 15/18/21/24/27.

  • Bear Stance ( E ) movement speed bonus DURATION decreased to 2/2.3/2.5/2.8/3 from 2/2.5/3/3.5/4.

  • Bear Stance ( E ) mana cost reduced to 50/46/42/38/34 from 55/50/45/40/35.

  • Phoenix Stance ( R ) now triggers on first attack and every third attack instead of just every third attack.

  • Phoenix Stance ( R ) mana cost reduced to 50/46/42/38/34 from 55/50/45/40/35.

  • Phoenix Stance ( R ) passive AP ratio increased to .45 AP from .25 AP.

  • Phoenix Stance ( R ) activate AP ratio reduced to .2 AP from .25 AP.

  • Phoenix Stance ( R ) NO LONGER GRANTS BONUS AP AND AD.


  • Unstable Matter ( W ) base damage lowered to 40/55/70/85/100 damage from 40/60/80/100/120

  • Unstable Matter ( W ) % damage increased to 4/5/6/7/8 from 4/4.5/5/5.5/6 damage.

  • Let's Bounce! ( R ) now also "reduces the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, silences, blinds and immobilizes by 75 %" while active.
Very Minor Icon Changes to Air Client

It looks like the air client got some very very small changes to champion icons. The only changes look to be that a little bit of the picture was cut off/frame was moved. Nothing important really.

Champion & Skin Sale: Indebted Poppy


  • My father told me once, “Poppy, if ever you fall on hard times, take up my hammer and smith your way out of debt.” So that’s what I’m out to do. I’ll make fine weapons for the League’s champions, but first I have to sell off my Battle Regalia Poppy armor. Debt is serious business. If you can fit into yordle armor, take it off my hands. 487 RP

  • The brutish Outback Renekton came into my forge bleeding from the mouth. He sauntered to the counter and flung down twelve razor-sharp, blood-stumped crocodile teeth. Slamming his blade down on my counter, he spat: “Thteel not tharp enuf.” He’d already paid a hefty price of his own, and his new sawtooth blade cost him even more pretty pennies. 487 RP

  • Tempest Janna thundered into my shop. Blustering profusely, she told me her staff seemed inadequate against fantastic blades, guns and gun-hammers. Her request was simple enough – she craved a weapon worthy of the storm, so I built it. Then it rusted after her first Howling Gale. Oxidation can be cruel. At least she paid in full up front. 260 RP

  • Ezreal came to me with an idea to aid his explorations and speed up his excavations. He thought his arcane energy would channel through a cannon attached to his arm. He’s a clever one. Who would think up a cannonized arm? 440 RP

  • Darius already has quite the axe. When he ducked into my shop, muttering his brother’s name, I worried about what he might want. It turns out Draven had stolen his barbells and refused to relinquish them. Rather than wait for his brother to stop doing curls and gawking in the mirror, Darius came to me for replacements. Hilarious, but pricy. 487 RP

  • When Janna came back demanding a refund, I responded diplomatically--with a hammer. A fight broke out, and I accidently smashed a work in progress shield… with Janna. She broke it, she bought it. 292 RP

Swing through my shop from March 22 to March 25 and snatch up deals just like these.

Karma Update

So as GrumpyMonkey, IronStylus and ohmikegoodness have explained, we had a few technical issues with Sakura Karma. Karma’s new animation set was rather pronounced, which meant a full dress was impractical. You’ve let us know how you felt about this, and there has been a bit of silence on our end. We didn’t want to say we could fix it if we couldn’t.

But we heard you, loud and clear. We agreed, she should be closer to her original Sakura concept. So XRayAlpha and JesterCapp busted their asses and made time to make this a reality. They, and us as a team, felt like there were more things we could do to make this work.

I feel like they totally nailed it out of the park.