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"Just Explorer Things"

Dear diary...

Yesterday was a quite interesting gaming day! I finally managed to get 100% map completion and also finished my personal story in Guild Wars 2. I started playing GW2 about 2 years ago but didn't really bother to finish any of the achievements until now, most likely since I've been hooked on plenty other MMO's too.

Anyway, another exploration title unlocked in my world of MMO's, woho! *throws sparkly confetti*

I'm already working on map completion with my second level 80 character... I must say that I sometimes wonder what's wrong with me. One part of me is like ENOUGH EXPLORATION ALREADY, M'KAY, but naah this is what I live for - exploration ;)

/Nyah the Explorer

Rediscovering GW2

I'm back in GW2 (again)!

GW2 and I seem to have some kind of on and off relationship. It's not because I don't like the game, I really love it! There's a lot of exploration you can do and the leveling is so much fun (plus plenty of other awesome things). But still, I end up playing it like one week every 3rd month or something.

Anyway, it's great to be semi-back. I'm looking forward to play with @Alakina (and hopefully @Nehr <3) soon!



Since I'm not the kind of girl who gives up a fight, a decided to finish the @Alakina Daily (a fun thing we have in our WoW Whitestar guild) in my own way!

Today's daily was to gather a Pandarian flower. I took my lvl 73 DK and learned Herbalism since my main already have two professions. Dear @LunaDra helped me to get to a safe spot in Pandaria where I could gather my first herb. BUT, it said I was too low level! I thought it was the skill that had to be 75, so I went back to Elwynn Forest and got to 75. Then, I returned to Pandaria with a little help from Luna again. It was then I realized that I had to be lvl 75, not the skill! x_x

I went to Northrend and did a dungeon and some questing and TADA lvl 75! Easy peasy!

I got the flight path in Halfhill, so this time I went to gather the herb on my own. It was a bit scary since I'm more than 10 levels below what's required... but I actually found a herb quite close to the road and I GOT IT!



Today, I had the pleasure to get some boost from dear @Agagor. I've done dungeons I hadn't done in ages which was really great! I've missed the low level content in WoW <3

Agagor - my personal Taxi :D


She didn't like me as much as I liked her :(( </3

Razorfen Kraul (note to self: not Downs...)


Been exploring the lands (and waters) of Cyrodiil (Oblivion) tonight.

Such a beautiful game.


Almost 375 in archaeology, slowly getting somewhere! Why didn't I do this earlier? So much fun for an explorer like me!

Have to admit that it was kind of cold in Winterspring, though. Should had brought a scarf and solid winter boots :3

/ Nyahna the Explorer

First post!

Nothing exciting yet, really.

Just wanted to try to make my own Nook and see if I can manage to keep it alive :D So, like I said, grab your backpack and follow me through the gaming jungle!

Oooh and you should listen to this to get in the mood: