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They Came They Saw They Conquered!

So that it's for this Plush Griffonrook Race. I would like to thank @Wolfy and @lokizan for helping create the 'Example/Promo' Video, a special thank you to Wolfy again for offering to stand at the end to judge the top three.

Of course another thank you to everyone who turned up!

Prizes were awarded to the Top three, those were:
First Place: @Ciruleo
Second Place: @lokizan
Third Place: @Bovan

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and had fun, I know I did!

Plush Griffonrook Race! RETURNS

That's right, it's back. Plush Griffonrook Race was an event that was created and held last January. I thought, since it's technically it's anniversary, it would be right to bring it back for a rerun.

What an earth Is 'Plush Griffonrook Race'?

Some of you may have heard of it but for those who haven't, here is a basic explanation. We gather at 'Griffonrook Run' jumping puzzle, transform into cute cuddly Plush Griffons and race to the chest. Do not worry! No bombs will be involved.

Prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, there will also be secret prizes for those who do certain things. So do not lose hope if you do not come in the top 3, you may still have a prize sent to you in the mail. I will say what you did to get the prize in the mail.

If you do not have any Plush Griffon tonics, there will be some in first tab of the guild bank.

Sounds great but when?
I'm thinking to host it on Saturday 17th or perhaps on Adventure Night 21st.

Christmas Events

Christmas is getting closer, a time to be with friends and family to show your love and friendship. To celebrate this time of the year and spend it together amongst friends we are going to organise various events for you to enjoy.

In the coming week we will have two different kind of events with a different time and date.

Screenshot contest:

  • A - We will hold a 'screenshot contest' next week. This contest will last for three days and will be held here, on the Nook. Every day, for three days in a row, a screenshot will be posted on the Nook of a specific location in Tyria. It will be up to you to find this location and try to take an exact replica of the screenshot, with your character in it.

Every single screenshot will be reviewed and at the end of the 3 days a winner will be selected. On Monday the first screenshot will be posted on the Nook. All screenshots will have to be send to me in a mail here. This event will start on Monday 22/12 until Wednesday 24/12.

  • B - Do you like to dress up pretilly? Are you a winter person and do you love Christmas? Then this contest might be just something for you! Starting on Monday 22/12 until Saturday 27/12 we will hold a screenshot contest. For this contest the only thing you have to do is dress yourself up for Christmas (ingame) and take a screenshot from your character with a fitting location. A forum thread will be opened on Monday where you can submit your screenshot. Winner(s) will be announced on Sunday 28/12.


Secret Santa:

Do you like to recieve and send gifts? Then make sure to participate in our 'Secret Santa' event!
Now what does this mean? Those that want to participate in this event will send me (Ellony Ella/ Hoewhoew) a mail here on the Nook. After I have recieved all the participants, everyone will recieve a mail back with the name of another player in the guild. It will then be up to you to provide this player with a fitting gift for Christmas!

You will be able to submit mails from today until Tuesday morning. On Tuesday you will all get a mail back with the name of the little child you are going to make happy! Of course some basic rules will be needed for this event;

*) You can't tell anybody who you have to gift something to
*) The minimum value of the gift should be 2 Gold
*) The maximum value of the gift should be 10 Gold
*) All gifts should be send between Tuesday and Thursday (exceptions can be made)

Please try to be creative with your gift!


Saturday 27/12 - 20:00 CET | Christmas event!

We will be holding a small Christmas event on this day. An event where those that want to will spend time together in the spirit of Christmas. What is on the schedule?

  • Race through Divinity's Reach as Toys (tonics).
  • 'Choir Bells' - Who can produce the best music with a choir bell? Let us hear the musician within! (Unbreakable bells/choir bells will be used for this, you can practice beforehand!)
  • "Protect the elves!" : Team up with some guildies to clear a map or help some new players, alts, low levels out! Simply, have fun together.

I hope this post is clear enough, if not feel free to ask any questions!

Charity Day Suspended!

Hello Angels,

As the title suggests, I have decided from this day to suspend Charity Day. I feel as if the guild has lost interest (not everyone) , that it has become a chore and is done maybe too frequently. The whole purpose of charity day was to keep the guild funded, those funds would be used for event rewards, PvP Arena upkeep and most importantly, crafting help. The only issue was that there wasn't very much interest in the crafting help because most of our members actually prefer to give rather than receive (I couldn't word it better >.<).

