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[FFXIV] Christmas Giveaway: Winners!

First Prize: @SqueakyArmChair
ONE OF: Starlight Attire, Reindeer Suit OR Snowman Suit
PLUS Hoary the Snowman

Second Prize: @Cornilius
ONE OF: Starlight Attire, Reindeer Suit, Snowman Suit OR Hoary the Snowman.

Bonus: @Wokzombie Little cute Panda pet!

Please note:
I will contact the winners by private message to arrange their prizes. If I do not get a response within one month the prizes will be re-rolled.

Thank you so much to all of you for taking part! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and have a wonderful 2017 full of many shiny nerdy things and games!!
-Novi Rae (Odin EU)/Aeyvi

[FFXIV] Christmas Giveaway!

Items up for grabs:
First Prize
ONE OF: Starlight Attire, Reindeer Suit OR Snowman Suit
PLUS Hoary the Snowman

Second Prize
ONE OF: Starlight Attire, Reindeer Suit, Snowman Suit OR Hoary the Snowman.

Bonus: Little cute Panda pet!

How to enter:
Comment something Christmas related below on THIS POST. IMPORTANT: Please comment by >>22nd December 2016<<.

What is Anook?
In short, Facebook for gamers. Games and users have their own pages and you can pick who to follow and keep up to date with various game news and participate in the game related community. Guild forums also function through the Anook platform along with personal blogs and events systems. Support the Anook community by following your favourite games and visiting us at the Whitestar community site!

You must have a European FFXIV account (no trial accounts).
These are EUROPEAN CODES ONLY. Please do not enter if you have a US account.
Your code will be sent to you by private message on Anook.
The item code shall not be used for any sales or commercial use or in any activity relating to the trade of real-world money, in-game currency or in-game virtual items. If lost or if the redemption period has passed, SE shall not re-issue a replacement code.
Please also make sure you are following either me, the FFXIV page or this blog for further updates.

Thank you for entering! Merry Christmas and good luck!!
-Novi Rae (Odin EU)/Aeyvi

Maid & Butler Competition Winners!

The time has come to announce our winners! Eep!
All names were compiled into a text document, one list for maid and one for butler. I then had a friend double check the list with me so as to make sure I wasn't being blind. This generator at was then used (even though the spinny wheel one looked far more fun!) to select the winners. For the bonus prize I just compiled both lists into one and let it select from there. This is my first ever time doing a competition like this so I hope I got everything right (please codes work, I will have kittens if they don't)!

The Maid outfit winner is:

The Butler outfit winners are:

Bonus mini-prize:

Congratulations all, your codes will be in the mail shortly! Thank you all so much for entering. I'm so sorry for those of you who weren't lucky, I wish i could give you ALL maid and butler outfits, I really do!! I might be running another giveaway at Christmas so keep an eye on Anook and Instagram.

Many hugs, Aeyvi!

FFXIV: Constellation Linkshell

This is a tiny something I've been meaning to get sorted for a little while and for some reason or another I didn't get round to it. However, here it is!

Lets be honest, guild activity in FFXIV has been inconsistent lately, what with all the shiny new things coming out and people wanting to try other games or coming to a close with content. I thought it would be nice for the players who are either newer to the guild/game or old time players who are still playing, to have connections to other players from other guilds who are nice, friendly and helpful. Originally @mazza set up a linkshell to gather friendly people together so that we could all help each other and meet new people. I've ever so slightly hijacked this (sorry!) and expanded a bit to people who I have also come across in my travels who have always been lovely FF community members and really nice to us here in Whitestar.

In short, it's not an official guild authorised thing.. its just a nice network of people that is there if YOU would like to take part. It also means that regardless of whether the guild is busy or not, there are always nice people around if you want to do things and stuff, even if it's just sitting around watching the sun set!

What is a Linkshell?
Literally just a chat channel, similar to those in WoW, though you need an invite to it. Shortcut to type is Alt+L (then repeat if you already have multiple).

How do I join?
Poke me or use the player search function to look for Mazza Chronos.

Any questions feel free to PM, comment below or poke in game!
Remember this is only optional and there for you if you would want to be part of it, there is also no harm to leave whenever you like.

-Novi Rae Odin EU


Recently @Elloa made a post on Anook regarding moderation of the FFXIV page. Some of my happiest gaming memories have taken place in this game and still care very much, so with this in mind I put myself forward to help out. So, tada! I'm your new moderator of the Final Fantasy XIV page! Thank you for trusting me with this @Lonrem!

I'll try to do my best to keep an eye on all related things and highlight the shiniest of content. I'm thinking of having some monthly themes/competition for screenshots but I'm not sure if this would work yet. What do you think? I'll also be making a video soon on how and what I use to edit, so if anyone is interested in that it will appear soon(tm).

How can you help?
By just doing what you're already doing. Submitting awesome content related to Final Fantasy in the form of screenshots, blog posts or videos. This is the lifeblood of the page so please keep it coming. It's lovely to be able to see everyone's activities within the game.

Recommending Anook to your friends is also a HUGE help to both this page and the wider community. Bring them all here so they can share in the community and be tagged too!!

Liking, commenting and tagging your friends on posts is also a great help.

How do you make sure your content is seen?
For each post there is the option to add a game. The content will only appear on the game page if that game has been added to the post.

If you have any questions please ask below or drop me a PM.

