The time has come to announce our winners! Eep!
All names were compiled into a text document, one list for maid and one for butler. I then had a friend double check the list with me so as to make sure I wasn't being blind. This generator at was then used (even though the spinny wheel one looked far more fun!) to select the winners. For the bonus prize I just compiled both lists into one and let it select from there. This is my first ever time doing a competition like this so I hope I got everything right (please codes work, I will have kittens if they don't)!

The Maid outfit winner is:

The Butler outfit winners are:

Bonus mini-prize:

Congratulations all, your codes will be in the mail shortly! Thank you all so much for entering. I'm so sorry for those of you who weren't lucky, I wish i could give you ALL maid and butler outfits, I really do!! I might be running another giveaway at Christmas so keep an eye on Anook and Instagram.

Many hugs, Aeyvi!