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Super Mario 3d Land review (3DS)

Super Mario 3d land is a 3d platform game for the 3DS (its also in 3d if you didn't figure it out). Its is developed and published by Nintendo and is also one of the systems best sellers.

The gameplay feels unique, but it still feels like Mario, where it is a well designed platformer filled with powerups, enemies, and flagpoles. However what makes it unique is that most 3D Mario games are less linear than the 2D games and focus on collecting certain items rather than making it to a goal. This changes that, and when you play it, it doesn't feel like a 3D Mario game, it feels like a 2D game in a 3D environment, and that gives it a really unique feel. That changes also makes levels shorter and requires less searching around, which fits a portable game more nicely since you don't have a lot of time to find stars or red coins while sitting on a bus. The game has a very casual feel, which is nice for a portable title, but perhaps a little too casual. The game gives out lives at a very fast rate, and its easy to finish the game with over 100 lives. The levels also aren't extremely difficult, there may be a few that cause you to die and lose some lives, but after a few tries anyone can complete the levels, no matter how well they play video games. This makes the game more accessible, but I would of liked some more difficult challenges for hardcore players such as myself, there is a special world after you beat the game, but even that doesn't offer a lot of challenge. However its still Mario, this isn't meant to be hard, just fun, and it succeeds at that. The graphics look very good, everything is clear, there is a good 3d effect, and everything looks great. It is nothing that will blow you away, but it is still very pretty and is filled with color and and depth. The music is mostly remixes from past games with a bit of original music thrown in, its upbeat and enjoyable, but pretty forgettable. The story is no different than any other Mario game: Bowser kidnaps Peach, you rescue her, thats it. That is a old story but it works, its gives me a reason to hop and platform all over these fun levels, and thats good enough.

The game takes 10-20 hours to beat, and is extremely replayable, it is a game I go back to regularly despite beating it on many occasions because it is so much fun. It might not be made for hardcore gaming, but its great for anyone who wants to sit down for a while with a fun, relaxing game, or just for someone who wants to play a few short levels while waiting for a cab. It may not have the best story, but it is one of the most fun games on the 3DS. It cost 30-40 dollars, which can be a lot, but for what it offers it is well worth it, since most people will go back to it quite often.


Sakura Samurai review (3DS)

Sakura Samurai is an action based 3DS game. It features 3 bosses and will require you to dodge enemies and exploit weaknesses in order to win.

The gameplay has been compared to the NES game Punch-Out, and I can see why. For most of the game, you will be dodging attacks, then once you find an opening, you strike. It feels great and is very fun, the only problem is the game can be repetitive, the enemies all look similar and have similar patterns, it really all comes down to dodging to the side, or to the back. However it is still a fun, simple game that is very enjoyable, although it lacks the variety that was in Punch-Out. The music is pretty good, its calming during the town scenes, and is intense during fights, its not the great soundtrack ever, but it is one you will enjoy and it helps enhance the gameplay. The game looks pretty nice, some things look a little bland, but for the most part it looks nice, their are some moments with a great 3D effect. The game's animations also makes me feel like a samurai, and thats great. When standing, you samurai looks focused, his hand beside his sword, then he dodges so quickly it looks like he disappeared, leaving only a blur behind, suddenly, as quickly as the enemy puts down his sword, your sword come out, and your enemy falls, it feels so great when it happens.

This game is pretty good, the game features some fun gameplay, although it does lack variety, its far from perfect but its not terrible either. This game cost $7.49, I think $5 would be a better price, since the game is over pretty quickly, but its not a terrible price either, I've paid more for worse game, so if you like Samurais and Punch-Out, you might want to try this game.


Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds review (3DS)

Zelda: Link Between Worlds is the latest Zelda game for the 3DS and is a sequel to the classic Link to the Past. It keeps the top down view from the SNES game, but it's in a 3d environment this time. Link to the Past is considered to be one of the best games in the legendary Zelda franchise, so the expectations for this game were high, but I think it met the expectations of the fans and that Nintendo made yet another great Zelda game.

There are many things to like about this game, but two of the things that stand out as soon as you start the game are the graphics and the music. Before this game was announced I was hoping that the next original Zelda game for the 3DS would be a 3D style Zelda game (like Twilight Princess or Wind Waker) but after playing this game I think that the top down perspective is the best perspective for the 3DS. It looks amazing, the 3d effect is one of the best I have seen so far on the system and all the environments looks amazing, nothing looks blurry or blocky or anything like that, it all looks clear and great. The music is wonderful as well, its mostly remixes from other games, but they sound great, and some of them rival even the remixes from Brawl. The original music is also fantastic, providing a great environment while playing the game.

The music and graphics are great, but thats not what makes a game worth getting, a game is only great if its gameplay is great. The gameplay in this game is similar to the other 2d Zelda with a few changes. It has a top down view and you are mostly just exploring areas looking for dungeons to explore then once you enter a dungeon, you are just solving a puzzle trying to reach the boss, its fun, its deep, and its enjoyable. But there is one major difference in this game, items are no longer found in dungeons, they are now rented from a store, and you lose the items whenever you die, so now you can there is no order in which dungeons have to be completed (except for a few parts), but death now has more consequences than usual in a Zelda game. Carrying fairies and saving whenever you have the chance is a good idea in this game in order to save your rupees, although rupees are more common in this game than the other games. I am not a huge fan of this change, but it doesn't really bring this game down in any way and does make it unique, so its not too bad, however I am not sure I want this feature to return in future games. The dungeons in this game are well designed, although some of the puzzles were a little easy, they were still very enjoyable and fun to play. Another new feature in this game is the ability to merge with the walls, and this is used for puzzles and to find secrets, it is used very creatively and it really works in this game. The boss fights are also great and some of them are some of my favorites from the entire Zelda series. The story isn't the deepest story in a Zelda game, it still is pretty good, its not Shakespeare however, but Zelda games are known for putting gameplay over story, which works for these games.

Link Between Worlds is a fantastic 3DS game, it is a worthy successor to the SNES classic Link to the Past. It is a well done and fantastic game in almost every aspect and is well made. If you buy this game you won't regret it, it is a amazing game and one of the best I've played for the 3DS so far.