Please please keep submitting your wonderful content and help our little segment grow! Thank you so much!


Final Fantasy XIV: Much more..

Well my subscription just marked month two of my journey into the land of Eorzea and to be honest I thought I'd be done by now. Bored? Nope! Even though I still have so much to learn, I feel that things are beginning to make sense and fall into place. Questing is still immersive and content is still challenging (be thankful you didn't hear my language during one of my solo duties recently). Yes, the combat is still a little sluggish and some diverting quests in the main line don't strike me as logical (oh world emergency, go kill 3 basilisks to feed the soldiers!! *cough*).. but it can't all be perfect! I still feel little reason to rush with the exception of just wanting to see more beautiful zones. Did I ever mention the music? If not, it's just incredible..adding the OST to my wishlist!

Screenshots galore..
You can generally tell how much I enjoy the beauty of a game by how many screenshots I take. I've been an amateur photographer since the age of 16 when I hand developed my first roll of film. Over the last year or so I lost that passion, I don't know where it went but it was gone. I see the composition and processing of a photograph in my brain before I even angle the camera, yet everything I started to produce was utter rubbish. The closest I've come to feeling that enjoyment in creativity again has come from this game. My screenshot folder far outweighs all the other games to such an extent that I had to clear the drive, eek! I try to make the shots as good as they can be but I know some fall a little flat. It takes time to process them, both in my brain and on the pc, to make them how I want. This enthusiasm lead me to open a second instagram account this week, to help lessen the spamming of anook and also open a wider range of editing options through mobile apps (mostly pixlr). So now I have two filtering lines of shots, some that are suitable for anook, and some that will be better for instagram. How confusing!

In the pipeline!
Even though we pretty have accidental social events most days, within our forums we have a social thread for all to contribute their ideas for forthcoming events. Together with @Lessa and @LunaDra we're trying to put these together starting with the beach party on the 22nd November. When I get myself sorted I'll be hoping to have a Christmas party event up for the 13th December along with a 'Screenshot of the Month' event running..well, monthly! This will commence in December with it's own theme.. I wonder what that could be? I've just been slow putting the graphics together for them..Soon^^.

More than I could have hoped for..
Not only do we hold pre-existing Whitestar players from Final Fantasy but also we bring together those from WoW, WoW-Friend guild, ESO and new members in their own right. We've already achieved so much together, not only on a social level but within the content of raids, dungeons, funding and furnishing our house, the workshop and airship..even chocobo racing!

Sadly I tend to lack screenshots in this area as it's a little harder to angle a camera when you're being mauled by a big stompy rock man or trying desperately to beat people on the race course! The shot below was my 0% stamina, bucking chocobo win, yey!

Even though we all come from different games, the community works together so far in harmony, all enjoying our respective elements within the game but coming together to help others or to partake in social activities.

There was a line in my quest earlier which I found very fitting, for many reasons but, well..

"There exist myriad barriers that divide us: those of race and nation, language and creed, to name but a few. Such barriers serve to isolate us from our neighbours, yet they also serve to define who we are. Shorn of them, there would be little to distinguish one from another and the rich variety of our lives would give way to sterile orthodoxy. These barriers can never truly be broken down, of course. Not so long as there is liberty in the world. But they can be transcended. Verily, we do so now in coming together for this grand endeavour, to fight side by side in defence of our shared home!"

I feel that within this game, not only we as Whitestarians work together to build a nice community, but the FFVIX community as a whole. This is what makes it special.

One such player we already know of as 'wedding dude', or as I've been 'trying' to call him, Drac (he has a name, oh my!?). I mentioned him in my previous post: " I got a whisper from a guy sitting by the display 'would you like us to move?'.. I mean, how nice is that? So polite." Since then he has done nothing but try and build bridges between our guild and his, encouraging social activities, dungeon/raid runs and introducing players... and yes, wedding invites. I'm possibly not the best conduit between the guilds as I'm relatively reserved in some matters and clueless about high end content, but I'll leave that to @torhagen! Even so, he's always willing to help or find people that can. This doesn't only count for our guild either. I have no idea where this energy comes from but.. for me, my brain would explode. This is just one player, I've met many more of such calibre which continues to surprise me, hat lady Jo for example, who is always there if I need some fashion advice or a friendly chat!

@itslifejim meeting Drac and Jo..

A little quiet..
During the winter time things become a little more difficult for me as some of you will already know. This combined with other things can leave me very stressed/unhappy and as a result I need a bit more quiet time and a bit more space. This does not in any way lessen my enthusiasm for our little community, but it does result in me feeling like I am letting it down in a way. I apologise in advance for this.

What I have noticed though over my time here is for this to all work, people need to give.. Big or small, each tiny gesture contributes not only to the guild, but the sea that is the community. From a simple wave to spending your evening in a dungeon or keeping someone company that's had a rubbish day. It all matters.

Thank you once again to @LunaDra and @Cornilius for all that you give to make this guild work and to @Vordt.Ororyu @Hultay @JayTheBee @itslifejim @Xera @Acharial @Lessa @Baggie @SabreWulf @Amy-Higgins @YuukiM @torhagen @Neny Naul, Simon & @Firkan ofcourse (and anyone I forgot to tag, sorry, I know there are many more!!) for continuing to give me a lovely home in Eorzea.

A very kind gift from @JayTheBee! <3