An Indian visa is required when you want to visit India for particular reasons. It can be related to tourism, medical or for business meetings. For every purpose, you need to apply for a different visa. Also, every type of visa has its own validity and the expiry that has been explained in the guide given below:

If you are applying for an Indian tourist visa, go through the important points mentioned below:

  • A tourist visa can be applied when you want to visit India for tourism purposes.
  • The visa is granted for the purpose of recreation, sightseeing, and meeting with friends, family or relatives.
  • To apply for a tourist visa, you should have a house or occupation in India.
  • You cannot volunteer or work with NGOs if you have applied for a tourist visa.


  • Under a bilateral agreement, US citizens can get a 6-month, 5-year or 10-year tourist visa.
  • Non-US citizens are eligible for a six-month tourist visa.
  • Visa validity starts with the date of issue and gets expire as soon as the duration of stay in India gets over.

For Indian Business Visa, go through the guidelines given below:

  • A business visa is granted to those who want to visit India as a business-related trip on behalf of a company that is outside India.
  • You cannot ask for employment in projects or contracts in India.
  • If a spouse or any family member is accompanying the applicant, they will not come under the Business visa.

Conditions to obtain Business Visa

  • The applicant is financially stable and has good knowledge of the intended business.
  • He is not visiting India with the purpose of money lending or petty trading.
  • The applicant needs to pay the tax liabilities as well.
  • The Business visa needs to be issued from the country of origin.

Duration and Validity

A Business visa can be valid for one year or more along with multiple entries. However, the duration of stay in India is restricted to 180 days in any calendar year except when the person has obtained a residential permit. A multiple entry Business Visa that is valid for ten years is permitted to a foreign businessman who is intending to set up joint ventures in India.

US citizens are eligible to get 5 years or 10 years multiple entry visa.

The duration of the visa starts from the date of issue and not when you enter India and ends as and when the period of stay ends.