Hello everyone!

Let me introduce myself a bit, my name is Nathan, but most people just call me Nate. I'm a student from Australia, and my hobbies include gaming, comics, and movies. You also might be wondering why there is "Cooking Mama" everywhere, well that's because she is my favourite gaming character, she is adorable and what she would normally say, "Wonderful~!".

So the reason why I thought I would start this blog was because it seem like something very interesting to share my view and just gaming related news to other fellow gamers. Also, this new "Anook" site is a great platform for that purpose. I've never really done anything like this before, so I thought it would be fun and something to do and keep track of.

As of now, my current games list consist of,"Dota 2", "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate" (also very surprised that there isn't a Monster Hunter Games page), "Omerta - City of Gangsters", and "Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army". I am mostly hooked onto Dota 2 at the moment, as the game is great fun, especially with friends. Also the trading game in Dota 2 is quite addicting as well. I was previously into League of Legends as well as Dota 2, but slowly lost interested in League of Legends and just completely stopped it altogether.

Games that I am particularly excited for are, "Starbound", "Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero and The Phantom Pain" (I think that just changed it to Metal Gear Solid V, if I'm not mistaken), "Grand Theft Auto V" and "Day Z Standalone".

If you are particularly interested in gaming together, or you are interested in trading or just feel like talking, feel free to add me to Steam. I am more or less always on Steam, just sometimes I am away from the computer.

Well thanks for the read and I hope to get this blog going, hoping to try and write something or just talk about something at least once or twice a week. I will try and put as much effort into this as I can.

Once again thanks for reading.