That means that Charity Day was being done so frequently for not much reason at all and people were becoming nullified and overexposed to the event. Our donations have taken a steep nosedive and rapid decline as of late.

So here is how it's going to work. Charity Day will be put on indefinite hold until a time I and the guild see it fit to be brought back. Crafting help will no longer be a thing as without charity day it simply cannot be financially upheld. Next Saturday there will be a Final Lottery, just the lottery, not a charity day. It was be hosted at 7PM GMT and everyone who donated at yesterdays charity day will have their names put in. I will also add the names of the most loyal charity day members (those who donated at nearly every single one). There will be some good prizes/materials to be won. (Picture was taken at our first ever guild lottery)

After this Lottery, all guild funds will be used towards events, PvP Arena and a 100G emergency fund (In case we ever need it).

A massive thank you to yesterdays donations, we had a total of around 69G
Bovan: 40G 57s
Lennyboy: 10G 21s 55c Elly/HoewHoew: 8G 59s
Kannon: 5G
Autumn: 5G

I also want to thank every single member who has taken part in Chairty Day from the bottom of my heart. You've supported the guild in an amazing way and you should never forget that.

Dungeon Night – 24th October

Twilight Arbor – Aetherpath

As the darkness consumed the evening of the 24th October, five brave Mist Angels descended on Twilight Arbor to attempt the Aetherpath – yes that one. With the group consisting of the @Symphy (Guardian), Ash (Thief), @Hoewhoew (Mesmer), @Bovan (Warrior) & @Asurch (Ele) they started their almighty adventure into the world of Aetherblades, oozes and lots of complaining of the path by Symph (well that’s what it sounded like over TS :P). After successfully herding oozes, defeating the icky Sparki & Slick, admiring the holograms of Scarlet and running the electric floor. They found themselves against the Clockheart where Bovan handed out a handy hint on killing the boss quickly. Keep the boss in one corner next to hologram spawn point whilst one group member kills the other as they spawn. After the twisted Clockheart boss was destroyed the group continued adventuring as they successfully attempted to gather the final achievements in the post boss quests.

Our next adventure is the Mad King's Labyrinth

Let's all Join forces to figure out a way out of the Mad King's Labyrinth!

Sign up here

Charity Day – The Day of Giving

Firstly a big THANK YOU to all our guild members who participated and donated in our Charity Day. We raised a whopping 259 gold for the guild *round of applause* and special mentions have to go out to our donation Angels @Bovan, @Hoewhoew (Elly) & @meriadah (Max) who between them donated 173 gold. We will be announcing soon details on how Mist Angels will be spending this loot, I mean gold on. So keep your eyes peeled and lookout for some new titles!!!

Our next Charity Day will be on Saturday 1st November, so mark this in your diary. We will be accepting donations to the Guild Bank till 7 pm GMT. We will then take account of all of our lovely guild members who have donated during the day and from our previous charity day to enter them into the Mist Angels Lottery. What's this I hear you cry, well it's a chance for members who have donated to win prizes from exotics, minis, materials and more!!!

The New Adventures of Tyria (leveling 101 - the new way)

So, after much discussion (at least a few sentences here and there over a few days), me, Auty and Zan decided we were gonna experience the new leveling system first hand.

Three newly aged human girls emerged from Divinity's Reach on a lovely wednesday evening, much delayed by Auty's inability to decide what makeup to wear and just in what general direction his life was gonna go..

When finally things got going and Auty had changed his mind and decided on what he wanted, the killing began. And what a killing (vastly helped by the presence of the overleveled Vendetta, who insisted on setting everything on fire before we killed it)!

At first, we followed the huge (not really) compass in the corner, that neatly guided us to the next thing to do all the time. But we quickly realised that this approach was actually just like going from quest to quest and we quickly abandoned the compass and went on to the much more effective approach of "look, that looks pretty/interesting/dangerous/etc., lets go there", and what a success!
Quickly Zan decided that fighting ettins was the thing to do, and so we (me and Zan, cause Auty was slacking and thinking about what to do with his life) went head to head with the mighty ettins.
After a few hits, the game quickly urged me to start dodging, and shortly after to start healing, and moments later I was dead on the ground, with no chance of fighting for my life! The disappointment was immense. Zan was like "how can you just give up like that?", but he quickly took the chance to start touching me in weird places as I lay paralyzed on the ground. My character didn't mind though, and after changing to a weapon (no off-hand -_-) with block, I managed to avoid getting flattened on the ground so much, and thereby avoided inappropriate situations with Zan (Auty was obviously very jealous).

