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Mid Mainer (Ha, see what I did there?

Hey people!!!! My In-Game-Name is reyder96 on league of legends in the NA servers. I love playing mid lane and it is the lane I try and get whenever I play ranked, jungle is my main fallback. I'm really a solo person bot lane isn't my thing. Here is a list of my top 5 champions.

Top 5 Favorite Mid Lane Champions:
1. Akali - Love her, play her all the time
2. Katarina - Love her snowballing potential and able to bully lane really early
3. Nidalee - Extremely high poke (if you can land skill shots from long distances), and when you are done poking you can get close ranged, good escape! Also real nice sustain in lane
4. Lux - Really strong poke, and high burst, provides super utility in team fights with her ultimate
5. Diana - Even though I don't play her much I enjoy what she brings to the table and she can be a really great mid laner with her gap closer and high burst plus more CC for people attempting to run away.

These are my favorite mid laners :)

Meet an admin

Hi, I'm Valikura and I thought I'd take the time to introduce myself as an admin on the mid nook.

IGN: Valikura

Currently silver 4. I really don't care to torture myself with solo queue. I already know I'm capable of playing against plat/diamond from playing with my team.

Favorite mids: Orianna, Lux, Ziggs, Kha'zix, Annie

Times I can be contacted: Really any time. My college work and pass time keep me on a computer almost all the time and I keep myself logged into anook a lot. MST time zone.

What I do: Mainly make sure no one is spamming or being incredibly offensive, just try to keep order.

Little info on me: I'm a Game Art and Design student working my way towardsworking at Riot Games, I'm 22, and I have a stuffed animal/bug named Lady Bug.