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Twisted Treeline Team

Would anyone be interested in playing Ranked 3v3s on the team? It is a great way to work on personal mechanics while also working on our calls and team synergy which look to be our weak points. It would be on the same OnSG team just played on the side of practices/games.


So I've made a straw poll ---> where you can vote on who should be the shot caller for the core team.

Here is a separate one for the subs --->

Be sure to only cast two votes in each poll. For the Core, the top two with the most votes will be the main and sub shot caller. They will balance each other out and take each other's places if one is unable to attend practice and matches. Only el uno for the subs will be a shot caller and will be called in when neither of the core jefe's are able to attend.

This does not mean that we only rely on these people's judgement. We will definitely have to work together on the fields as a team, not as a machine. Pls vote guys!

P.S. I purposefully did not include myself because I do not have the confidence to lead.

Scheduled Times/Days for Practice~

Hey guys! Sorry this post is fairly late. A lot happened Yesterday so I wasn't able to get it up until late and I just passed out before I could. Yet I will now give the Days/Times that we'll be using for Practice, and doing Ranked Games each week.

Keep in mind that we will be playing a Total of 3-4 Games each day Minimum. First 2-3 Games will be in Draft pick for Warm-up/Practice, while the last game, or games if people are up for it, will be in Ranked 5s so we can work on our progression through the Ranked Ladder.


No Practice

5PM - 9PM

5PM - 9PM

No Practice

5PM - 9PM

Saturday/Sunday: ~No Practice~

Another thing we all need to discuss as a Team is, "Who will be the Shot Caller"? Last night we played 3 games and in each game, we had some confusion due to multiple things, but the one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb to me, was we were trying to talk over each other and all make calls. We need to name one person our Shot Caller and let them make the choices that go on in Games.

Yet, I also want to implement that they will also be Team Captain. I only manage the Team, which means I'm not it's Captain, so you will all have to vote for one. They will make all the Shot Calls (Mid/Late game, such as Team Fights, Objective Control, ect.), but they will also manage the team to a small extent. I will explain a bit more of that later to you all verbally.

So I will let you all decide who you think should be our Shot Caller/Captain. I'll post a Straw Poll in a Week if we haven't come to a conclusion. I will make sure you understand the responsibilities first though.

Official Name! - OnSlaught Gamers!

Hey guys! Votes came in, and unforently the name was taken, but we tweaked it a bit, based on a Majority rule. The name that came out of it was OnSlaught Gamers. We attempted OnSlaught Gaming, but it was also taken. So this is our new Team name. We shall start climbing as soon as possible and Days/Times that we'll hold practice will be posted later 2marrow afternoon.

GL guys and have fun on the Rift! See you bright and early on the first day of Practice!

Vote'n time! - Part 2!

Hey guys! The votes are in and here's the results!

Poll 1 Winners:
Tied Between,
Onslaught and Try Soft Gaming

Poll 2 Winners:
Heroes of the Rift

We'll have one final vote to decide the name! Here we go guys!!

Poll 3:

@Chiiab @MadLife-III @KrowdKlown @Demonisumi @RajDzn @Leona @IEFireball @ThePokiDraco

Vote'n time!

Alright guys, I asked all of you to submit at least 2 names. Some submited more than others... you know who you are. So now it's time to vote! I will link the 2 Different Votes below, and you will vote for 1 Name on both. If we get a tie, they will both be used in our final vote. Regardless. You only get one Vote.

Here's Poll 1:

Poll 2:

Votting will be open until I see that everyone has voted. So here we go guys. Votes are under way!

@Chiiab @KrowdKlown @MadLife-III @Leona @Demonisumi @ThePokiDraco @RajDzn @IEFireball

It's finally over!!~... Continued Part 2!

Alright guys! I promised by today that I'd have more information regarding the Team. Well here's what I got so far!

Core Members:
Top - Chiiab (@Chiiab)
Jungle - KrowdKlown (@KrowdKlown)
Mid - Demonisumi (@Demonisumi, Old name was Lolpug)
Support - OnlyPlaysLeona (@Leona)
ADC - AngelicGamer7 (@AngelicGamer)

Subs as of current;

OnlyPlaysOrianna (@MadLife-III)
ThePokiDraco (@ThePokiDraco)
FM Stoned (@RajDzn)
IEFireball (@IEFireball)

We're currently still down 2 Subs, so if you're interested, feel free to drop me a message and we can talk about it sometime. Also, to members of the Team, whether Core or Sub, I need you to either Comment below or message me with times that you're available this week for a Team Meeting. We will be discussing a Permanent Team Name, as well as days and times that we shall hold practice.

Until then Summoners, keep trying hard and I'll see you all soon!