Eventually Auty decided on his direction in life and we gathered up outside Divinity's Reach to escort him through the first few dangers in Queensdale. Later he was also not completely useless..

More will follow in the coming time as we progress further through the (now not so hard) levels of the new leveling experience!

Locking out off-hand weapons is abit annoying!
Not being able to fight for my life the first few levels is also annoying!
Slowly introducing the F skills seems like a good idea (would work better if they were actually introduced when they unlocked though..)
Leveling up seems way more nice now (rewards, yay!)

Zan as Shanara von Dark
Auty as Almira Nichols
Symph as Cylia Namela

Guest Stars
Fesk on his lowbie elementalist, and Vendetta on his lowbie engineer!

A Final Goodbye.

As some of you may already know from last nights Guild Missions, I am officially ending my year long term of Council/Leader, due to personal circumstances. Mist Angels is the friendliest, warm hearted, family-like guild I've ever been a part of and to have been the leader of such a guild, filled with the most awesome people, is my privilege and honour but all good things must come to an end.

I'm handing the torch over to @lokizan and @Wolfy. Zan is now the longest serving council member of our current council, a veteran of the guild and has a deep passion for the guild, I have huge faith in him. Wolfy is active, well liked and approachable, I know for certain he'll do a great job.

The Council is currently rather small at the moment, with only three, two of which are now leaders. Awhile ago we agreed 5-6 is a good number for our guild and that is why I'd like to nominate some of our long standing Elders @Fesk @jasonbdj and our Maestre @Nether to maybe think if they'd like to help out. All three of them have long since proved that they care for the guild and I believe they'd do a great job but the final decision now lays with the current council and of course Fesk, Jason and Nether.

This past year has been one of the best of my life and an amazing experience. I couldn't have asked to have been the leader of a greater guild. A giant thank you to @Elloa and @IgnorEme for giving me the opportunity to become council/leader and thank you for being amazing leaders when I first joined. Take care everybody.

Thank you Neveah and Symphy

Greetings Angels,

As you may already know, the council has/is going through some changes. Firstly, just over a week ago, @meriadah decided it was his time to step down, due to lack of interest in the game, you can read more on our home page. We still miss you Max! More recently, @Kaleo and @Symphy have decided it was right for them to step down also. Due to their studies starting and simply not having enough time to juggle real life responsibilities and feel like they are contributing to the council. All three of them were kind enough to clearly state that even though they may not be in the council, we can always rely on them for help.

Sympy and Nev, you both will be dearly missed but never forgotten....... heck! I'm getting too emotional here. We had some good times during council meetings but that time has passed. You stepping down from the council is a sad fact but real life must come first.
- @Wolfy

What can I say, both of you were fantastic council members who always had a mixture of witty, sensible and good knowledge when discussing topics. Will miss you but totally understand real life comes first, all the best and see you in game :)
- @lokizan

Symph we will always remember that Sunday when you became guild leader for a couple of hours. You did an amazing job as councilor, brief but intense. New ideas and the will to improve Mist Angels. Don't be a stranger :D Nev I'm so sad to see you stepping down and I wish you all the best with studies and university parties(mainly this last one). I still remember your warm welcome when I was a little recruit and it is gonna be weird to see you not as councilor from now on. Don't be a stranger! :D
- @Don-Polerokfi

I just want to say how grateful I am to have worked with the both of you. It's upsetting to see you both go but you have to do what is right for you. Nev, what can I say.. you're a real friend of mine and we've had some great chats. You've always been honest and willing to get stuck in and lend a hand. Sure, we've had to clean up Quaggan remains now and again when you have your 'outbursts' but we still care for you! Symph.. for the short time you were council, you did an amazing job. Came up with great idea's and had such enthusiasm. Lord only knows all of the somewhat weird conversations we've had but we have always had fun and a laugh. You did an amazing job leading Guild Missions that time. Wish you all the best my annoying little brother.
Take care both of you and don't become a stranger!

- @Autumn

Let's wish them all the best for the future! They deserve it.

