Hey again all! While I was away I tried to work on some more positive things, side projects and such, and one thing that’s been sitting in my head for a while has been a site for Final Fantasy XIV.

During my year of rather fierce, if not unintended, propaganda for the game I saw a lot of new players come and go. I found myself sending out the same things and writing up the same stuff over and over. Don’t get me wrong, I never minded this, nor will I ever mind it. However, it got me thinking, I like the game enough to still be spamming screenshots of it after this long, why not create a site dedicated to gathering useful stuff together.

I don’t know all that much, I’m no pro, but I still remember what it’s like to be new and I remember the things that helped me when I was - so that’s the intention of the site. Not to be a big fancy mush of pro’ness, just something small and simple. Having said that, small and simple did turn into some rather epic essays (Lore ‘re-cap” *cough*). It’s a work in progress and your feedback, along with any corrections or suggestions for additions is always welcome.

I’ll be expanding bits in the future, this was the result of three days compressed work, so over time it should build more and more. I’ll also be adding in a questionnaire so I really hope you guys won’t mind helping out with that when I work out how to structure it fluidly.

As an on-going project I will not be working alone on this.
Ed will be helping me in the class guides department, and Sin will be assisting with the ‘quick tactics’ section; which is designed to display minimal copy and paste’able tactics on a boss fight to support your group in a rush. This will all come in time, bit by bit, as people have very busy lives! I’m really very very grateful you’d even consent to be involved.

The link section to the right is probably the most important for useful resources, especially the content level unlocks.

I never thought the site would ever appear, it did so by accident because I busted a plugin which locked the site out of maintenance mode. But oh well, it’s here! I hope it can be of help to someone!

“I am no longer waiting to do something great;
being awake to carry my grain of sand is enough.“