GanksOP - Provisional | Anook
New Ranked Team - Currently in the Provisional Stage, doing tryouts. :3 If you're interested, leave a comment …
It's finally over!!~... Continued

Hey guys! Here's the 2nd Post as Promised.

For starters, we are still in the process in contacting everyone, since today we had a much shorter Time frame then I had hoped for. Which is unfortunate but it happens. Life gets in the way sometimes. So I will be posting Subs up by Tuesday and getting everyone together by Wednesday to discuss a Team Name and a couple Team Goals. Subs, you are required to join this as well since you are just as much as part of the team as anyone else. @ThePokiDraco I will attempt to work with your Sketchy schedule, so you can attend without worries, and still get a match in for that time frame.

Other than that, not much has changed since the last post, and I will hopefully have more information come Tuesday. So keep your eyes peeled for more updates from now till then. I do apologize for not having this information ready like I promised, but as I said, things to happen and I cannot control everything... (I wish) so until I can figure this out, good luck on the Fields of Justice!

@Leona @Chiiab @MadLife-III @KrowdKlown, just so you guys don't feel left out, I tagged you too. Feel special.

GanksOP - Provisional | Anook
New Ranked Team - Currently in the Provisional Stage, doing tryouts. :3 If you're interested, leave a comment …
It's finally over!!~

Tryouts have officially come to a close people! Now some of you're first questions are, who's on the Team? or Did I make it? Well to answer those questions, there will be two posts. The one for today, which will list the Core Team, then one for 2marrow which will list the Sub Members. As well as other information that needs to be known.

For starters, our Core Team is:
Top Lane: Chiiab (Almost no one wanted this lane...)
Jungle: (Being Contested) - Currently need to contact these participants.
Mid Lane: (Being Contested) - Currently need to contact these participants.
Bot Lane, Support - OnlyPlaysLeona (Leona, or Greydin was his old names.)
Bot Lane, ADC - AngelicGamer7 (Few Participates strived for this Role, then shortly fell off after the first couple weeks due to unknown reasons. Most likely time differences.)

These are our Core Member as of currently. I will contact them all, as we will need to meet at a later date (sometime within the next week) as a Team, to discuss a couple of things. One of them being the Official name of the Team, and other things regarding these matters.

As for our Sub Members, they will be contacted after I post the next Update about this. It will be out 2marrow as I've stated earlier. So please do not feel as if you didn't make the team if you don't see your name here. You will still have a chance of getting on the Team by becoming one of Subs. There are 4 Sub Slots that can be any role, so you have a fairly good chance at getting one of these.

Other than that, I will leave you with this for today. If you have any questions or remarks about this posting, please private message me on Anook. Hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll see you on the Fields of Justice... or maybe at the end of my blade.

GanksOP - Provisional | Anook
New Ranked Team - Currently in the Provisional Stage, doing tryouts. :3 If you're interested, leave a comment …
Ranked Team Update 7: Tryouts! 1/17-1/21

Well guys, let me first apologize for posting this so late. I got a bit too excited with the fact that I ordered a new PC, so I sorta slipped up on posting the Times ;_; I'm sorry! Anyways, I wont make this long, so here's the times!

Friday 1/17 - 4PM-8PM
Saturday 1/18 - 7PM-11PM
Sunday 1/19 - 7PM-11PM
Monday 1/20 - 2PM-6PM (Possible PC Arrival Day, so times may be Set-back. I will post with information if that happens.)
Tuseday 1/21 - 3PM-7PM

These are the times for this weekend! Also, I did post this late, so if someone is unable to show up for Today's Tryouts: Friday 1/17 at 4PM-8PM, you need not worry. I will not hold it against anyone who did not show up, due to the fact it was my mistake for not getting the times up 24 hrs or more before hand. But if you are able to show up, I recommend you do. Remember, we are near the end! Season 4 has started!! We're down to our last couple of weeks for Tryouts, so secure your spots while they're there!

GanksOP - Provisional | Anook
New Ranked Team - Currently in the Provisional Stage, doing tryouts. :3 If you're interested, leave a comment …
Ranked Team Update 6: Nearing the End!

Hey guys! I wanted to give you guys a heads up on a couple of things and apologize for not posting times for last weekend. I sorta forgot, so I just let it slide, plus we had a lot of snow hit here recently and yeah. Lets just not go into that. Anyways, here's a couple of things that's about to go down!

For starters, we're nearing Season 4, and with that, the creation of the Team! Meaning, that we're close to picking our Core Members for the Team and our Subs. So if you're still aiming for a Spot, now would be a real good time to put in full effort!

