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Smash Bros for 3DS review (3DS)

This is a review I've wanted to do for a while, I love the Smash Bros game, they are my favourite fighting games out there, and when a portable version was announced, I was excited, to say the least. However many things suffer when they get downsized to portable, so there was a chance that this game could have the same fate as many others, so how did it turn out.

The gameplay is the same as all the others in the series, use a combination of regular attacks, specials, and some blocks and dodges to stay on the screen, weaken your opponent, and launch them off the screen, its fun and its unique and it is great in this version. The new characters are all fun to play as, and older characters have been improved, its now more balanced, and there are no longer over powered characters (except maybe Little Mac), each character has its own strengths and weaknesses to fit any play-style, and its great, finding your main is longer just looking for the cheapest characters, but now you have to find which characters suits you, and which ones work best against your opponents, its amazing how just changing the balance of characters can make the game so much more deep. The game isn't the perfect smash game though, it falls short in many things that the past games got right, most notably is features. Many of the great modes such as Event and Adventure, are gone, and they were some of my favourites. Coin and Stamina battles have also been removed, and you can't even change item frequency. Even the character selection screen looks bland making this feel like a very bare bones version of Smash. There are some new modes in this version, target blast is a fun little distraction, and Smash Run is really fun. The returning modes like Multi Man Smash, Home Run Contest, and All Star mode are fleshed out and better than ever, and trying these modes with the new characters adds a whole new experience to veteran players like myself. If you aren't familiar with the series, they are mostly mini games that use the mechanics of the game for you to complete a goal, such as launch a sandbag as far as you can, or defeat a large amount of foes without dying. The most improved mode is probably classic, a mode where you just beat a series of opponents until you reach the boss, the game board gives it a good feel, and being able to pick the path you want for better reward is great, although the item randomiser before each match is annoying, it shouldn't allow you to get 0 items on a hard path, if it just picked the type of item and then the amount is determined by difficulty, then it would be fine, but randomizing the amounts is just a bad decision. Its still great though and Classic is at it's best in this game. Customs are probably my favorite new feature in this game, it makes picking your main quite deep and fun, allowing you to change strength, defence, speed, and special attacks. Trying all sorts of combinations for different characters to find the ultimate character to beat your friends with, that is so much fun.

This game is a must have for 3DS owners, Smash works so well as a portable game. It does remove some great features from past games buts adds so many great new ones. There is so much I could talk about for this game, but that would take a really long time. It is filled with challenges and unlockables, and even when you do complete it, its still so fun to just fight random battles and beat your friends. I bought this game on launch in October, and I still play it regularly. It is $45, but it is well worth the high price, since it offers more content than most games, and it is one you won't put down for a while. I heard the Wii U version was better, but I haven't played it. All I know that this is one of the best fighting games on the 3DS and anyone who buys this won't be disappointed.


Sakura Samurai review (3DS)

Sakura Samurai is an action based 3DS game. It features 3 bosses and will require you to dodge enemies and exploit weaknesses in order to win.

The gameplay has been compared to the NES game Punch-Out, and I can see why. For most of the game, you will be dodging attacks, then once you find an opening, you strike. It feels great and is very fun, the only problem is the game can be repetitive, the enemies all look similar and have similar patterns, it really all comes down to dodging to the side, or to the back. However it is still a fun, simple game that is very enjoyable, although it lacks the variety that was in Punch-Out. The music is pretty good, its calming during the town scenes, and is intense during fights, its not the great soundtrack ever, but it is one you will enjoy and it helps enhance the gameplay. The game looks pretty nice, some things look a little bland, but for the most part it looks nice, their are some moments with a great 3D effect. The game's animations also makes me feel like a samurai, and thats great. When standing, you samurai looks focused, his hand beside his sword, then he dodges so quickly it looks like he disappeared, leaving only a blur behind, suddenly, as quickly as the enemy puts down his sword, your sword come out, and your enemy falls, it feels so great when it happens.

This game is pretty good, the game features some fun gameplay, although it does lack variety, its far from perfect but its not terrible either. This game cost $7.49, I think $5 would be a better price, since the game is over pretty quickly, but its not a terrible price either, I've paid more for worse game, so if you like Samurais and Punch-Out, you might want to try this game.


Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds review (3DS)

Zelda: Link Between Worlds is the latest Zelda game for the 3DS and is a sequel to the classic Link to the Past. It keeps the top down view from the SNES game, but it's in a 3d environment this time. Link to the Past is considered to be one of the best games in the legendary Zelda franchise, so the expectations for this game were high, but I think it met the expectations of the fans and that Nintendo made yet another great Zelda game.

There are many things to like about this game, but two of the things that stand out as soon as you start the game are the graphics and the music. Before this game was announced I was hoping that the next original Zelda game for the 3DS would be a 3D style Zelda game (like Twilight Princess or Wind Waker) but after playing this game I think that the top down perspective is the best perspective for the 3DS. It looks amazing, the 3d effect is one of the best I have seen so far on the system and all the environments looks amazing, nothing looks blurry or blocky or anything like that, it all looks clear and great. The music is wonderful as well, its mostly remixes from other games, but they sound great, and some of them rival even the remixes from Brawl. The original music is also fantastic, providing a great environment while playing the game.

The music and graphics are great, but thats not what makes a game worth getting, a game is only great if its gameplay is great. The gameplay in this game is similar to the other 2d Zelda with a few changes. It has a top down view and you are mostly just exploring areas looking for dungeons to explore then once you enter a dungeon, you are just solving a puzzle trying to reach the boss, its fun, its deep, and its enjoyable. But there is one major difference in this game, items are no longer found in dungeons, they are now rented from a store, and you lose the items whenever you die, so now you can there is no order in which dungeons have to be completed (except for a few parts), but death now has more consequences than usual in a Zelda game. Carrying fairies and saving whenever you have the chance is a good idea in this game in order to save your rupees, although rupees are more common in this game than the other games. I am not a huge fan of this change, but it doesn't really bring this game down in any way and does make it unique, so its not too bad, however I am not sure I want this feature to return in future games. The dungeons in this game are well designed, although some of the puzzles were a little easy, they were still very enjoyable and fun to play. Another new feature in this game is the ability to merge with the walls, and this is used for puzzles and to find secrets, it is used very creatively and it really works in this game. The boss fights are also great and some of them are some of my favorites from the entire Zelda series. The story isn't the deepest story in a Zelda game, it still is pretty good, its not Shakespeare however, but Zelda games are known for putting gameplay over story, which works for these games.

Link Between Worlds is a fantastic 3DS game, it is a worthy successor to the SNES classic Link to the Past. It is a well done and fantastic game in almost every aspect and is well made. If you buy this game you won't regret it, it is a amazing game and one of the best I've played for the 3DS so far.


Paper Mario: Sticker Star review (3DS)

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is a RPG game and is the fourth games in the Paper Mario series. I have played Paper Mario 2 and 3 and I am a big fan of both those games. I did prefer the turn based style of the second game and when I found out that the latest Paper Mario was going to return to that style I was excited. Now that I have played the game, I am disappointed on how it turned out, I do not regret my purchase or think that it is a bad game, but it is lacking many things that made previous entries great.

The game is a turn based RPG but there is a little more strategy in this game than in other turned based RPGs. You do not have unlimited attacks like in other games and you have to collect stickers in order to attack, the stickers are plentiful and can be found all over the place, so you won't run out very often, however this can add a little strategy in the game, since you may want to save your more powerful moves for tougher enemies or bosses. Another little thing in this game is you can't select what enemy to attack, if you are fighting a group you can only attack the person in front of you, its a very small thing but it makes a very big difference. These new features can make the game a little deeper and add some strategy into the battles, but it can add unnecessary frustration, I often skipped battles in order to preserve stickers or because battling multiple foes (and most enemies fight in groups) can be a real pain unless you have certain stickers, which are usually harder to get then regular stickers, but the changes to the battle system do not ruin the game and can help the game feel unique compared to previous Paper Mario titles.

The biggest problem with this game is actually not its fault, and you might not even have this problem if you haven't played the previous Paper Mario games. The problem is that it lacks the charm and depth that the other games offered. The story is very basic, and basically it just boils down to Bowser using the power of the Sticker Comet to kidnap Princess Peach and cause trouble. The previous entries had much deeper stories than the other Mario, while Sticker Star's plot feels like something from one of Mario more gameplay based platformers, which I have no problem with in other games, but not in a RPG. The other Paper Mario games also had a lot depth and charm in the characters and locations, the locations are very basic, and the hub town is very small, instead of layered and filled with secrets and unlockables, this is disappointing, and its is somewhat understandable since the game is on a portable system, but the 3DS does pack some power, and I have seen some pretty deep games on the 3DS, but there are many levels and the game is long, so the developers probably wanted to focus the game on the levels instead of exploring the hub. There is also a certain charm that was in the previous titles, and while it exists in this game, its not as strong, it has a smaller amount of characters and the lack of depth and basic story doesn't help either. There are many moments where the humor and charm of previous games is present. but these moments aren't present throughout the entire game, and there are also moments where the humor feels a little forced, and the game feels like its trying to be like the previous games, but just can't get it right.

The game isn't as good as previous entries, but it is still fun. The game kept me wanting more and made me want to come back. It is still enjoyable and if you can look at it as its own game rather than comparing it to other games, its great. The game also has some nice music that is enjoyable to listen to and the graphics look nice, but not amazing. I got the game for $20 and it last 20 hours. At most places I've looked it cost a little more, but I'd say anywhere between $20-30 is a fair price if you enjoy Mario and RPGs.


Donkey Kong review (Gameboy)

The Donkey Kong arcade game is historic, it was the debut of everyone's favorite plumber, Mario, and in 1994 Mario returned to his roots with Donkey Kong for the Gameboy (and Virtual Console). . It brought the gameplay of the original game and released it in a new game that involves Mario saving his first love interest: Pauline. Could Mario successfully return to his roots after turning Super?

The gameplay is very similar to the original arcade game, where it is a arcade style platformer. However though the gameplay is the same at its core, it has been changed dramatically, it is not based off avoiding obstacles like in the original (except a few stages), and is more of a puzzle platformer this time around. In most stages instead of rescuing Pauline, you are trying to open a door, which you usually have to solve a puzzle to get the key and reach the door. The game allows players to jump much higher than they did in the original Donkey Kong by first doing a handstand, and it has many levels with scrolling, which while became a staple in Super Mario Bros, it was never in the arcade game. It is great to see some modern gameplay features mesh with the classic arcade gameplay, it works really well and makes a extremely fun game. The graphics are also great for a Gameboy game, it is on a 8-bit system but the game has a 16 bit look to it and it looks amazing, even without color.

The level designs are very well done with some very good puzzles. No puzzle is ever frustrating but can be tricky at times too. They are all fun to play use every element in the game to their advantage. They also use environments well in the design too, each level has a theme and almost every theme is used in the levels, for a example: in a Jungle themed level Mario has to use monkey tails as ropes. All these things keep the game fun and never boring. Now one problem I have with this game is it can be on the easy side, some puzzles are tricky but none will get you stuck for too long, and the game gives plenty of lives throughout the game, so besides the final world where lives are unavailable, death has little consequences. Still, a game with too much difficulty is not good, but a game like Pushmo is able to have some very difficult puzzles without feeling to frustrating, so I'm sure the developers could of raised the difficulty a little. However that is very small problem and the game's good qualities outweigh and outnumbers its faults.

Overall the game is fantastic, it looks great, it plays great, and its great fun. You can get it for $3.99 on the 3DS and it is a steal for that price, you will not regret your purchase. It is timeless and will always be great fun on the go, no matter what year it is.


Kid Icarus Uprising review (3DS)

Kid Icarus Uprising is one of the best 3DS games released so far, it was a game many years in the making. It was a forgotten franchise that hasn't seen any new games for years, but when Nintendo put Skyworld's best angel, Pit, in Smash Bros Brawl, fans remembered the long forgotten franchise and demanded a return, which came out as Kid Icarus Uprising, and it was one the most wonderful returns in the history of video games.

The gameplay is split up into two parts, a on-rails shooter and a third person shooter. They are both very fun to play, but the on-rails sections are more fun, just a little, they are also shorter and less frequent, but that's OK since the third person shooting sections are very fun too. One of the main complaints that most reviewers had with the game was the controls, I've played Metroid Prime Hunters, which had similar controls, so I didn't have as many problems as other reviewers, however I do admit that aiming and control the camera can be tricky at time, you will get used to it after a while but the camera will get in the way when fighting quick enemies. The game also has online play and its tons of fun, its just you and 5 other players fighting each other, either in teams or in a free for all. The controls take some time to get used to the controls, but once you do, its one of the most fun 3DS games you will play.

The story is like a TV show, it has 25 chapters which act like episodes and they all connect in some way, but each one puts Pit in a different situations, and sometimes and new problem arises that makes him take a temporary detour from his mission. It is very similar to a action based cartoon, where the hero is on a quest to defeat evil, and has to fight all sorts of villains and is always in some kind of trouble, but in the end he defeats all the evil and the world is at peace. I won't spoil too much since there are a few surprises in the story. It does feel a little nontraditional, but in a good way. The story is told through dialogue in the levels, and the dialogue is pretty enjoyable, that voice acting is good, and the humor is very enjoyable, even if there are a few lame jokes.

The music is also absolutely beautiful and adds a lot to the game, featuring remixes of old Kid Icarus songs, as well as some new music and its all great. The graphics are some of the most beautiful and detailed on the 3DS and the 3D effect helps enhance the graphics as well, although playing in 2d does not take away from the game either, so the graphics are beautiful even if you can't use the 3D effect. The game lasts quite a while with plenty of unlockables to grab and multiple difficulties, and you can always play online when you beat the single player game. Also worth noting is the great weapons, the game has tons of weapons and you can fuse them to make new, more powerful weapons. For the most part each weapon plays differently and allows every player to find weapon that suits their play style, which is a great feature that adds a ton of depth to this already deep game.

The game is a must have for 3DS gamers who enjoy shooters, online play, or just enjoy having fun. The game is usually around 30-40$ but it is well worth the price.

9.3/10 A 3DS classic.