Since I'm not the kind of girl who gives up a fight, a decided to finish the @Alakina Daily (a fun thing we have in our WoW Whitestar guild) in my own way!

Today's daily was to gather a Pandarian flower. I took my lvl 73 DK and learned Herbalism since my main already have two professions. Dear @LunaDra helped me to get to a safe spot in Pandaria where I could gather my first herb. BUT, it said I was too low level! I thought it was the skill that had to be 75, so I went back to Elwynn Forest and got to 75. Then, I returned to Pandaria with a little help from Luna again. It was then I realized that I had to be lvl 75, not the skill! x_x

I went to Northrend and did a dungeon and some questing and TADA lvl 75! Easy peasy!

I got the flight path in Halfhill, so this time I went to gather the herb on my own. It was a bit scary since I'm more than 10 levels below what's required... but I actually found a herb quite close to the road and I GOT IT!