Secondly, Tryouts for this Weekend will be more of an individual thing. Now you may ask what I mean by that, after all, isn't it based on being a Team? Well to answer your question, yes and no. Just because we are a Team, doesn't mean there wont be days where we'll have to individually practice and hone our own skills. I've already seen quite of few of the Tryout Members doing this when they are not with us. So this weekend we'll be more focused on that. Yet on Monday and Tuesday, we'll have our Regular Scheduled Tryouts! Times will be posted Below.

Thirdly, no one has been "guaranteed" a spot yet. Although we have some members in Mind, based on who's shown up to the past few Tryouts. This does not mean, you couldn't easily dethrone their position and take it for yourself! These next couple of Tryouts will be more important then the past ones! So participating is highly-recommend!

Lastly, the times for Monday and Tuesday will be 4PM Eastern US/3PM Central US till about 9PM Eastern/8PM Central.

We are coming close to a new Season, new Metas, new Stories, New PentaKills, and much more! We must ready ourselfs for what the Fields of Justice will bring forth next. I wish you all luck, and hope to see you in these next couple of weeks a bit more frequently! ^_^

Ranked Team Update 5: Tryout Times Week 5!

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a Great Christmas yesterday! :D I also apologize for the late post xD I have been half asleep all day. So I do apologize for that.

Anyways, this weeks times and days are as follows;

Friday: 4PM-10PM (Eastern US, as usual.)
Saturday: 6PM-10PM
Sunday: 4PM-Till we Drop.
Monday: 3PM-7/8PM (Still undecided.)
Tuseday: 2PM-7/8PM (Same thing as Monday, undecided.)

:3 Hope you all had your fill of the Holiday Cheers! Because we are getting close to Season 4, and with that, we are getting closer to making the Team! We still have a bit of a ways to go, but I hope everyone will put full effort to show that they deserve a Spot on the Team! :D (Obviously having fun is more important, but still ;D)

Anyways, as always, Good Luck on the Fields of Justice and Happy Holiday Summoners! :D

GanksOP - Provisional | Anook
New Ranked Team - Currently in the Provisional Stage, doing tryouts. :3 If you're interested, leave a comment …
Ranked Team Update 4: Tryout Times Week 4!

Well guys, I'm going to tell you this as straight as I can without laughing. You're all disqualify from the team... and if you haven't already figured out by now, I'm completely joking. ;_; I just wish I could say that with a straight face to see some funny expressions. But no seriously xD this weekend we will not be having Tryouts. Why? It's the weekend just before Christmas! GO SPEND IT GETTING READY FOR CHRISTMAS, or w/e Holiday you Celebrate at this time of the Year :3 So this weekend is a free weekend! So enjoy your Holiday Season this Year Summoners!

Oh and don't forget to check out the new Showdown Mode they added in! :D I expect everyone to play it once and post your results here ;3 Just 1 game, after that, it's your choice :3

Other than that... I guess Happy Holidays? :D Unless your the Grinch, then go buy some toys for everyone and feel better. :3 JK lol, but I will do my best to get some of the Clips from our most recent games up guys! Before Christmas I promise! It'll be my Gift to you <3

Well before this becomes an Essay... already looking like one... I'll say my goodbyes, until next weekend Summoners! Enjoy your Snowdown on the Rift!

Ranked Team Update 3: Tryout Times Week 3!

Well guys! We've made it to our 3rd week! (Nothing special I know, but let me have my moment of glory ;_;) Anyways, the times this week are fairly open it seems. Starting us off;

Friday - We'll be starting around 6PM Eastern US, work sucks, just saying.
Saturday - We'll be starting from 5PM Eastern US time.
Sunday - We'll be starting around 6PM Eastern US, just like Friday, but we'll be able to go a lot longer!
Monday - Is completely an open day, but I'll setup more specific times as we come closer, same with Tuseday.

Other than that, I'd like to apologize for putting this up so late, as well as I'd like to remind everyone that just showing up once isn't good enough! I've seen some people stop showing up for Tryout's and I don't know if there's just a miss-communication on my end, or that you guys just don't care :( but the more you show up, and prove that you're determined to see this through, the more likely you will be able to get a spot on the Team. (Core or Sub). So I'd like to remind you all, to please show up if you're wanting to join! <3 It'd make me happy to see more people again, as well as enough maybe to do an in-house game or two :D that'd be awesome, but we'll see. Until then Summoners, good luck on the Fields of Justice and punch a Teemo for me too. ;D

Tryouts Today!

Hey guys, if you are online, hit up Angelic and just play a couple games! Don't forget, today is an all day tryout, so if you are gonna be on only for an hour, that's fine! Just play one or two games in a duo or trio and see how you guys work together. Have fun on the Rift!