Crafterific support coming your way

Eep! how the heck do i get all the stuff i need for my crafting ventures? Well have no fear, for here at Mist Angels we have the solution for you!

Crafting has always been one of the biggest time and money sinks in guild wars 2. Wether you're going for your legendary or an ascended piece of armor, you know it's going to hurt in your wallet. Since the start of Mist Angels we have had a community that's been able to help eachother out with getting the mats we needed for that last bit towards the goal guildies were having, and we're proud of such a nice community where people help eachother out.

That's why the council have decided to help guildies out even more with their crafting by reserving a large portion of the guild bank for the gathering of high end mats. We will also be using our guild finances for gathering of these mats. How we will be doing that will be explained in a minute. First things first: How can you as a guildie get these mats when you need them?

The answer is easy: ask a council member, @Autumn and @Symphy first and foremost, but others are able to give you the mats as well. However, we won't be giving you everything we have stored at that moment, and we will look into your activity before giving you a portion of what we have. That way everyone will get equal benefits of our guild wealth.

To keep our bank (the deep cave and treasure trove) filled to the brim with high tier mats, we need to create a steady income which we can use to gather these mats. We've revived a guild favorite event and given it a specific goal in order to do this: Guild Donation Drives

A Guild Donation Drive is a day where guildies play the game (off course as much as they can together for the fun) and instead of keeping the income of that day to themselves they donate it to the guild instead. We've always looked for nice goals to use the donation drive for (like a guild arena, or commander tags for the council for guild missions and such) but from this day on we'll be using the donation drive for buying mats for guildies to use with crafting.

The donation drive will also be done a bit more frequent then in the past. currently we're thinking about doing it every month or so. we might make it even more frequent if everyone is on board or less if it's not.

With this new system we hope to give guildies something of worth for the effort they put into the guild. this will certainly make crafting in Mist Angels a bit more fun and rewarding, knowing you have the guild to back you up! Keep an eye on the agenda for the next donation drive and come and have some fun with us!

Friends don't let friends PUG; when a PUG becomes a Friend

Normally i woudl say that i'm totally against PUGing, as you never know what you might get. Most of the time it's a negative surprise, and you just try and push through as a 4.5 man group is still worth more then a 4-man group.

It's why Adventure-nights are so important to us Mist Angels, it's a night where we can get those who never got into the grouped content in Guild Wars 2 to experience how much fun it is to do together with people they know. One of the thing we so hope to accomplish with it, is to get more groups together to do these dungeons, fractals, PVP-tournaments or World vs World runs even on normal nights without events on them.

And i gotta say: It's working! So here's a quick thank you to all those who respond to our call for groups in guild chat: wait for it......YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

But last wednesday something happenend during a dungeon run that restored my faith in PUGs if only a little. We had a little group of 3 guildies (@Sarah-Heart @Kaleo and me) and needed more for AC...We had to PUG. I kinda braced myself to just push through the dungeon and don't mind the PUG's too much. That way you won't get anoyed too much with the run, and you still get to have a little fun and at least the rewards.

1 of the PUG's we got was Shranar (sukaja.5438). The reason why i put his full name here, is that you'll probably see him appearing in more dungeon groups in the future. Why? because he's AWESOME! He's not skilled, he's not on TS, nor does he know the all...not even a little bit.

But he talked the moment he got with us in a group, said hi, introduced himself and told us this was one of his first dungeons. throughout the entire dungeon he was doing his best to help out, even when he didn't understand what should happen or what he should do. When he made a mistake he apologized, and when we did something good as a group, he celebrated with us.

All in all he made us feel like he wanted to be there, and he was grateful to have an opportunity to do this stuff. Sarah, Nevvy and me all felt he was an awesome dude, and he even stuck around for another run untill his computer broke. However i did notice something: He was in a guild, and not just one but: [ICE], a name i've at least heard of before. It's supposed to be rather big. After asking him about it, he told us he's not the only one, but no-one's joining him on his runs.

That's why i'm so glad with everyone that pitches in when someone asks for help on a dungeon run. helping eachother out is just something that makes this guild awesome and i want everyone to enjoy that.

to conclude:
I've befriended Shranar, someone who started as a PUG of all things, and whenever we do dungeon and we need more folk i'll be trying to get him in the group, he deserves it, and hopefully we all get better from it!